ASM Reviews [2019] – A Look at the Amazing Selling Machine 11 Course

Does ASM 11 really deserve the praise and accolade it receives?

Have you been browsing ASM reviews looking for advice on getting the Amazing Selling Machine 11 course? Get ALL that you need to know from this detailed ASM11 review.

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Amazing Selling Machine 11 Course Overview

Amazon Selling Machine

As all ASM reviews will confirm, you get some great advantages with ASM 11, especially:

  • Utility – you’ll have everything you need to build a business on Amazon, including coaching, training and forum-based support
  • Value – although the price of Amazing Selling Machine is high, what you’ll get in return makes it worthwhile
  • Simplicity – lessons are easy to understand, actions are not hard to put into effect
  • Encouragement – you’ll have both coaches and fellow ASM 11 course attendees around to support, help and guide you

What’s Good About ASM 11 ?

  • It is loaded with actionable advice – so that you’ll be able to launch an actual business on
  • It is kept regularly up to date – and the members-only private area is humming with activity
  • It teaches cutting-edge breakthrough techniques to leverage Google and Facebook for traffic
  • It offers blueprints to follow step by step to success with Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA)

What Isn’t So Good About ASM11 ?

Just one thing – the rather steep price to own it. But hey, you can’t get a Rolls Royce for the price of a Fiat, right?

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This Is Going To Be Different From Any Other ASM Reviews You’ve Seen!

Amazing Selling Machine - ASM Reviews

Why did the world’s #1 investor go on a buying spree, picking up shares of the online retail behemoth

Well, maybe it has to do with how the company continues growing biggerwith no sign of slowing down. A couple of years back, they even bought out the huge Whole Foods – paying $14 billion for it.

And as the trend of ordering stuff online instead of shopping in physical stores keeps gathering momentum, Amazon will continue growing bigger. Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback sensed this potential as far back as 2012 – and created the Amazing Selling Machine course (ASM) which is now in its 11th edition.

So let’s take a close look at the ASM 11 program.

Does the ASM 11 course live up to the hype?

If you’re serious about launching an FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) style business, then don’t pinch pennies by struggling with incomplete or over-simplified courses. Get the best course about Amazon selling… Amazon Selling Machine.

When you go through ASM reviews, you’ll quickly realize that they have amazing testimonials from delighted users who have learned to quickly build profitable businesses on Amazon.

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ASM Reviews – What is the Amazing Selling Machine?

ASM11 is a detailed, complete and exhaustive training program crafted by two entrepreneurs – Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback – who have themselves built thriving online businesses on Amazon.

What they’ll teach you in the ASM 11 course is based on hard earned in-the-trenches experience. It will help you leverage Amazon power to quickly, reliably, and in a scalable manner, build a profitable businessright from the comfort of your home.

Should you cut to the chase and get Amazing Selling Machine 11 right away?

It isn’t inexpensive. Unless you are raring to get started on your FBA business, don’t be in a hurry. In fact, unless you’re sure, stop reading this PLF 11 review – because I will not recommend it for you.

Listen, you’ll get extensive training material, intensive coaching and support, and elaborate blueprints or roadmaps to structure and grow your fledgling business.

If that sounds exciting,

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How the Amazing Selling Machine Course Works

ASM 11 sets out to train you on the best way to start selling items on the world’s biggest and fastest growing e-commerce platform.

You learn everything to help you effectively sell on Amazon, including the tips and tricks to establishing your own brand which grows in value, becoming an asset which allows you to later sell it and bank a large profit.

ASM Reviews - The Amazing Selling Machine review

Essentially, the principles behind an e-commerce business are simple. Amazon FBA also involves buying low and selling high – but what’s ‘high‘ on most other online stores isn’t really expensive on Amazon stores that pride themselves on offering shoppers the best deals.

So the challenge is to keep your costs low without compromising on quality – which means you should know which kind of products to offer on your store. Picking the right niche is something the ASM11 course teaches really well.

You’ll learn all about

  • which niche to pick
  • what products to offer
  • who are the best suppliers
  • how much to pay for your inventory
  • why pricing is critical to succeed

The Amazing Selling Machine course is really thorough. You’ll get precious practical information (including templates and form letters) that help you reach out to low-cost manufacturers, request product samples for review, ensure you’re not getting cheated, and then locking in suppliers to contracts that will keep your pipeline filled and running smoothly.

Can’t you figure this out on your own?

Of course. But it will take time. And there’s some risk, too. Most manufacturers require you to place bulk orders that cost a few thousand dollars. If things go wrong, that’s going to put quite a dent in your pocket book!

ASM11 can help save this stress and loss. Armed with knowledge, you’ll be able to

  • order your products
  • have them stocked on Amazon
  • sell them on your e-commerce store
  • get them shipped to buyers

… and have this all run automatically, hands-off.

Beyond this point, things become easy. But to reach this point takes a bit of hard work, luck – and detailed knowledge.

As ASM reviews will confirm, this course is particularly good at delivering this last.

ASM Reviews – What’s New In ASM11?

Amazing Selling Machine is one of the few courses that are frequently revised and updated to keep up with changing trends.

What seems like hype and exaggeration in the many ASM reviews online actually aren’t so far off – when you consider how much effort, skill and expertise has gone into creating this training program.

ASM 11 has more than one hundred lessons. Each of them teaches you one aspect of the business.

  • There’s an online course, broken down into an 8-week training sequence.
  • You can access the mentorship program network.
  • You’ll enjoy entry into the ASM 11 member forum and community.
  • There will be private coaching calls where you can ask questions.
  • You will get help with your product listings.
  • You’ll be offered targeted traffic promotions.
  • There is a private vault with all kinds of resources you’ll need.

And in addition to this, you’ll also get a

  • Manage by Stats‘ toolset,
  • a ‘Brand Launchpage‘ set of sales generating tools,
  • a ‘Keyword and Product Research‘ guide to find the best selling products, and
  • the ASM Business Dashboard that helps manage your business

You could have literally NO experience in selling online and still succeed – if you follow the Amazing Selling Machine process.

Now I will not go through the exact details of what’s in the course – but you can watch four of the introductory videos for free to get a better idea.

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Is ASM 11 Worth the High Price Tag?

Price is a sticking point for most courses and programs. It doesn’t matter how much the actual price is – but whether or not it is worth paying so much for!

So even though ASM 11 comes with a 30-day refund guarantee, it doesn’t mean everyone is going to rush and pick it up.

Also, those who think it’s what they’ve been looking for aren’t going to be turned away just because of the asking price – as long as they feel it delivers value in proportion.

That’s why ASM 11 reviews feature so many success stories and testimonials – and thousands have purchased the earlier versions of the ASM course.

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What’s New about this ASM 11 review?

Most of the other ASM 11 reviews focus on details that are available on the official website – like what’s in the course, and how to place an order.

A few even choose to address the accusation: Is Amazing Selling Machine a scam?

Well, quickly, no – it is not a scam. It’s a great coaching program that shows you the exact step by step approach to building a business on Amazon.

This ASM 11 review focuses on your pressing question – “WHY should I get Amazing Selling Machine”, and “WHAT can I expect to get out of it?

ASM Reviews - The Amazing Selling Machine 11

ASM Reviews – What People Like In ASM 11

If anyone specifically says this is what people like in an ASM 11 review that was published before 16th October 2019, you’ll know they are bluffing – because that’s when ASM11 opens doors.

All reviews and testimonials you’ll find are from earlier versions of the Amazing Selling Machine course.

Nobody knows for sure what’s different about ASM 11, but given how the creators have consistently enhanced and improved the program, the latest version is sure to be special.

Previous ASM course sessions were popular especially for the coaching calls at the end of every module, where members could ask the trainers specific questions about what was discussed.

The ASM forum was also a favorite. It has thousands of people actively discussing problems and solutions with Amazon FBA business, offering precious opportunities for networking and partnerships.

What Many Don’t Like About ASM11

There’s one aspect that crops up in many Amazing Selling Machine reviews – the product’s cost.

Primarily, it’s those who chose NOT to sign up for the training who cite the expense as a factor. There are only few people who joined the course and then complained that it was too costly.

That’s probably because the value offered is well worth the price. And that’s why it isn’t quite fair to compare this against other lower priced programs and courses – because while a Ferrari and a Fiat are both cars, there’s surely a difference!

Final Thoughts on Amazing Selling Machine 11

As many ASM 11 reviews have highlighted, Amazing Selling Machine 11 is sure to be a nicely designed, professionally executed, easily understood course that is designed to make you successful with an Amazon FBA business.

If you have the patience, commitment and dedication to go through the training material and put the lessons into action, your path to success will be faster and smoother than trying to figure it out on your own.

While I feel the price might be a barrier to some, there’s good reason for this – the value delivered in exchange is great.

So if you’re still not sure if ASM 11 is right for you, then check out this ASM 11 webinar to learn more.

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