How To Lose Weight Fast : 20 Questions About a Faster Way To Lose Fat

How to lose 10 pounds

How to lose 10 pounds

If you’ve ever wondered how to lose weight fast or are always looking for a faster way to lose fat and keep it off, you’ll find some helpful answers to your biggest questions right here.

How to lose weight quickly?
Hardly a day goes by without somebody who visits our website asking this question. And this collection of rapid fat loss FAQ (frequently asked questions) addresses the broad topic of how to lose weight fast by answering the specific questions posed by our visitors.
So after a brief outline of a faster way to lose fat, we’ll get into these variations on the ‘how to lose weight quickly‘ theme.

How To Lose Weight Fast – And Do It Naturally

Look, if you simply want a faster way to lose fat, there are countless diets, supplements, pills and procedures to help you out.
Most of them are dangerous. All of them have limitations.
Given this reality, a smart approach to how to lose weight quickly would be one rooted in science and strategy. A combination of

  • exercise
  • watching calorie intake
  • fasting intermittently
  • cutting down on carbs

is easily the ideal approach to lose weight fast and naturally.

Intermittent Fasting Helps

Mediterranean diet plan
How to lose weight quickly? Fast intermittently!
Once considered little more than a fad diet, a growing body of scientific evidence in support of intermittent fasting has catapulted it into the public consciousness.
A lengthy fast of 12 to 18 hours duration, followed by a period of unrestricted eating for the remainder of the day, has been shown to have some exceptional health benefits while achieving commendable weight loss.
There are 3 popular approaches to intermittent fasting.

1. Alternate day fasting is when you fast on one day, drinking only water – and eating normally on the next day. A modification of this allows consuming upto 30% of calorie needs on fasting days.

2. 5:2 fasting is when you fast 2 days out of every 7, restricting calories to around 500 calories on the days of fast.

3. The 16/8 method is a daily practice when you don’t eat anything for 16 hours, and eat during the other 8 hours – but ensure a lesser calorie intake than normal.

Watch What You Eat

The flip side of the equation is consuming fewer calories. Eating mindfully can help lose weight fast.
Rushing through meals, cooking whatever is ready to hand, and gorging on snacks or fast food are responsible for the obesity epidemic.
How to lose weight quickly?
It’s simple.

  • Be aware of what you eat.
  • Eat while seated at a table.
  • Don’t be distracted.
  • Choose meals and ingredients watchfully.

Keep Track Of Your Exercise

Climb stairs - how to lose fat
How to lose weight fast? Watch your exercise and activity levels closely.
The only way to shed excess weight is to burn off more calories than you eat. Exercise is the best way to convert stored fat into energy, melting off stubborn belly fat and other deposits.
Monitoring your exercise level using one of millions of health apps available online can help ensure that you lose weight quickly and effectively.

Shun Sugar And Carbs

The amount of carbohydrates and sugar in Western diets is shocking and scary.
In addition to obvious sources of sugar, many processed foods have sugar-equivalents that you won’t even be aware of – unless you scan food labels carefully.
Why are sugar and carbs bad when it comes to losing weight fast?
These foods

  • are digested quickly and converted to fat and stored
  • release more insulin which increases fat deposits
  • reduce glucose tolerance, raising risk of diabetes

Replacing sugar and carbs with whole grain (rice, pasta, millet), fruits and nuts, fruits and vegetables, and drinking plenty of water can counter these harmful effects.
They are also a faster way to lose fat naturally.

Add More Fiber To Your Diet

Low Carb Diet
High fiber food slows down the rate of absorption of sugar from the gut, lowering fat deposits and blunting the hormonal response to eating.
Good choices of fiber in diet are:

  • whole grain cereals
  • fruit and vegetables
  • beans and pulses
  • fermented foods

Increasing fiber content in your diet is a faster way to lose fat.

Sleep Well To Lose Weight

Many people are surprised when they ask “How to lose weight fast” and are told – “Get a good night’s rest“.
But there’s a lot of research data to suggest that less than 6 hours of sleep at night raises cortisol and stress hormone levels, increasing the risk of obesity.
Inadequate sleep interferes with metabolic processes that regulate fat and glucose distribution. It also increases stress which is an independent contributor to weight gain.
Lowering stress through meditation and yoga, using relaxation techniques, and taking long walks outdoors or spending more time on enjoyable hobbies is how to lose weight quickly.
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How To Lose Weight Fast FAQ

1. How can I drop 20 pounds in a week?

If you’re looking for a faster way to lose fat because you need to drop 20 pounds in a week, here are some tips to follow:

  • Watch your calorie intake. Eating within strict limits can help you lose weight quickly.
  • Eat more protein and cut down on carbs and sugar. Protein is used in building up muscle, while sugar and carbs get stored as fat.
  • Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is important to lose weight fast.
  • Weights training and aerobic exercise help lose weight. By burning off calories and gaining muscle mass, you’ll burn extra pounds off.
  • Eat more fiber. It moderates hormonal shifts and improves glucose tolerance to stabilize weight and prevent fat storage.
  • Sleep well. Stress is less when you’re well rested. And it also helps glucose metabolism and improves hormonal balance.
  • Keep records and stick to your targets. Monitoring your intake and exercise can help keep you on track to lose weight fast.

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2. Can you lose 10 pounds in 3 days?

It is not desirable to lose 10 pounds in 3 days, and it will take strict discipline and a dangerous crash diet to try to achieve this goal. This is certainly not healthy.
A calorie deficit (difference between amount of calories burned off for your body’s energy needs, and the amount consumed in diet) of around 3,500 calories is required to shed 1 pound of weight.
Unless you are already overeating to a great extent, cutting down by 500 calories daily isn’t easy or comfortable. Even if you manage this, you’ll lose no more than 3 pounds in three days.
It’s one thing to ask how to lose weight fast, an entirely different thing to take risks and damage your health attempting ridiculous goals like losing 10 pounds in 3 days.

3. How can I lose weight in 10 days?

So you want to know how to lose weight fast – in just 10 days. It isn’t impossible, but will require some discipline and effort.
Here are some things to help you lose weight quickly:

  • Avoid snacking. Carry your food to work or school, and eat only within your daily limits.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. An apple makes for a healthy snack if you get hungry between meals.
  • Take meals at home rather than in restaurants or cafes because you’ll manage calorie counts more accurately.
  • Drink plenty of water. Being hydrated is important when you’re looking for a faster way to lose fat.
  • Eat slowly and be mindful of everything that goes into your mouth. Being aware of what you eat can help lose weight quickly.
  • Stop buying unhealthy and fattening foods or snacks. Stock only healthy food and low carb snacks in the fridge or shelf.

weight loss calculators

4. Can you lose 50 pounds in a week?

You can lose 50 pounds, if you’re overweight – but not in a week.
That’s because it takes a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories to lose a pound of weight. So if you reduce your food intake by 1,000 calories per day, you’ll shed 2 pounds every week.
At this rate, you’ll lose 50 pounds over 5 to 6 months if you stick with this rigid diet.
That’s how to lose weight quickly.

5. How can I lose weight overnight?

There are some emergency situations that require that you lose weight overnight. Though such weight loss is transient and won’t last for long, it can help achieve a temporary result.
Here are some tips on how to lose weight fast:

  • Eat lesser quantity of food at night
  • Keep your bedroom cooler. Your body burns more calories then.
  • Do weight training exercises
  • Eat only small amounts that can be quickly digested
  • Avoid a nightcap or any alcohol in the evening
  • Ensure deep sleep by removing electronic items and other distractions

All of this may help lose weight overnight.

6. Will I lose weight if I only drink water for 3 days?

There’s a faster way to lose fat than prolonged diets and strenuous exercise – but it may lose the wrong kind of weight!
A fast that allows you to only drink water (a water fast) will help you lose weight quickly. It’s possible to shed as much as 2 pounds in a day, and sustain that loss for 24 to 72 hours.
However you’ll lose weight in the form of water and carbs that are burned for energy, as well as some muscle mass as well. This is not a healthy way to lose weight fast.

7. Can I lose a pound a day?

Yes, you can lose a pound a day – but it will not be pleasant or easy.
How to lose weight quickly? You must understand the fundamental principle of weight loss – which is to burn more calories than you consume.
To lose a pound in body weight, you must establish a deficit of 3,500 calories. Unless you’re already on a very high calorie intake, you’ll find it hard to cut down on your dietary intake to such a drastic level.
Even if you do manage to lose a pound a day, this cannot be sustained over the long run.
So think about this as just a gimmick – and focus instead of sustainable, healthy and natural weight loss.
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8. How can I lose weight in 2 days?

To lose weight fast, even within just 2 days, you must be willing to stick to a very tight diet and exercise regimen.
Here are some faster ways to lose fat:

  • Eat more protein. It takes more energy to digest protein than carbs or fat.
  • Increase your intake of fiber rich food. It slows down absorption of calorie-rich carbs and stabilizes hormonal fluctuations after meals.
  • Drink plenty of water. Adequate hydration speeds up metabolism, burns off more calories, and helps with rapid fat loss.
  • Avoid sweet and sugary drinks like soda, fruit juices and canned drinks.
  • Exercise regularly. Go for long walks or a brisk jog to burn off more calories.

Practiced regularly with discipline and focus, you’ll quickly see how it helps to lose weight fast.

9. How can I lose 10 kgs in 3 days?

How to lose weight quickly?
More specifically, how to lose 10 kilograms in 3 days?
Well, frankly, it isn’t possible to do that safely.
But if you’re looking to lose 10 kgs in 3 weeks, here’s a set of steps you could take to make that happen.

  • Take a walk every morning to burn off calories
  • Eat an early dinner, and follow intermittent fasting for 14 to 16 hours
  • Sleep well for long enough to reduce stress and prevent hormonal surges that interfere with weight loss
  • Follow a healthy diet with whole grain, fruits, vegetables and less of carbs or sugar
  • Avoid skipping meals, especially breakfast
  • Reduce or limit the amount of salt in your diet
  • Drink adequate amounts of water

Follow a stringent diet that maintains a calorie deficit of around 500 calories daily, and coupled with an exercise program you’ll be able to achieve your target weight in 3 weeks.

10. How can I lose 100 pounds in a week?

Well, no matter whether or not you know how to lose weight fast, it isn’t easy – or even healthy or desirable – to try to burn off 100 pounds of excess weight in a week, or even a month.
There are some things you can do to lose 100 pounds safely and naturally.

  • Carefully track calorie intake. Maintain a deficit by eating less.
  • Consume enough fiber to stabilize hormonal surges and keep yourself feeling full for longer without hunger pangs.
  • Eat more protein that is digested slowly and won’t build up fat stores. It also boosts metabolism and curbs appetite.
  • Avoid refined carbs and processed foods.
  • Track and monitor your progress towards the desired weight by keeping a food journal.
  • Include more fruits and vegetables in your meals and snacks.
  • Exercise regularly. Mix up aerobic with weight training. It burns calories and speeds up metabolism.

This is how to lose weight quickly.
how to lose weight in a week

11. How many calories should you eat to lose 5 pounds a week?

Most weight loss guides and programs recommend sticking to a diet plan which limits intake to between 1200 and 1500 calories per day. This suggestion is independent of how much weight you want to lose.
You can lose 5 pounds without needing a very rigid diet if you simply focus on cleaning up what you eat and avoid foods with very high calorie content. You may be able to enjoy your favorite foods without compromising on your weight loss goals.
Burning 1,700 calories a week more than you consume should help you lose around half of one pound.

12. What drink burns fat overnight?

If you’re seeking a faster way to lose fat, there are some drinks that can burn fat overnight.

  • Camomile tea, a sedative and slimming tea, is known to help lose weight quickly
  • Red wine prevents fat build up and helps boost metabolism
  • Greek yoghurt shakes are rich in protein and calories, yet won’t build up fat stores
  • Soy based shakes are also high in protein content and burn fat
  • Water helps hydration and prevents weight gain due to stress

Any of these drinks at bedtime can aid sleep and also burn fat overnight.

13. Do you lose weight when you poop?

How to lose weight quickly? Take a crap!
Seriously, you can lose weight when you poop, though not a lot. You may drop between 100 and 250 grams by pooping. This depends upon the frequency and quantity, especially since stools are made up of 75% water.
Though some have tried enemas to help reduce weight suddenly, it is of little help except for those with chronic constipation and/or colon diseases.
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14. Will I lose weight if I only drink water?

Yes, drinking water can help lose weight. In fact, to know how to lose weight fast, drink water.
This effect happens for several reasons.

  • Water has no calories, yet is filling and reduces hunger or craving for other food.
  • Water speeds up several metabolic processes, helping the body burn fat stores for energy.
  • If water replaces other sugary drinks like soda or packaged juices, there’s a direct reduction in calories consumed.
  • Drinking water before a meal can reduce appetite.

So that’s one way to lose weight quickly.

15. Can you lose weight by not eating?

Yes, not eating (or eating less) is a faster way to lose fat.
Some people skip meals to lose weight quickly. This works well, unless there are other factors complicating the picture.
To lose weight, you have to cut down on calorie intake or burn off more as energy through exercise. But to keep weight down after you lose it, this behavior has to become part of your lifestyle.
If you try to lose weight fast by not eating anything, you’ll quickly feel tired and weak due to a lack of essential nutrients. This is self-defeating.
So don’t obsess over how to lose weight fast. Instead, focus on how to do it in a healthy, natural, sustainable fashion.

16. What happens if you don’t eat for 3 days – or even a week?

Well, one thing is sure – you will lose weight fast.
However, there are healthy ways to lose weight quickly… and unhealthy ones. Following a nutritious diet that doesn’t overload you with calories, and combining it with a rigorous exercise program can help you lose weight fast in a healthy way.
But if you prefer gimmicks like not eating anything but only drinking water for 3 days or a week, your body loses vital nutrients.
In the short term, you’ll lose weight. But most of what you lose will be ‘water weight‘ as your body eliminates stored water, and doesn’t burn excess fat for energy.

  • You lose muscle mass as protein is used for energy.
  • Your metabolism slows down in the face of calorie reduction.
  • And you grow weak, listless and fatigued, sometimes leading to fainting, headaches, irritability and constipation.

So yes, drinking water is good.
Yes, cutting down on calorie intake will help you lose weight.
But no, not eating for 3 days or a week is an unhealthy approach.
How to lose 20 pounds fast

17. What exercise burns the most calories?

In terms of calories burned per hour of activity, running is far and away the exercise which burns the most calories.
The equivalent of running, like exercising on a stationary bicycle, or jogging and swimming, are great for how to lose weight fast.
Called by the generic term HIIT (high intensity interval training), the concept of short bursts of intense activity or exercise alternating with steady periods of less intense ones has been embraced by many weight loss advocates as an effective method of how to lose weight quickly.

18. Will I lose weight if I exercise 30 minutes a day?

Yes, you will lose weight when you exercise 30 minutes a day, though a lot depends upon the kind and intensity of your exercise.
In a detailed study of groups of people who exercised in different ways and at varying intensity levels, it was found that the group who exercised for 30 minutes daily had a significant health advantage.
To the researchers’ surprise, the data suggested that 30 minutes of exercise was actually superior to exercising for 60 minutes or more every day!
The reason for how to lose weight fast with exercise depends upon

  • an increased metabolic rate that burns more calories,
  • a change in hormonal balance which leads to melting away fat to use for energy, and
  • the overall healthier lifestyle which regular exercise encourages.


19. Will skin tighten up after weight loss?

As you figure out how to lose weight fast, keep in mind other things that happen when you burn off extra fat.
If you lose small to moderate amounts of fat, there will be little change in your skin. There will be skin retraction. In a short time, the skin will tighten up after weight loss.
On the other hand, drastic reduction in weight may lead to stretched and inelastic skin falling in folds or showing wrinkles.
Sometimes it may be significant enough that people consider body sculpting surgery and other medical procedures to help in tightening the skin after weight loss.
How to lose lower belly fat

20. How long do you fast on FASTer way to fat loss?

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss program encourages a form of intermittent fasting known as the 16/8 system.
In this method, you fast for 16 hours in a day, and eat all the food allowed in your diet plan only in the remaining 8 hour window.
If this seems very difficult at first glance, understand that the 16 hour fasting duration includes time when you’re asleep. So if you eat a few hours before going to bed, and sleep for 8 hours, you only have to control your hunger pangs for two or three hours while awake.

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So I hope you now have a better idea about how to answer the question:

How to lose weight fast?

By following a plan – and putting up with some discomfort as a part of it!
Have you got a question of your own about how to lose weight fast? Do you know about a faster way to lose fat?
Reach out and share them. Your comment and suggestions may help somebody else who wants to learn how to lose weight quickly.
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