14 Day Rapid Weight Loss … The Inside Story About Effectiveness – And Safety!

“Lose Ten Pounds In A Week”
“Eat Whatever You Like – And Keep Shedding Pounds”
“You Can Drop One Dress Size Weekly”

Advertising this way sounds crazy and impossible – yet millions believe in it enough to buy a program, starve themselves for weeks and follow exercise workout routines in order to achieve 14 day rapid weight loss.

Any sane person would reject these claims out of hand. Or, at least, that’s what you’d think.

But obviously, that isn’t what happens.

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14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Reviews

Hope springs eternal in the human soul. And an industry that churns a profit of over $30 billion every year keeps this hope stirring and growing with a flurry of over-the-top advertising.

Do these claims have any truth to them? Are there diet programs that can help with 14 day rapid weight loss? Are these courses and diets actually safe? Should they continue to thrive – or is it time legislators took a hard stand?

Let’s look at some of the popular programs (including Shaun Hadsall’s “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan” here) to arrive at some answers.

14 Day Rapid Weight Loss – What’s It All About?

Mediterranean diet FAQ
Fast weight loss is a popular craze. Thousands of people type the words into Google every day, eagerly watching the results for a page or program that can help.

Weight loss programs and marketers target these terms while running ads. Popular catch phrases are starvation diets, diet pills, very low calorie diets, and fat loss creams and devices.

Starvation diets have been popularized by a range of celebrities and stars, beginning with Beyonce who endorsed the “master cleanse” diet. Composed of an intake primarily involving water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper, this diet has many local variants and has evolved over half a century.

In addition to rapid weight loss, they also promote detoxification by ridding your body of toxins and waste.

Diet pills and supplements can help with weight loss through speeding up your metabolic rate. These drugs act by either preventing the absorption of nutrients from the food you eat or burn off more calories per unit of activity, thereby keeping the balance of energy negative.

Very low calorie diets are responsible for many of the proven case studies of 14 day rapid weight loss. It’s no surprise that they are effective because the total calorie intake while on this diet is far less than what your body regularly consumes for baseline metabolism.

The creams, devices (and voodoo magic spells!) that have been touted as rapid weight loss solutions are rarely verified through scientific experiments. They are the dubious fat loss solutions that give the industry a bad name.

Mediterranean diet plan

Does 14 Day Rapid Weight Loss Work?

Because they fly under the radar of FDA approval requirements, over the counter prescriptions for these rapid weight loss products make wild claims.

But when tested under rigorous conditions, none of these solutions (except very low calorie diets) are able to achieve 14 day rapid weight loss.

A prescription drug named orlistat has shown promise in rapid fat loss, but it is effective only when combined with diet and exercise programs. Marketed under the trade names Xenical and Alli, the sale of these drugs is carefully regulated in some parts of the world.

In most of the cases where good results are claimed, the benefit is because of a lower calorie consumption rather than any other action of the drugs or supplements consumed.

Why Is 14 Day Rapid Weight Loss So Dangerous?

Rapid fat loss leads to stresses and demands on your body. Some problems that might arise include:

  • development of gall stones due to high cholesterol concentration in bile
  • dehydration caused by severe restriction of intake during diets
  • malnutrition because of a lack of balance in nutrient and vitamin intake
  • electrolyte imbalance resulting from strange and bizarre eating/drinking patterns

In addition, rapid weight loss can lead to headaches, irritability, tirednes, giddiness, bowel disturbances, menstrual irregularity, and loss of hair and muscle mass.

To get good results from rapid weight loss, it is important to follow a trusted and scientific program. Based on logical and proven scientific principles, this program accomplishes rapid weight loss without cutting corners or taking risks.

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