Resource To Review Crystal Chandeliers Launched In Albany is a recently launched website that will feature detailed reviews of crystal chandeliers and home lighting equipment. The website that was formally inaugurated in a small launch ceremony at the mini-music academy in Albany on Friday, September 15th 2017 under the auspices of the Buralon Lighting corporation.

“We want to help consumers enjoy a bright, aesthetically appealing, and safe home lighting solution,” says Mr.Lanor who is creating a series of review websites to help empower buyers with the right kind of information. When asked about his special interest in crystal chandeliers, the young entrepreneur explained that his long suffering from dimly lit interiors that led him to find a solution.

“The website welcomes anyone to share their thoughts, opinions and reviews about various aspects of crystal chandeliers,” says Lanor. The website is refreshingly unique from other review sites in that the interaction with reading public prevents the opaque tomfoolery that passes for unbiased reviews on the Web.

“We want people to trust the information on our site. And we want the result to be a happy buyer who orders a crystal chandelier with confidence based on what he or she learned from our site,” said Mr.Gopinath, marketing advisor to the company.

The best chandeliers are expensive and reviews are notoriously hard to uncover online. Even when the online retailers publish client testimonials, no one is quite sure whether the reviews are biased or even untrue. There is a huge demand for reliable information that one can trust. aims to meet this demand with quality information and reviews that come from experts that others will trust and respect.

“We hope for this to become a roaring success. The market is ripe for this kind of information,” says Lanor about his fledgling service. Many more plans are in the offing to scale up the offerings and enhance value to users. The first review of the best crystal chandeliers is available on the website at