Evaluation of Fish Oil Supplements

Here are my criteria for evaluation of fish oil supplements:

  • Type of fish being used — is it naturally high in DHA and EPA omega 3? And especially DHA?
  • Is it purified/molecularly distilled?
  • Is the fish caught locally to where the product is produced, ensuring freshness? Or is rancidity a concern?
  • Does the product tell you the exact breakdown between DHA omega 3 and EPA omega 3 and not just the total omega 3 content per serving? Does it even tell you the total omega 3 per serving?
  • How many servings does it contain per bottle?

If you have the answer to these types of questions, then you can do true price comparisons to see what kind of value you are getting.

For example, if product A costs $18 dollars for a month’s supply, and product B costs $16 dollars for a month’s supply, most people just think, well, product B is a better buy. Not so fast!

Let’s just take one of the above criteria. What if product A has 1,000 mg of omega 3 per capsule, and product B has 500 mg. They both have 60 soft gels, and the recommended dosage is 2 per day, which means it’s a one month supply of product for each. Well, now the $16 dollar product definitely doesn’t seem like the better buy because product A is only $2 dollars more but contains twice the omega 3 fats per capsule.

So, you see, there’s a little analysis and research that goes into this. And none of that analysis is difficult.

And, believe me, it’s worth doing it. Omega 3’s are indisputably one of the most important substances for good health and well-being and if you are going to use a product like I have for years and conceivably take it for the rest of your life, doing a few minutes of research as you have just done by reading this page, can pay off immensely over the years when it comes to your health and your family’s health.

What Many Hundreds Are Taking

After researching the market and doing just the type of comparisons I mention above, I decided a fish oil supplement product from New Zealand was the best one available.

Here’s why I decided on this product.

1. It is made from a fish species called hoki. Hoki are a sustainable, natural resource regulated by the New Zealand government. They thrive natively in the cold, deep waters off the Southern coast of New Zealand, one of the most pristine areas of the world, virtually untouched by industry and pollution issues.

2. Even more important, hoki are one of the few fish species very naturally high in omega 3 fish oil, particularly containing a higher level of DHA omega 3 than EPA omega 3. DHA can be converted by the body into EPA when more EPA is needed, but not the other way around. It’s very important your fish oil supplements have more DHA than EPA.

3. The fish oil is molecularly distilled, like products produced by a company called Xtend-Life Natural Products. Why does it need molecular distillation if the fish is already coming from the cleanest area of the world? Because nature can create pollution too! Just think how much contamination is spewed into the atmosphere and waters when a volcano erupts, for example. All fish oil products should undergo molecular distillation, period.

4. Cost. Given the amount of DHA and EPA, and total omega 3 per serving, I have yet to find a better priced product than the Omega 3 fish oils produced by Xtend-Life Natural Products. This is when you do a real apples to apples comparison.

Many others have now have been using the Xtend-Life Omega 3 fish oil product for years, including entire families taking the decision to be healthier. In my opinion, it has been, and will continue to be, one of the best health decisions you have ever made. Especially when it comes to dollar to dollar value.

It amazes me that people will spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars (sometimes well over a thousand dollars) per month for organic produce, grass-fed meats, smoothies, gym memberships, etc., in order to try to live a healthier lifestyle — and all of these things can be good — but for less than $30 dollars a month they can be doing more good for their health than many of these things put together.

Even if you decide on using a different brand than the Xtend-Life fish oils, you should at least read the information presented at their page, as it will educate you much further, and in simple fashion, on how to choose a really good omega 3 fish oil product.

To your health,

The Editor

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