Best Juicer Reviews Award Presented At Bengaluru Meet

The winner of a contest conducted by to select the best juicer brand and model available in the market today was awarded a prize at a meet of industry professionals and consumers at Bengaluru.

The new juicer reviews website which was recently launched decided to approach the process of finding which model of juicer was popular with consumers and home juicers through a simple method. They decided to ask thousands of women for their expert opinion about what they felt was the best juicer. As proof of concept, Best Juicer Reviewed held an online voting competition, on the understanding that the winning entries would qualify for a lucky dip to win from a collection of grand prizes.

Spreading virally over social media, the contest appealed to a vast online community of health conscious juicers who voted for their choice of best juicer. For a brief period, traffic to the website was so heavy that the server crashed and required rebooting.

When the votes were tallied, the best juicer model that had been recommended by the largest number of users was identified. A modest function held in Bengaluru was attended by leaders of the juicer and kitchen appliances industry as well as hand picked consumers who had earlier registered on the site’s Facebook fan page. The winner of the lucky dip was presented with the winning brand of juicer and the manufacturer awarded a certificate of honor.

“The idea was to crowdsource the choice of best juicer,” says Mr.Raghav Bhosle who co-ordinated the online promotional event. “We could reach hundreds of consumers through social media and solicit their opinions about the best juicer models and brands, as well as other kitchen and home appliances we use every day.”

Juicers are an important part of a modern kitchen especially when family members are health conscious and aware of the benefits of juicing. As anyone who juices regularly knows, choosing a bad model can ruin a working woman’s morning or a housewife’s day. It’s no surprise that anyone who works in a kitchen has a favorite juicer brand and is passionate about their choice.

The entrants for the contest for best juicer brand are soon to be featured on the website at Best Juicer Reviews Guide at