Is the 48 Hour Crash Diet a Miracle or Hollywood Mirage?

What is this Hollywood Miracle Crash Diet?

It is claimed to be a secret, special formula of natural fruits and essential oils containing vital nutrients and antioxidants. The drink is taken for 48 hours and promises a dramatic weight loss in that time.

If you were to drink nothing but this so called miracle diet formula for 48 hours your scales would almost certainly show a loss of weight, but what is it that has actually been lost?

After all, you can lose weight by having a haircut but that doesn’t help you get into a smaller clothes size.

When talking about a crash diet and weight loss the underlying assumption is that you want to lose pounds of unwanted fat.

You want to change shape but you don’t want to lose muscle and you don’t want to lose water. You need both.

The 48 hour crash diet will not help you to lose body fat. You may be lighter on the scales at the end of the 48 hour period but that is nothing more than a temporary weight loss.

For most people this miracle crash diet will do nothing more than encourage the expulsion of the (approximately) 5 lbs of faecal matter everyone can have lurking in their gut at any one time.

Of course, that is pleasing and, arguably, healthy provided no damage is being done to the gut lining in the process. As soon as normal food is eaten this weight is regained in a very short time – the miracle effect is lost.

Anything that has a diuretic effect on the body (encouraging water loss) will show an apparent weight loss on the scales.

It’s not only the Hollywood Miracle Crash Diet that does this but saunas and many of the ‘slimming’ wraps offered by beauty salons too. This is really a false weight loss as it doesn’t affect fat stored in the body and the weight is regained as soon as fluid levels are restored.

If you are looking for an emergency, temporary solution to shift some bulk from your abdomen this miracle crash diet solution may be something that works for you. It may be that emptying your bowels efficiently allows you to fit into the trousers or skirt you bought for that important interview or date.

Everyone who wants or needs to lose weight seeks the miracle solution. Nobody wants to go without, to cut back or to feel deprived.

The fact is excess weight is carried in the body because too much food has been ingested for the level of activity and calorie burn.

There is no miracle, sadly. To lose weight the number of calories taken into the body has to be less than the number of calories the body needs. This is what real diet programs are all about.

Long term this crash diet is not a real or healthy weight loss product. Despite what the Hollywood name implies there is no miracle and there is no real weight loss.

The 48 hour diet is really nothing more than a laxative. For lasting, safe and effective fat loss, you need a more balanced program or plan.

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