New Website Reviews The Best Rain Shower Heads

Moen Rain Shower Head and Hansgrohe Rain Shower Head brands are popular with visitors to is a new review website that makes life easier for home owners searching for the best rain shower head reviews. Rain shower heads, essential components of luxurious bathrooms, come in a wide range of models and brands that make it difficult for a home owner to pick and choose the best.

Bathroom designers, home contractors and householders alike are excited about getting the best – at affordable cost. In a dazzling array of accessories that make up today’s modern luxury bathroom, the Rain Shower Head takes pride of place. Coming in a range of different models like square block, ceiling mounted, wall mounted and programmable rain shower heads, they deliver an enjoyable range of shower styles.

With the right rain shower head, one can experience the same feeling as getting drenched in a rain shower (except that the water is warm, instead of freezing cold!) or have one’s body pierced by stinging jets of cold water that cleanse and rejuvenate your skin.

Leading brands of rain shower heads like Kohler, Moen, Hansgruhe and Delta manufacture various models and designs of their bathroom accessories. hand-picks the best ones and presents detailed reviews of these models to make it easy for home owners to find what’s right for them. There are also links to online retailers so that one can order a showerhead right there on the site.

“We aim to present unbiased reviews to guide home owners,” says the site’s owner, Bowker Ramesh, himself an expert building contractor who guides his clients to find the best value at most affordable rates.

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Rain Shower Head Reviews offers consulting services to building contractors and interior decorators on kitchen, bathroom and landscaping accessories.

Recommending rain shower heads and rating the best shower heads for discerning clients is a core competency of this firm.