The Advantages of Nature Made Fish Oil

Nature Made fish oil is among the popular brands on the market today, and offers most of the benefits of omega 3 fish oil supplements. Let’s take a brief overview of the available options and talk about how to zero in on the best fish oil supplement that meets your needs.

There are several different types of herbal or dietary supplements available. These include minerals and vitamins which help people in performing daily tasks, sleeping, as well as maintaining a healthy and sound mind. Some of the important vitamins needed by the body include vitamins E, D, C and A. The body also requires certain fatty acids like the ones contained in fish oil. For this reason, many individuals have chosen to include nature made fish oil within their every day dose of supplements and vitamins.

So, how can fish oil make you healthier?

* Help Control Inflammation: if you are suffering from a skin disorder like psoriasis, eczema, or a more serious condition that involves your immune system, omega III fish oil will benefit you. Just 3 grams daily can alleviate symptoms of inflammation. In addition, the essential fatty acids contained in fish oil help to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun as well as decrease the incidence of wrinkles and acne breakouts.

* Help Alleviate Depression: Several researchers have established a link between low occurrence of depression and people who live in regions where cold water, fatty fish is a food staple. The body’s cell membranes are composed of omega III fatty acids, and it is thought that this aids the exchange of serotonin from cell to cell. Nature made fish oil can aid this exchange and decrease symptoms of depression.

* Helps Relieve Joint Pain: The pain and stiffness of all types of arthritis can be extremely infuriating and debilitating. The consumption of fish oil can help to alleviate the symptoms as well as improve mobility.

* Make Healthier and More Intelligent Babies: studies have shown that expectant mothers who take omega III supplements have babies with higher intelligence quotients (IQs), as well as lesser occurrence of intellectual delay or learning disabilities. In addition, Nature Made fish oil helps to prevent the chances of developing post partum depression in first time mothers.

* Boosts Brain Function: fish oil has been shown to enhance concentration in adults and children who suffer from attention deficit disorder. Fish oil can help you, if you find it difficult to concentrate, or you merely want to boost your brain function.

Therefore, taking Nature Made fish oil on a daily basis will not only protect your heart health, it will help improve your mind function, mood, skin as well as the performance and health of your joints. Fish oil supplements offer many other health benefits, and it is up to you to make the most of this pure health miracle.

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What is Purified Fish Oil?

Finding brands that manufacture purified fish oil is not as simple or intuitive as it might sound. With so many different players in the market, it is a confusing and cluttered place where competing claims are strident and bold, making it hard to see beyond the fluff and bluster. But it is vitally important to know what goes into the manufacture of fish oil supplements you are going to take for health reasons. That’s why you should spend some time understanding the purification process.

Purified fish oil is one of the most important nutrients for a healthy diet. Containing eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), omega-3 fatty acids and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), fish oil has several health benefits to offer.

Fish obtain omega-3 fatty acids from specific algae and other fish. However, these fish may also contain certain toxins like mercury and dioxin from the water. Since fish oil supplements have become increasingly popular with people who want to take in enough of omega-3 fatty acids in their diet, they need to be purified to ensure none of the toxic elements enter the human body.

Earlier certain brands of fish oil were criticized for having high levels of dioxin and mercury contamination. That is when the International Fish Oil Standards was set up to look into the process by which oil is stripped from fish. Only after that did purified fish oil become more popular as it ensured that all toxic elements were removed from fish oils before being sold in the market. Recent studies have shown that is it very important to consume fish oil, either in its capsule form or as a soft-gel supplement because its benefits are countless.

The fatty acids found in purified fish oil help to improve brain function and consequently treat depression. Also it has been seen that those suffering from depression have low levels of EPA which can be supplemented by fish oil capsules. Even pregnant mothers are known to benefit from these supplements as their children display improved hand-eye coordination much sooner than those mothers who do not consume fish oil during pregnancy. However, it is very important that a pregnant woman ensures that she is consuming purified fish oil only as any harmful toxins can prove to be fatal to the unborn child.

Purified fish oil is also recommended to those who have high levels of cholesterol, blood pressure and risk of developing blood clots. Patients who have suffered heart attacks are prescribed fish oil supplements as it reduces the chances of future strokes by a significant margin and also prevents such unforeseen disasters from taking place.

Of course fish itself has several advantages when eaten during meals but some people may not be able to digest high fat fish like salmon, sardine, tuna, lake trout, herring and mackerel. For them, fish oil supplements are ideal alternatives. However fish oil also has some noticeable side effects so if the supplement leads to any allergic reaction, it is recommended that the intake of fish oil be stopped immediately.

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A Sad Tale of Norwegian Fish Oil

Once upon a time, Norwegian fish oil was the best, healthiest form of fish oil supplement. The oil was drawn from fish that grew in the pure, cold, unpolluted waters around Norway. It was rich in the long chain omega 3 fatty acids. And the price was low too.

But the Scandinavian fairy tale soon ended. Commercial interests stepped in and muddied the waters. Fish farms cropped up, catering to a rapidly expanding global market for Norwegian fish oil.

And that meant quality dropped.

* Fish raised on farms are fed antibiotics, hormones and drugs to keep them alive and grow faster. All these toxins contaminate the fish oil supplements made out of them.

* Levels of DHA and EPA, the two essential long chain fatty acids, drops in fish that are harvested in colonies instead of being caught in the wild.

* Salmon that feed on algae and plankton store omega 3 fats in their fatty tissue, but artificially fed species don’t get it out of their diet pellets.

* Commercial trawling even dirtied the crystal clear waters around Norway, adding man made muck to the waters where the salmon, mackerel and halibut bred.

Nowadays, Norwegian fish oil is not globally competitive, or near being the best fish oil supplement it once was. For one, it has lesser concentration of protective fats, requiring higher doses every day. This increases the cost per person, which sets off the lower per capsule price advantage.

Another serious disadvantage of most forms of Norwegian fish oil is that they are not molecularly distilled. This means there is a higher level of PCBs, DDT and dioxin, along with heavy metals like mercury, in Norwegian fish oil.

The best brands of today use oil from fish caught in the cleanest and coldest waters, preferably those far from commercial shipping lines and industrialized countries, specifically from deep southern waters around coastal New Zealand.

What makes these fish oil capsules even safer than Norwegian fish oil is the process of molecular distillation by which all impurities and contaminants are removed.

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How to Find The Best Fish Oil Supplement That Actually Works

Which is the best fish oil supplement to take? The answer will vary depending upon whom you ask and what factors they base this decision upon. It’s best, therefore, for you to learn about what things impact the choice of brand when it comes to picking a fish oil supplement. After all, this is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to improving your health!

You are probably already aware that omega III fish oil supplements have several health benefits. However, with lots of brands available, it is quite difficult to select the appropriate one for you.

There are several producers as well as brands of these supplements, like in several other markets. Therefore, it is not an easy task to choose a product that actually does what it says it will do. This is why you need to follow the advice and tips presented in this article so as to make an informed decision when choosing the best fish oil supplement.

Tips on Finding the Best Omega III Supplement

1. Find Out the Type As Well As Fish Species the Oil Was Extracted From

Was the oil extracted from fish that is generally known for high levels of mercury such as cod or salmon? Is the fish an excellent source of EPA and DHA omega III? Research has shown that the finest sources of fish oil are tuna and hoki fish; also these have high levels of EPA and DHA, which are highly beneficial for your health.

2. Read the Bottle Label to Find out What Other Ingredients Are Contained in the Product

When you go through the product label, make sure it lists all the ingredients contained in the product. Avoid brands which only state the total omega 3 content.

3. Go for Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil When Choosing the Best Fish Oil Supplement

Pharmaceutical grade fish oil has been decontaminated using appropriate approved procedure. Essentially, all the bad substances have been eliminated, leaving only the beneficial components.

4. How Cost Effective is the Product?

Compare prices of different brands of fish oil to find out which product is the best buy. High quality supplements that contain higher concentrations of omega III fatty acids are usually costlier than those available in the local stores.

Some people have experienced side effects when using fish oil supplements. These side effects might include belching and heartburn. If you experience any side effects while taking fish oil supplements, change to another brand. Fish oil side effects can be reduced by consuming the supplements with foods. As with all other supplements, it is important to consult your health care professional before you take fish oil.

Do not forget that not every fish supplement is the same. The best fish oil supplements are decontaminated and molecularly distilled so as to eliminate contaminants and impurities. To know more about what exactly this means and how the health benefits of your chosen supplement are affected by the method of processing, be sure to check out this free report on finding the best brand for your needs – click here to read it.

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7 Wonderful Health Benefits of Carlson Fish Oil

Of the many different brands available in the market today Carlson fish oil is one of the most popular – and with good reason. As you’ll see from this discussion, the most critical aspect of getting the highest benefit from fish oil is to choose the right formulation and brand.

These days, there are numerous products in the market which claim to promote wellness and better health. While a number of these products are quite beneficial, some others are worthless. Carlson fish oil is among the most popular health supplements in the market today. If you are thinking about trying this product, here are some of the things you can expect from using Carlson’s fish oil.

1. Decreased Blood Pressure

Taking fish oil supplements can help reduce blood pressure. Carlson fish oil contains the omega 3 fatty acids: eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which have been proven to support heart health.

2. Reduce Inflammation

It has been established that the consumption of fish oil supplements helps to lower inflammation and help with different related ailments such as arthritis. It can be especially effective when utilized together with conventional anti-inflammatory medications.

3. Healthy Skin

Omega III fatty acids, and especially eicosapentaenoic acid are important for healthy hair and skin. Eicosapentaenoic acid helps regulate the production of oil in the skin. Including Carlson’s fish oil in your diet will help to keep your skin hydrated as well as prevent it from flaking and drying.

4. Healthy Vision

Recent scientific investigations have shown that low amounts of docosahexaenoic acid during development and growth contributed to poor eyesight. It has been proven that the consumption of omega III fatty acids via supplements like Carlson fish oil, can aid protect vision.

5. Oil Purity

The fish oil used in Carlson’s fish oil are extracted from deep-water fish such as mackerels and sardines, and has been thoroughly checked by FDA- registered labs to ensure that they do not contain heavy metals such as mercury and lead. This is extremely important when giving fish oil to kids, who are highly susceptible to mercury.

6. Decreased Risk of Heart Disease

The two acids contained in Carlson fish oil supplement decrease incidences of heart ailment such as heart attacks. This might be partly due to the oil’s capacity to prevent the accumulation of plaque within the veins and hardening of arteries.

7. Brain Development

Researches have established a link between higher IQs and babies who have high amounts of docosahexaenoic acid. Older individuals who have low docosahexaenoic acid levels are at higher danger of developing dementia. In addition, it has been established that the consumption of fish oil supplements can help to alleviate depression and is beneficial in treating other mental conditions and disorders.

Finally, when you consume Carlson fish oil supplements, you will find that it has no fishy smell. Some fish oils available within the market are somewhat difficult to swallow, however Carlson’s fish oil is quite different because it is extremely easy to swallow.

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