How To Lose Body Fat : Discover The Best Way To Burn Fat & Get Thin Fast

Who Else Wants To Know How To Lose Body Fat – Without Dangerous Pills Or Difficult Weight Loss Workouts?

how to lose belly fat

How to lose body fat?

Fat loss and fitness are today’s global grand obsession.

Desperate and anxious, dieters everywhere are in search of the Holy Grail of safe, effective weight loss.

There seems to be an existential dilemma of appearance-conscious men and women everywhere. How to get thin – fast?

Let’s begin with the good news.

It’s not hard to lose body fat.

All that you need is a plan that will ensure that your calorie intake is lesser than the amount of energy your body burns off and you’ll quickly discover how to lose body fat easily.

There’s a simple 3-part plan you’ll learn about next that is practically guaranteed to help you burn fat and get thin.
Ready to begin? Let’s go…

1. How To Lose Body Fat : Plan Your Diet

1200 Calorie Diet - Meal Plan
A well rounded diet that’s rich in protein and fat is the right first step in how to lose body fat.

Lean protein like chicken, fish and white meat can prevent accumulation of fat while providing you with all the energy necessary for activities.

Avoid dairy products as they lead to more fat deposits around the belly and thighs.

Olive oil is better for weight loss than canola and butter.

Avoid Dehydration

Drinking plenty of water can help you lose body fat.

Drink Water
Metabolic rate increases which in turn burns off fat. You need 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

Start off your day with a healthy breakfast and a large glass of water and you’ll be energetic right through your morning.

Instead of alcohol or soda, sip from a bottle of water that you carry with you everywhere.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

1200 Calorie Diet - Thursday
It’s the most important meal of your day and can lay the foundation of your energy needs.

Plenty of protein and fiber gets you started on the right foot.

Baked or fried foods which have sugar can give you an energy jolt but will leave you tired and hungry within a few hours.

Ensure that there’s a high fiber content in whatever you eat.

Fruits and vegetables are good. Processed foods and pastries are not.

Fiber helps fill your stomach so you won’t crave a snack shortly after meals. Whole grain cereals are excellent sources of fiber.

Fruit juice is NOT fiber rich.

2. How To Lose Body Fat : Exercise

Exercise - how to lose fat
Whenever someone asks about how to lose body fat, they are told to exercise.

But what kind of exercise is best for weight loss?

Weights Training Works

Lift weights - how to lose fat
Resistance training with weights helps gain muscle and maintain tone.

It sets the rate for your metabolism, boosting it to help fat loss.

When you start weight lifting, follow some simple tips or get an instructor to guide you.

Your workout must exercise all major muscle groups.

Larger muscle groups like thighs, back, legs and abdomen will burn more energy and will achieve faster weight loss.

Lifting heavier weights will be more effective in losing body fat.

But if you start with very heavy loads before your body gets used to lifting them, you’ll risk injury, bruising and pain.

Rest adequately in between workout sessions. Muscles need time to rest and recover from stress.

Cardio Exercise Also Matters

Running - how to lose fat
Cardio aerobic exercise is also important for losing body fat.
Mixing resistance and cardio training is the key.

Biking, running, swimming and brisk walking are the best forms of cardio exercise. Try to exercise with a friend or partner so that you can offer each other weight loss motivation.

Like with weights training, be sure to start slow and work your way up. If you try to run for 5 kilometers right from the first day, chances are that you’ll hurt yourself or lose motivation – and give up!

Exercise as a part of your system of how to lose body fat is very important – and you cannot achieve your weight loss goals without it.

So make sure you don’t rush into it, but ease into your workouts gently and gradually build up to maximum potential.

3. Losing Body Fat : Get Motivated To Persist

Fat Loss Motivation
How to lose body fat when you are tempted to give up after you don’t see quick results?

The secret lies in ongoing motivation.

Have A Check Up

First, get a physician’s evaluation to make sure you won’t aggravate any medical condition with your proposed diet and exercise regimen.

If you’re constantly worrying about health consequences of your diet or exercise program, you won’t give it your best shot.

Define Your Targets

how to lose weight in a week
Then set yourself goals and targets for weight loss and exercise.

Always remind yourself why you’re doing this. It’s because you want to know how to lose body fat.

Chart your progress and record your workout sessions. A good goal is to aim for 1 to 2 pounds weight loss every week.

Losing too much fat at once can leave you weak and tired. You’ll also gain it back if you stop exercising.

Mentally motivate yourself with a positive body image of how you’ll look and feel after losing fat. That’s a great way to stick with the program for as long as it takes.

Be Accountable

Accountability partner
If you can find an accountability partner who will either join you in the fat loss program, or simply monitor your performance and keep you on track, it will boost your chances of success.

In the beginning, there will definitely be occasions where you are tempted to give up. That’s not surprising. In a sense, how to lose body fat can be distilled down to pure, simple pig-headed determination – and a stubborn refusal to give up!

This is where being accountable to somebody can come in handy.

4. How To Lose Fat : Work With a Pro

The last element in how to lose body fat is to find professional assistance.

If you have access to a personal trainer or coach who can take charge of your weight loss program, monitor your performance and offer hands-on guidance, that’s great.

But not all of us are as fortunate.

The good news is that there’s something almost as good as having a personal coach… and that’s following a tested and proven rapid fat loss program designed and created by a pro.

A great guide to help you stay motivated for long enough to lose body weight is the “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan“. Created by a successful and experienced personal trainer, Shaun Hadsall’s program is a popular favorite among dieters and fitness enthusiasts.

You can learn more about the ‘14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan‘ and find out how to lose body fat from this review.

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan

How To Lose 20 Pounds – Enjoy Your New Shapely, Fit Figure With Magical Fat Loss

How to lose 20 pounds in a hurry? It sure isn’t easy – unless you know these rapid fat loss secrets!

How to lose 20 pounds fast

How to lose 20 pounds? Weight loss is not magic. It’s cold headed calculation.

When you eat fewer calories than your body burns off, you’ll lose weight. It’s as simple and straightforward as that.

So how to lose 20 pounds?

By eating fewer calories! That’s right. Eat 20 pounds worth of lesser calories, or burn off the equivalent of 20 pounds.
That’s the only reliable, long-lasting, safe and sure way…

How To Lose 20 Pounds Fast

how to lose 20 pounds
By eating the right types of fat burning food and exercising regularly according to a proven system, you’ll manage to lose 20 pounds in a reasonable period of time.

Very fast fat loss, however, will rebound just as quickly. That’s why it’s often better to aim for a gradual process of weight reduction – which you can then sustain for a longer period of time.

To achieve this goal, you must understand some fundamental truths about fat loss and weight management.

Know Your Metabolic Rate And Activity Level

Everyone burns fat and carbohydrate in your diet to generate energy.

The rate at which you do this depends upon your BMR (basal metabolic rate).

For women, the BMR is calculated using the formula:

BMR = 655 + (4.35 x weight in lbs) + (4.7 x age in years)

For men, this value is slightly different and can be calculated with this formula:

BMR = 66 + (6.23 x weight in lbs) + (12.7 x height in inches) – (6.8 x age in years)

Your body burns off fat at a rate determined by your overall level of activity.

For each grade or category of activity, you can assign a score to use as a multiplier to help calculate your daily calorie consumption.

  • Light exercise = 1.375
  • Moderate exercise = 1.55
  • Heavy exercise = 1.725
  • Sedentary = 1.2

By multiplying your BMR by your activity index, you can calculate how many calories you are burning daily.

Why does this matter?

Calories you consume in your diet are used to provide energy for various activities. And to lose weight, you must eat fewer calories than your body burns for its needs.

So the answer for how to lose 20 pounds is that it depends on consuming less calories than this figure.

To lose 20 pounds a month, you must cut down your calorie intake by at least 1,000 calories a day.

Understand The Effect of Exercise

Climb stairs - how to lose 20 pounds
Cardio exercises are crucial when it comes to losing 20 pounds fast.

Running, jogging, swimming, bicycling, dancing and other activities are equally effective in burning fat. High intensity interval training can help you lose weight fast.

The more intense your activity, the faster you’ll lose weight.

Weights training is also important in shedding fat. While lifting weights builds up muscle, it also burns calories that you eat and helps your body burn stored fat.

An average of 2 or 3 weight training sessions every week is optimal.

Keep all your exercise reasonable. By overdoing it you’ll run the risk of injury which will hold you back from continuing with it. This means your goal to lose 20 pounds will get delayed.

Eating To Lose 20 Pounds

Low calorie food that provides all essential nutrients and that also keeps you feeling satiated is the best way to reach your weight loss target.

  • Load up on fruits, vegetables and whole grain.
  • Say no to processed foods like cakes, bread, fries, oily and sugary items.
  • Fiber is good.
  • So is low fat food rich in omega fatty acids like fish and lean meat.

Steam your food instead of frying. Wherever possible, prefer fat burning foods over other kinds. Apples, olive oil, fish and ginger or garlic are all effective in helping to lose 20 pounds in a short time.

Drink Water

  • Drink plenty of water and avoid soda or alcohol.
  • Green tea is good because it turbocharges your metabolism.
  • Eat healthy snacks.
  • Make small portions.
  • Have several small meals a day rather than 2 or 3 heavy ones.
  • Don’t skip breakfast.

It may sound easy to lose weight by following this method. And it is indeed easy.

So the next time someone asks how to lose 20 pounds, share this approach with them.

Of course, for the best results you should follow a more detailed program that’s based on these principles. “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan” teaches a safe and efficient system to achieve fat loss and muscle development.
14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan
Based on macro-patterning and adaptive response training workouts, this program is great for hitting your fat loss goals… and doing it safely, without any dangerous drugs, supplements or steroids.

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What Is Macro-patterning?

Macro patterning is part of the answer to how to lose 20 pounds. It is an effective approach to weight loss that is popular with users because it permits you to eat everything you want!

No wonder dieters who adopt this method are often happier than others on diets and programs that keep them hungry and craving their favorite foods.

But macro-patterning wouldn’t be popular unless people actually do lose weight by following it.

And what’s amazing with Shaun Hadsall’s program is how good it is at delivering results – even difficult stretch goals like losing 20 pounds in a really short time.

The macro-patterning approach to weight loss is based on a carb cycling system.

There are 3 different kinds of days:

  • deplete days (you eat very less carbohydrate)
  • baseline days (you eat enough to cover your body’s needs)
  • cheat days (you are allowed to gorge on as much carb as you want)

The system helps fat loss by preventing your body’s shift to a fat-preserving metabolic compensation.

With regular starvation, your body thinks the food deprivation  might last for a long time. As a compensatory mechanism, your body then tries to conserve fat for use against future emergencies.

With macro patterning, you avoid this protective mechanism – and this helps you lose weight… even as you eat more.

Adaptive Response Training

Exercise - how to lose 20 pounds
Another component of any effective weight loss plan that promises to help you shed 20 pounds quickly, like the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan, is adaptive response training.

Through a judicious mix of different weight loss workouts that optimize stress to relevant muscle groups, adaptive response training makes them grow bigger and stronger.

Beginners to fitness training find this program simpler.
You don’t require any equipment or accessories, and don’t need an exercise gym membership to do these workouts.

The routine is very effective at burning off fat at the same time that it bulks up muscle. So you’ll lose 20 pounds of fat, and simultaneously become stronger and more fit.

That’s the magic of the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan… and why people love it.

Now that you know how to lose 20 pounds, how about another challenge… one that’s a bit tougher than that!

How To Lose 30 Pounds In 60 Days

A friend once asked, “How to lose 30 pounds in 2 months?

It was a specific question, one that can be addressed with a systematic weight loss approach.

At the same time, this remains a challenging goal to accomplish.

Here’s an outline of how to lose 30 pounds in 60 dayswithout dangerous drugs or drastic diets.

1. Create Your Plan

When you consider how to lose 30 pounds in just 2 months, you’ll realize intuitively that it is not going to be easy.

Most weight loss plans will encourage you to lose 1 or 2 pounds every week. But even at that rate, you’ll only lose 24 pounds in two months.

The key is to remind yourself that the 30 pounds can only come from excess fat.

If you’re not overweight, this plan is ridiculous. Your weight loss efforts will leave you weak and unhealthy.

But if you are seriously overweight, then losing the 30 pounds can make you healthier and fit.

Eating less alone won’t work.

Peanut Butter Fat Burning Foods
The starvation response will kick in and your body metabolism will adapt to the low calorie intake without losing fat.

You’ll need to combine a diet plan with exercise workouts to achieve weight loss. To lose 1 pound, your body must burn off 3,500 calories more than you eat.

For perspective, running a mile will burn off 100 calories.
However, weight is made up of muscle, fat and water. Losing different components can help you bring down weight.

The best way to lose 30 pounds in a few months is to focus on reducing whatever you can without harming your health.

Setting targets is mandatory.

It will help you stay on track and measure your progress towards your goal. Mini goals or milestones along the way will keep you motivated as you progress.

2. Get Diet Advice

1200 Calorie Diet Plan
Before beginning your diet, calculate your basal metabolic rate.

This is unique to each person and will determine how many calories you need to stay healthy. Since your weight loss will depend on eating fewer calories than you burn off, the BMR helps you decide how much to eat.

Don’t skip meals.

Dieting is about eating less, but not fewer meals. That only triggers a starvation reaction and can be counter productive.
Consume lean protein and carbs, while avoiding fats. Turkey or chicken breast, fish and lean dairy are popular favorites among those who want to lose 30 pounds.

Complex carbs are better than simple carbs or sugars because they take longer to digest and have a lesser glycemic index.
White bread, soda, cookies and pastries are best avoided during your diet. Whole wheat bread, pasta, brown rice and vegetables or fruits are preferable.

Healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, nuts and pumpkin seeds are desirable while losing weight. Saturated and trans fats are terrible for weight loss and will add extra belly fat.

No matter what you eat, ensure that you get a balanced intake of nutrients, vitamins and energy-giving calories.

3. Exercise Regularly

Daily exercise is a critical step if you are serious about how to lose 20 pounds or more in two months.

You’ll have to find time in your daily routine for exercise workouts. Games and sports will deliver additional weight loss impetus to your plans.

how to lose belly fat
Making exercise a habit will ensure your weight loss remains permanently.

Find a friend to exercise along with for motivation and enjoyment. Interval training is more effective by burning more calories.

Your workout must be a combination of weight lifting, non-weight bearing exercises and cardio workouts.

If you’re serious about how to lose 20 pounds, you’re going to need discipline and motivation above and beyond the normal dieter and casual weight watcher.

There will be moments when you slip, but as long as you catch yourself and get back on track, you’ll be able to reach your stretch goal of losing 20 – or even 30 – pounds in two months.

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How To Lose 10 Pounds : Little Known Secrets To Rapid Fat Loss

If you’ve been thinking about how to lose 10 pounds quickly, then read about a tested and proven system that’s guaranteed to work – every time!

How to lose 10 pounds

How to lose 10 pounds easily?
Well, sorry to burst your bubble – but you can’t.

Not “easily” or “instantly” or “overnight”.

That’s not how that extra fat got there – and that’s not how it’s going to get off.

The formula to lose 10 pounds is simple and straightforward. Eat fewer calories than you burn off. To be more specific, eat 10 pounds’ worth fewer calories.

But that alone is rarely enough for the enthusiastic, aggressive, hopeful dieter like you reading this piece.

You want to know how to lose 10 pounds – fast!

Well, it isn’t easy… but then, it’s not impossible, either.

All it takes is knowledge of a tested and proven system – and the discipline to stick with a plan.

If you try to lose 10 pounds quickly by taking shortcuts, it will work. But soon after you return to your baseline activity and eating habits, the weight will pile back on.

To achieve sustainable weight loss and get rid of 10 pounds fast, you must make lasting changes to the way you eat, workout and live.

You can definitely lose 10 pounds – or even 20 pounds.

But it will take some time, effort and discipline to burn off the extra fat and then keep it off.

How To Lose 10 Pounds : It All Depends Upon Your BMR

The Basal Metabolic Rate (or BMR) is how much calories you burn off maintaining your bodily functions.

Your body requires some energy to

  • digest the food you eat
  • warm the air you breathe
  • keep cellular activity ticking
  • enable you to think, grow and live

The BMR can be calculated by a simple formula that’s different for men and women.

BMR in men = 66 + (6.23 x weight in lbs) + (12.7 x height in inches) – (6.8 x age in years)

BMR in women = 655 + (4.35 x weight in lbs) + (4.7 x age in years)

Layered upon this baseline activity is the amount of energy your body uses to carry out various other activities.

Depending upon your lifestyle, these may include light, moderate or heavy exercise.

Why does any of this matter?

Because losing weight can only happen if you consume fewer calories than your body can burn.

If you’re looking to lose 10 pounds quickly, then you must lower calorie intake by roughly 500 calories every day.

Only then, over a 2 to 3 week period, will your body burn fat to cover the calorie requirements, resulting in weight loss.

Exercise Is Helpful

Climb stairs - How To Lose 10 Pounds
How to lose 10 pounds of fat fast?

The answer lies in regular, planned exercise workouts.
Aerobic cardio exercise is extremely effective at losing weight. Aerobic activity may include:

  • walking
  • jogging
  • swimming
  • bicycling
  • dancing
  • running

As an alternative, you might prefer to follow any of the aerobics exercise programs conducted by fitness coaches and physical trainers.

Two to three such weight loss workouts every week will help you lose 10 pounds without too much of a struggle.

Of course, you’ll also have to combine exercise with…

Eating To Lose 10 Pounds

Broccoli - foods to lose weight
Low calorie foods that fill your stomach and prevent hunger pangs are ideal to lose weight quickly.

So whenever someone asks how to lose 10 pounds, the stock response is…

Eat smart!

  • include more vegetables and fruits
  • avoid processed food like fries, pastries, or sugary food
  • add as much fiber as possible in your diet
  • pick whole grain foods over other choices
  • eat fish, lean meat and other items rich in omega fatty acids

The way you choose and prepare your food also helps lose weight.

  • Steam rather than frying.
  • Choose fat burning foods that have low glycemic indexes.
  • Drink plenty of water and green tea.
  • Avoid unhealthy snacks.
  • Eat multiple small meals than a few large ones.
  • Make it a point to eat a good breakfast daily.

These are effective ways to lose 10 pounds in a really short time.

How To Lose 10 Pounds : Your Journey Is Unique

Remember, nothing works magically for everyone.

There are many unique differences in each of us, so what works for one may not work for others.

After going through multiple courses and books, studying several approaches and methods, analyzing different strategies and philosophies about how to lose 10 pounds, here’s a short list of effective methods that work for many people.

Let’s talk of 15 powerful ideas on how to lose 10 pounds.

1. Drink plenty of water

Drink Water - How To Lose 10 Pounds
Those who drink 8 glasses or more of water daily are more likely to successfully lose 10 pounds than those who don’t do it.

2. Reduce portions

You don’t have to skip meals or give up some kinds of food if you can discipline yourself to halve the portions you eat of everything.

3. Give up meat

Vegetarians are, broadly speaking, more likely to lose weight than non-vegetarians. Many fat burning foods are fruits and vegetables.

4. Eat fresh food

foods to lose weight
Anything that comes in a can or carton is not good for you. Or your weight. Wondering how to lose 10 pounds? Eat fresh food all the time.

5. Diet twice every week

You don’t have to start out aiming for a strict diet every day. Just go with two days in a week. When you’re used to it, you can extend it to more days.

6. Don’t eat sugar

It’s not healthy. And adds pounds to your belly. There are many foods that contain sugar that you’re not even aware of. Pasta sauce and entrees, for instance. Less sugar can help you lose 10 pounds in a week.

7. Shun flour

White bread and pastries are terrible for your waistline. Just because they’re delicious doesn’t mean they are good for you.

8. Don’t drink alcohol

In all forms, even beer, they are loaded with empty calories that add pounds to your belly, thighs and arms without being nutritive in any way.
Thirsty? Drink water. That’s how to lose 10 pounds in a month!

9. Go for regular short walks

Walking - How To Lose 10 Pounds
Do it several times a day for the next 30 days. You’ll be surprised at how much weight you lose.

10. Sleep well

8 hours of rest at night helps your hormonal balance establish an ideal metabolic rate that burns fat effectively and prevents it from building up in your body.

11. Have more sex

30 minutes of intense sex burns 60 calories or more. If you’re in a hurry to lose 10 pounds in a week, getting it on every day can ensure that it happens – and is fun!

12. Keep a journal

weight loss calculators
Those who chronicle their weight loss journey are more likely to stick with a diet or fitness plan. As a fringe benefit, you’ll also inspire others like you to get fitter.

13. Eat at home

It’s tough to lose weight if you dine at a fast food joint or junk food restaurant every day and night. Cooking at home ensures that you can use healthy ingredients and avoid over-eating.

14. Get motivated

Here’s how to lose 10 pounds in a month or two. Find a friend who also wants to do this, and join forces. Keep each other on track. Encourage and motivate each other and together you’ll win.

15. Go green

1200 Calorie Diet Plan - How To Lose 10 Pounds
Eat more vegetables and fruits. Fill your plate with more fiber-rich produce. They are light on calories and yet filling.

Nutrition value of vegetables and fruits is far higher than other kinds of food. You’ll lose weight as you gorge yourself.
There are many more ways you can lose 10 pounds in a short time.

One of the best programs to help you lose 10 pounds is Shaun Hadsall’s “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan”. Try it out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan

A word of caution…

Don’t Try To Lose 10 Pounds – Too Quickly

What’s wrong with rapid weight loss?

Apparently, something is – because doctors often recommend a slow but steady rate of weight loss.

There are many reasons for this.

The concern most often is that rapid weight loss takes a lot of discipline and intense effort through diet and exercise. This is beyond the capacity of most dieters.

Also, it is difficult to sustain the motivation and energy to stick with such a regimen for a long period.

That’s why it is better to aim for a more modest, reasonable rate of weight loss. But then…

What Is The Correct Rate of Weight Loss?

Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss that aims for a target of 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss per week is perfectly safe and achievable for most dieters.

For a beginner wondering how to lose 10 pounds, this might seem to be extremely slow.

This is more so if you’re carrying an extra 25 to 50 pounds and hope to get rid of them before the motivation and excitement of losing weight wears off.

Well, here’s the truth.

You took far more than a few weeks to add that extra weight.

You’re never going to lose 10 pounds over a week or two – without doing something foolish or dangerous!

A weight loss rate of 1 to 2 pounds per week is easy to sustain and you will maintain weight loss over the long run.

Each extra pound of weight that you shed will mean that you should cut down on 3,500 calories. If you are to lose this over a week, then for each of the 7 days you will have to lose 500 calories more than you consume (500 x 7 = 3,500 calories).

Another problem with rapid weight loss is that after the initial momentum wears off, your rate of losing weight will slow down.

You won’t lose much more weight rapidly with only a modest level of exercise. 

What happens instead is that you lose water weight, or your body breaks down lean tissue to generate calories when it is deprived of them through your dieting.

Only with a more comprehensive fat loss plan can you hope to continue your weight loss journey. (Get a rapid weight loss meal plan – click here)

How To Lose 10 Pounds Fast : Is It Okay In Some Situations?

Rapid Weight Loss Secrets - How To Lose 10 Pounds

Yes, there are certain circumstances under which rapid weight loss is accepted – even desirable – provided you go about it correctly.

In cases where obesity is causing serious problems, a very low calorie diet might be prescribed by a physician to quickly shed extra pounds and bring your weight down.

Such extreme diets are better carried out under medical supervision to prevent complications.

A drawback of this approach of crash dieting is that the weight often comes back after the dieting ends.

A better approach is one that relies on 3 stages –

  • an initiation,
  • a rapid weight loss phase and
  • a consolidation stage


In the quick start phase, you can shed 6 to 10 pounds in just 2 weeks.

This can be done safely if you follow guidelines and take advice from a nutritionist or medical professional. There are many gimmicks and fads that promise such rapid weight loss, but most of them come with serious dangers or just don’t work.

Rapid Weight Loss

After the initial period ends, you must sustain the weight loss by a combination of healthy eating and regular exercise so that you continue to lose 1 to 2 pounds every week.

This target is practical, safe and achievable.


As with many challenging tasks, setting and reaching targets will boost your motivation level so that you are inspired to stick with your healthy eating habits.

How To Lose 10 Pounds : Why Is Rapid Weight Loss A Problem?

Rapid Weight Loss

Most very rapid weight loss programs that promise to show you how to lose 10 pounds fast are based on a cyclical ketogenic diet.

This helps your body break down fat stores and mobilizes free fatty acids. The release of the byproducts of fat metabolism can be toxic, and unhealthy people can become sick as a result.

Your system must be able to oxidize, bind and eliminate toxins that are released when you melt fat from stores.

Otherwise, a diet plan that offers rapid fat loss and promises to lose 10 pounds in a week could be dangerous and harmful.

This is the reason why many crash diets prescribe a dozen or more supplements, vitamins, minerals and other additions to your food.

It’s also why their effectiveness is limited to a shorter period than other healthier options to lose 10 pounds fast.

For the best results with sustained weight loss, a program like Shaun Hadsall’s “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan” is a great choice. You can learn more about it from this review.

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14 Day Rapid Weight Loss … The Inside Story About Effectiveness – And Safety!

“Lose Ten Pounds In A Week”
“Eat Whatever You Like – And Keep Shedding Pounds”
“You Can Drop One Dress Size Weekly”

Advertising this way sounds crazy and impossible – yet millions believe in it enough to buy a program, starve themselves for weeks and follow exercise workout routines in order to achieve 14 day rapid weight loss.

Any sane person would reject these claims out of hand. Or, at least, that’s what you’d think.

But obviously, that isn’t what happens.

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14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Reviews

Hope springs eternal in the human soul. And an industry that churns a profit of over $30 billion every year keeps this hope stirring and growing with a flurry of over-the-top advertising.

Do these claims have any truth to them? Are there diet programs that can help with 14 day rapid weight loss? Are these courses and diets actually safe? Should they continue to thrive – or is it time legislators took a hard stand?

Let’s look at some of the popular programs (including Shaun Hadsall’s “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan” here) to arrive at some answers.

14 Day Rapid Weight Loss – What’s It All About?

Mediterranean diet FAQ
Fast weight loss is a popular craze. Thousands of people type the words into Google every day, eagerly watching the results for a page or program that can help.

Weight loss programs and marketers target these terms while running ads. Popular catch phrases are starvation diets, diet pills, very low calorie diets, and fat loss creams and devices.

Starvation diets have been popularized by a range of celebrities and stars, beginning with Beyonce who endorsed the “master cleanse” diet. Composed of an intake primarily involving water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper, this diet has many local variants and has evolved over half a century.

In addition to rapid weight loss, they also promote detoxification by ridding your body of toxins and waste.

Diet pills and supplements can help with weight loss through speeding up your metabolic rate. These drugs act by either preventing the absorption of nutrients from the food you eat or burn off more calories per unit of activity, thereby keeping the balance of energy negative.

Very low calorie diets are responsible for many of the proven case studies of 14 day rapid weight loss. It’s no surprise that they are effective because the total calorie intake while on this diet is far less than what your body regularly consumes for baseline metabolism.

The creams, devices (and voodoo magic spells!) that have been touted as rapid weight loss solutions are rarely verified through scientific experiments. They are the dubious fat loss solutions that give the industry a bad name.

Mediterranean diet plan

Does 14 Day Rapid Weight Loss Work?

Because they fly under the radar of FDA approval requirements, over the counter prescriptions for these rapid weight loss products make wild claims.

But when tested under rigorous conditions, none of these solutions (except very low calorie diets) are able to achieve 14 day rapid weight loss.

A prescription drug named orlistat has shown promise in rapid fat loss, but it is effective only when combined with diet and exercise programs. Marketed under the trade names Xenical and Alli, the sale of these drugs is carefully regulated in some parts of the world.

In most of the cases where good results are claimed, the benefit is because of a lower calorie consumption rather than any other action of the drugs or supplements consumed.

Why Is 14 Day Rapid Weight Loss So Dangerous?

Rapid fat loss leads to stresses and demands on your body. Some problems that might arise include:

  • development of gall stones due to high cholesterol concentration in bile
  • dehydration caused by severe restriction of intake during diets
  • malnutrition because of a lack of balance in nutrient and vitamin intake
  • electrolyte imbalance resulting from strange and bizarre eating/drinking patterns

In addition, rapid weight loss can lead to headaches, irritability, tirednes, giddiness, bowel disturbances, menstrual irregularity, and loss of hair and muscle mass.

To get good results from rapid weight loss, it is important to follow a trusted and scientific program. Based on logical and proven scientific principles, this program accomplishes rapid weight loss without cutting corners or taking risks.

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The Fastest Way To Burn Fat

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast – Insider Secrets Reveal The Fastest Way To Burn Fat

So you want to know what’s the fastest way to burn fat? Join the line.
Burgers and Rapid Fat Loss
Ask any average person on the street about the single aspect about their appearance that they would like to change and most will say, “I want to learn the fastest way to burn fat”.

Many people feel sorry that over the years they have piled on rolls of fat in their belly area, hips and butt. Most have tried to figure out how to lose belly fat fast at some point in their life.

But as the results show, very few actually succeed.

So what is the secret of how to lose belly fat fast?

Many people obsess over the fastest way to burn fat in a week. The truth is, that just won’t happen – unless you know these secrets!

Our bodies store fat as an insurance against sudden shortages in food in the environment. This is result of thousands of years of evolution. Man has moved from the hunter-gatherer phase to the modern agricultural phase where food is aplenty.

Modern man does not have to worry about food scarcity or when he will get his next meal. Still our body hoards fat due to the history of its evolution. To lose the excess fat, you must make a determined effort. That’s the fastest way to burn fat.

Also remember that you cannot reduce belly fat alone in isolation. Many beginners to fat loss wonder about the fastest way to burn fat. You will have to work on losing fat from all parts of your body, along with the belly area. As your body gradually loses fat, your belly shrinks too.

Here are eight of the fastest ways to burn fat:

1. Eat less than what you need

To lose fat you have to consume less calories than your body requires for its day-to-day activities. That’s also the fastest way to lose belly fat.

If you lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle, the calories required should be just adequate to meet your body’s metabolic activities. For those who lead more active lifestyles, the calorific requirements are greater.

For the fastest way to burn fat, calculate your calorie needs based on your body weight and activity levels, and try to keep within the limits prescribed to see a drop in fat percentage of your body.

2. Eat more protein

Protein requires more calories to digest than carbs. Also, proteins make you feel full over a longer period of time. Carbs are digested faster and they enter the blood stream quickly as glucose, leaving you hungry sooner.

You tend to consume more calories to get the same level of satisfaction when you eat a diet rich in carbs. That’s one of the fastest ways to burn fat.

3. Get off your backside

For every hour you spend sitting, get up and walk around for at least 5 minutes. Do all your exercises standing up. This burns off more calories than when you do them sitting down. It’s the effective, fastest way to burn fat.

Take up any physical exercise that comes your way. Yard work is an effective way to lose belly fat. Get your lawn into shape using the old fashioned lawn mowers. Walk your dog, trim the trees, and wash your windows.

There are dozens of tasks around the house which can be easily done while burning off huge amounts of calories. Combining these together can be the fastest way to lose belly fat.

4. Take the stairs

Skip the elevator and take the stairs. When climbing stairs, take two steps at a time. These large strides force your body to work harder increasing the fat loss. And over time, this extra exercise alone will help you lose belly fat fast.

5. Increase intensity of exercise

Every day, do something a little more intensely than the previous day. Walk a little faster, run or swim a little harder. That will help you discover how to get rid of belly fat fast.

Try to break your previous records every day. The more intensely you workout, the more calories you’ll burn off, making your fitter, and it’s how to lose belly fat fast without starving yourself to frustration.

The larger fringe benefit is that your belly shrinks too, and you’ll discover that this is the fastest way to burn fat.

6. Choose smaller plates

Eat from smaller plates when you are eating out, or at a buffet lunch. This way, even if you want to, you can not put too much food on your plate. The size of the plate restricts your calorie intake.

At home, serve yourself just the amount you want to eat and store the rest of the food in containers and put it away in the fridge or the pantry.

This way you will not eat more than necessary, even if you feel like it and it will help you figure out how to lose belly fat in a week. 

7. Core strengthening exercises

Use your body weight to your advantage by doing squats, planks, push ups and other core tightening exercises. They are the most effective ways to lose belly fat fast and shed unwanted weight from other parts of your body, making it one of the effective methods on how to lose belly fat fast.

(For more detailed workouts designed to lose inner thigh fat, check out Shaun Hadsall’s program, “14 Day Fat Loss Plan” – read our review here)

8. Don’t skip meals

There is no way you will lose weight by skipping meals. That’s not how to get rid of belly fat fast effectively.

Avoiding a meal sends the wrong signals to your body, which now thinks that there is less food available. So it starts hoarding the calories in the form of fat, slowing down your metabolism to the bare minimum. Unless your metabolic rate is at full flow, burning off all the excess calories, you’ll struggle to lose belly fat fast.

These are just a few ways to effectively combat belly fat and also how to lose belly fat fast. Integrated into a complete fat loss system, they can work in almost any case to achieve excellent results over time. Among the best programs of this type is Shaun Hadsall’s “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan” (click here to learn more about it).

It’s useful to answer the question, “How to lose belly fat in a week or two?” It reveals little known ways to reduce thigh fat and belly fat – making this the fastest way to burn fat.

Which Is The Best Way To Burn Fat?

There are many theories talking about the best ways to burn fat. For example, some books will advocate for starving as an effective technique for losing unwanted fat. Others will recommend using weight loss pills to burn fat.

Generally, the options related to this niche are unlimited and that makes it a complex affair for that individual who wants to lose excessive fat.

So, what’s the best way to burn fat?

Is there a standard method that can work for all individuals regardless of their genetic make-up?

Here are 5 standard ways to burn fat, and research shows that they actually work to bring the desired results:

Method 1

If you don’t want to use pills, the best way to get rid of fat is through running. That’s what most people don’t want to hear.

Apparently, there’s no alternative to getting slimmer and fitter the easy way.

If you have a treadmill at home, you can use it to burn more calories each day. Practicing on the treadmill for a few minutes everyday won’t cost you.

And if you live in the country side, you can do some cross country jogging in the evenings, especially uphill running which burns fat like nothing else.

Method 2

The best way to burn fat if you’re not into running is by getting a rope and skipping those calories out of your muscles. A good rope shouldn’t be costly.

Furthermore, skipping is convenient because you’ll only spend not more than 20 minutes every single day, then you’re free to do whatever else you want to do. It’s the surest way to get rid of fat, and most boxers use it too. So you shouldn’t be out of track with this one.

Method 3

Determine how much fat you want to burn. Research shows that it takes 3,500 calories to burn a pound of fat. If you multiply your current weight in pounds by 13, you’ll know how much calories you need in order to maintain your current physique.

In fact this is the easiest way to lose fat. You only need to play around with the numbers to find out how many calories you need every day to lose fat.

Method 4

You need to make adjustments to your diet. Steer clear of junkies which have lots of fats and calorie content. Instead, concentrate on fat-burning foods which suppress your appetite and increase the rate of your metabolism.

The best way to burn fat easily is to find a method that works for you with minimal effort. For example, you may need to incorporate acai berries into your meal plan. These are known for suppressing appetite and speeding up metabolism.

Method 5

You’ll need to cut back on the fat you consume everyday. If you normally use a fool spoon of fat, you’ll start using half of that. Spread butter and margarine thinly.

Start taking low-fat milk, cut the visible fatty parts on raw meat before cooking, and don’t eat the skin. That way, you’ll have reduced your fat intake by half.

You might need to experiment with the 5 methods above until you find one that works for you. Don’t choose a weight loss technique just because it worked for a friend.

Lose Weight Naturally. An Unusual Guide To Rapid Fat Loss That’s Easy, Effective & Safe