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Being fit doesn’t always mean making difficult or costly changes to your lifestyle. Some simple tweaks that are easy and quick can have a significant effect on your wellness levels.

1. Get More Sleep

Nature’s way to beat stress, sleep can help you relax and rest so that you feel refreshed and energized to face a new day. Mood enhancing hormones are released while you sleep and energy stores are replenished. Getting at least 6 hours of restful sleep every night can transform your level of health.

2. Drink More Water

Over one half of any population is dehydrated. Water is critical to staying alive and healthy. It is important for all bodily functions. It isn’t necessary to buy costly bottled water. Just plain, filtered water is good enough. Drink whenever you’re thirsty, and make sure you get your daily requirement.

3. Beat Stress

Modern living is stressful. But you must learn to control your stress levels to enjoy life. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Be mindful. Pray. Meditate. Take enough time out of a hectic schedule to commune with nature. Remove any stressful stimulus in your environment.

4. Be More Active

Exercise isn’t a favorite term for many. So don’t call it that. Just keep moving around through your day. Avoid sitting in any one place for too long. Walk, run or jog around your block. Shuffle around your home. Go swimming. Shop. Do whatever it takes to move around and be more active.

5. Get Involved With Things

Volunteer to support any cause or project that’s dear to you. It is emotionally fulfilling, spiritually enriching and can give you a deep sense of satisfaction with your life. Encourage friends and family to join you for more fun. The joy of serving others while working on things that really matter to you will make you happier, healthier and lower stress.

These simple tips will help you be healthy and happy.