A Systematic Approach To Rapid Fat Loss

Determine Your Results With Rapid Fat Loss

Millions around the world have rapid fat loss as a high priority goal. For millions more, it is just a rosy dream. There’s a reason why few succeed at rapid fat loss, while many fail…

They follow a systematic approach.

Just as with reaching any complex target, to achieve rapid fat loss you must methodically follow a sequence of steps that carry you steadily and surely towards your goal.

Use A Weight Loss Calculator

Weight Loss Calculator
One of the primary truths of fat loss is that your calorie intake must be lesser than the calories you burn daily. A weight loss calculator is of immeasurable value in helping you compute these figures.

Using a free online weight loss calculator you can quickly estimate this calorie limit.

But just because a weight loss calculator spits out a figure, don’t become obsessed about it. There’s room for flexbility.

By being too restrictive, you could harm your health. Aim to lose no more than 1 kilogram per week, so that your body can adjust and adapt to changes.

Eating 1000 calories less than you burn lets you do this comfortably. A weight loss calculator tells you how many calories your body burns off daily.

Just type your age, gender, height, current weight and level of activity into the fields of an online weight loss calculator and it will instantly tell you

  • how many calories your body burns off
  • your safe limit for calories to maintain weight
  • your calorie target to reduce weight over your chosen time scale
  • the total calories you must consume for good health

Your weight loss calculator will convert weight in pounds into kilograms, height in feet and inches into centimeters, and perform the required computations automatically.

Once you know your target weight and the time frame over which you want to reach it, your weight loss calculator will tell you how many calories to limit yourself. Then, draw up a plan and take action on it.

But before taking that step, there are 2 things to do that will enhance your chance of success.

Ensure Motivation To Lose Weight

Ball Crunch exercise
Knowledge is rarely a limitation. Most often, people who fail know just as much about HOW to succeed as those who actually do.

So what makes them fail?

In 9 cases out of 10, it is the lack of motivation to lose weight. Or, to be more specific, the lack of a meaningful, deep-rooted and passionate motivation to lose weight.

Just like you, for many others too, the discomfort or frustration with your current weight is a sudden impulse or urge.

One fine morning, your reflection in the mirror looks repulsive. You suddenly feel disgusted or angry with how fat or overweight you are. You decide that enough is enough – you’re going to do something about it!

And sadly, you think that’s enough motivation to lose weight.

You set out to buy a fat loss program, or sign up to a diet plan or gym membership. You slash your calorie count drastically. You force yourself to get out and exercise – walk, jog or hop on a treadmill.

But in a few days (or even a few hours), your motivation to lose weight grows weaker.

  • You see that delicious looking snack, and your mouth waters.
  • Your body feels sore from the sudden burst of exercise, and you want to plop down on the couch and do nothing more.
  • You wake up in the morning and convince yourself there’s no harm in starting your exercise program “tomorrow”.

Without the right kind of motivation to lose weight, you cannot win. You’ll just end up with a yo-yo of dieting and binge eating, then return to your painfully overweight baseline.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you first set yourself up with the motivation to lose weight, you’ll effortlessly follow even a difficult weight loss plan – and stick with it to completion.

Here are 3 steps to getting the right motivation to lose weight:

1. Be realistic. If you cannot believe you’ll reach your weight targets, you’ll find it harder to stick to your plan. Motivation to lose weight begins with setting achievable targets – and then reaching them.
2. Get support. You’re not alone. There are many others looking to lose weight. Joining hands can help you both. Each will provide the other with motivation to lose weight.
3. Join a group. Some fat loss programs have batches of students who work together to lose weight – and keep others on track. A group can provide you with the correct motivation to lose weight, ensuring you stick with the plan.

Share Weight Loss Success Stories

how to lose weight in a week
Everyone loves a good story. And when you’re out to achieve rapid fat loss, the kind you most enjoy are weight loss success stories.

  • Look for great collections of weight loss success stories on websites and blogs. This popular site features 62 success stories of people who set out to lose weight – and did.
  • Read books and magazines about how others like you overcame challenges and stuck to their program with determination and focus to lose weight.
  • Participate in forums and discussion groups where members regularly share weight loss success stories. There’s magic in getting motivated by experiences of your peers.
  • Listen to interviews with those who accomplished rapid fat loss goals. Their weight loss success stories will give you precious clues to reach your goals.
  • Join a weight loss trainer. The good ones can always point you to weight loss success stories among their own students – which also proves how effective their methods are.

And look for lessons you can learn.

  • Learn from other people’s weight loss success stories.
  • Notice how folks manage to hit their targets – despite many obstacles.
  • See what they do (often unconventional and different) to lose weight.
  • Take notes from weight loss success stories that inspire and motivate you.

Maintain A Weight Loss Chart

1200 Calorie Diet - Monday
A weight loss chart is priceless for keeping records of your rapid fat loss journey. You can track your progress using a free weight loss chart or weight loss log book.

What should you record in your weight loss chart?

  • Track your weight.
  • Jot down how long you exercise.
  • Note your calorie intake.
  • Take measurements and record them so you’ll see how much improvement you’ve achieved.

You can get a downloadable weight loss chart from websites like this one. Such a weight loss chart can help you observe how much weight you’re gaining or losing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Your weight loss chart could be an Excel spreadsheet or a paper chart you fill in by hand. The advantage in using a computer is that you can easily generate visually appealing graphs that document your progress in more vivid and inspirational style.

There are weight loss charts and diet charts for different kinds of food and cuisines. Such a weight loss chart can help you quickly calculate calorie counts or follow simple recipes to whip up delicious dishes without worrying about over-stepping your limit.

Good weight loss charts are comprehensive and cover all meals. While you will need discipline to follow these charts carefully, there’s little doubt that using a weight loss chart will boost your chances of sticking with your rapid fat loss plan.

To Sum It All Up…

Rapid fat loss is an achievable target – if you follow a systematic approach. A weight loss calculator can tell you how much to eat so you’ll lose weight.

With the right motivation to lose weight, inspired by weight loss success stories, and aided by a weight loss chart, you can turn a random ‘hit or miss’ attempt at rapid fat loss into a measurable, predictable and guaranteed process to lose weight.

For more detailed guidance and help with your weight loss dreams, take a look at Shaun Hadsall’s popular program called “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan”. You’ll find details on this review site here

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How to Loose Weight

You might not like the way you’re looking if you’re carrying a few (or many) extra pounds around.

When you’re overweight, you are putting your health at risk, running a higher risk of strokes, heart attacks, cancers, type 2 diabetes, and more. Research has proved that obesity often reduces life expectancy on average by 9 years!

With some effort and discipline, you can loose weight comfortably while you maintain a healthy lifestyle that will bring you multiple benefits over the long run. So let’s talk about how to loose weight.

How to loose Weight? Here Are 6 Tips

Tip#1: Reduce your Calorie Intake

In your attempt to loose weight, you must try to eat fewer high-fat foods like red meat, cashew nuts and chips. Note that one gram of fat has twice the calories of a gram of carbohydrate or protein.

Eat fewer servings of rice, pasta and potatoes, and cut down on your intake of sugary foods.

Tip#2: Cut Down Alcohol Intake

Try to cut down on the consumption of alcohol. This is due to the fact that alcohol contains a lot of empty, non-nutritious calories which can aid in putting on extra flab.

So how to loose weight? By not drinking often and controlling the amount of alcohol you consume.

Tip#3: Be Active

Always be physically active if you want to reduce your body weight. This does not mean that you should be active throughout the day. On a daily basis, set aside at least 30 minutes and use it for exercise.

Strive to do this at least 5 days in a week. Ensure that you plan a workout regime in order to avoid repeating the same types of workouts and balance exercise to strengthen all parts of your body.

Being active does not necessarily mean going to the gym, though you may want to consider that as an option. Try to choose workouts where you’re comfortable with the exercise routines and can incorporate them into your everyday lifestyle. Some of the most effective workouts you should consider include jogging, swimming and cycling.

Tip#4: Drink Plenty of Water

It’s recommended that you drink a glass of water before each meal. On average, a person should drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

Water normally keeps a person from over-eating and assists in losing weight. Water also helps speed up the process of metabolism. Notice that when your metabolism slows down, you become overweight soon.

Tip#5: Eat More Meals

How to loose weight by eating more? By eating more frequently. Yes, no kidding. You will actually be increasing your rate of metabolism with smaller, more frequent meals.

This will assist you in losing weight faster. Ensure that you eat small meals that are nutritionally balanced. Don’t skip your breakfast – it’s the most important meal of your day.

Tip#6: Rest your Body

Make sure that you sleep for at least eight hours every night while you try to loose weight. When your body is rested and refreshed, it produces less stress hormones which work to add on layers of fat around your belly.

Other metabolic processes also hum along smoothly when you are well rested.

These tips on how to loose weight are very effective when you use them. If you’re not losing weight even after following them, you should consult a medical professional to make sure you’re not suffering from any disease condition which could be making you overweight.

It could take awhile for these fat loss tips to become a part of your lifestyle. But it’s an effort worth making because the rewards are so rich.

Want To Burn Belly Fat?
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Omron Fat Loss Monitor

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor helps you get accurate fat loss measurements in less than 10 seconds!

weight loss calculators
By calculating and keep track of your body mass index and body fat percentage, you’ll have a good idea of your overall fitness level.

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor is a great way to get an indication of your overall health and fitness. Most fitness and fat loss programs focus on monitoring your body fat composition.

With the hand held Omron fat loss monitor you can quickly and conveniently analyze your body fat level, right from home.

Learn more about the Omron Fat Loss Monitor here

How It Works

The measurement of body fat percentage with this monitor is easy. Pop the data into your Omron monitor, grab the electrodes on your device, and press ‘Start’.

In just 7 seconds flat, you’ll get a readout of your results, which is based on calculating your body mass index (BMI) using bioelectric impedance technology.

You can measure body fat percentage in different ways like:

* caliper measurements
* hydrostatic testing
* bioelectrical impedance

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor works on the bioelectrical impedance principle. Electrodes on two handgrips measure the electrical resistance between electrodes and use it along with your age, gender and body weight to compute your fat percentage.

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor operates in two modes, one of them better suited for athletes, and the other for non-athletes. The device itself comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty against damage or malfunction. Two AAA batteries are included.

Why Monitor Body Fat?

More than even total body weight, your body fat percentage is a better indicator of good health and fitness.

And if you’re trying to lose weight, then tracking your BMI and fat percentage will tell you if you’re actually trimming fat or if your weight loss is due to other things (like losing body water content or muscle mass).

Learn more about the Omron Fat Loss Monitor here

How Accurate Is A Fat Loss Monitor?

The device provides reasonably accurate readings of body fat percentage and most users of the Omron Fat Loss Monitor are happy with it, even though it underestimates fat percentage calculations when compared to using calipers.

Not only is it easy to use, you also have the option to store data from 9 different people in the device’s memory. This makes the Omron Fat Loss Monitor an easy way to benchmark your BMI and monitor it over the period of your exercise or diet program. It then becomes an index of progress towards your fat loss goals.

Limitations and Restrictions

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor isn’t a very sophisticated instrument that can give you very detailed or precise recordings.

There is a small margin of error (2% to 4% according to the manufacturer) that won’t matter for most people who use it to monitor fat loss over time. In fact, for the convenience and ease offered by the Omron analyzer, most happy users don’t seem to mind the small margin of error.

Those who might notice a bigger variation in body fat percentage are:

  • bodybuilders and pro athletes
  • growing children
  • pregnant ladies
  • elderly users
  • people on dialysis
  • post-menopausal women
  • those with osteoporosis

As with any device measuring impedance, being hydrated improves the quality of your results. Also, comparisons should be drawn on measurements made at the same time of the day and under similar conditions.

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor cannot be used safely if you have a pacemaker or other implanted devices.

Learn more about the Omron Fat Loss Monitor here


  • It’s easy to use and quick
  • It’s convenient and small sized (weights just 13 ounces)


  • The accuracy isn’t perfect, with both over- and under-estimates of body fat as compared to other methods like calipers and the hydrostatic technique.

You can order the Omron Fat Loss Monitor online from retailers like Amazon – go here: click

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What is macro patterning and how can it help with fat loss?

What Is Macro Patterning and How Can It Help With Fat Loss?

Low Carb Diet

In their quest to lose weight, many dieters are ready and willing to experiment with fad and even dangerous diets.

These are not only useless, some are even harmful to health. In addition, some misunderstandings about what specific terms mean leads to suboptimal results when it comes to fat loss and muscle gain.

Macro patterning is one of the few really effective ways to lose fat. Yet very few fat loss programs teach it or are based on the technique. “14 Days To Rapid Fat Loss” by Shaun Hadsall is one of the notable exceptions, being completely founded on this powerful method of losing weight and gaining muscle.

Macro-patterning is the system patented by its creator, and which is based on patterns of eating according to a rhythm.

This puts your caloric intake in synchronicity with your metabolic rate ensuring that you don’t get into a vicious loop. Improperly understood carb cycling only leads to eliciting a starvation response in your body, causing it to start conserving fat.

Does Macro-patterning Actually Work?

The logic of this reaction is solid.

Your body has no way of knowing that you are consciously cutting down on carbohydrates. It thinks there is a real shortage of dietary calories, and is not sure for how long this will last. So it shuts down metabolism of carbs, trying to keep precious stores saved up for real emergencies.

Even if you now starve yourself to very little starchy foods, no sugar and ban anything tasty from your plate, you won’t enjoy meaningful fat loss. In fact, you might even end up putting on weight because of the storage of fats as a reserve energy source!

What’s Macro-patterning really?

Broccoli - foods to lose weight

Macro patterning is based on letting you eat anything you want while in the diet… just as long as you stay within the prescribed pattern. There will be 3 types of days in your diet:

  • 1. Deplete days – when you consciously cut out carbs from your eating
  • 2. Baseline days – when you eat only the bare minimum to meet energy needs
  • 3. Cheat days – when you can load up on as much carbs as you like

This macro patterning system aligns with the changes in metabolic rate imposed by a generally low carb diet and prevents the fat conserving hormone changes leading to fat loss and body building or adaptive response.

You’ll get rid of troublesome stubborn belly fat and reduce your weight quickly and effectively.

To get more insight into macro-patterning and specific details of how exactly it fits into your fat loss goals, make sure you check out the Shaun Hadsall “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan” and read this detailed review of the rapid fat loss program here.

The True Facts About Shaun Hadsall’s Best-Selling Rapid Fat Loss Program