Where To Find The Best Fish Oil Capsules

Best Fish Oil Capsules

To enjoy the benefits of fish oil, without any of the side effects or risks, you can take fish oil capsules. Three grams a day of fish oil provides one gram of DHA and EPA, two long-chain omega 3 fatty acids. These give you multiple health benefits like reversing heart disease, boosting immune function, fighting degenerative disease, increasing fertility, improving mental health and promoting healthy skin.

But with so many competing brands out there, how to choose the best fish oil capsules for yourself? Here are a few guidelines you can follow.

Molecular distillation: This is a process that removes any mercury or other heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs and other contaminants, to make fresh fish oil pure and harmless. Most pharmaceutical grade fish oil capsules use this process.

Highest DHA and EPA content: DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaneoic acid) are both necessary for healthy functioning and development. No plant source provides significant amounts of these long-chain fatty acids. Only some fish like salmon, mackerel and trout contain enough of it. A little known fish from New Zealand – the Hoki fish – is naturally rich in DHA fats.

Freshest fish: With careless handling, even a good catch of fish can lose all its benefits from omega 3 fatty acids because of quick oxidation. Check to make sure if the capsules you buy are from a manufacturer who uses fresh fish and handles them right.

Good ethical standards of company: The health supplement industry is largely self-regulated, so picking a company with high ethical standards is important when it comes to selecting the best fish oil capsules. Don’t blindly believe all that’s on the label – sometimes, it is misleading, even false!

Other factors: Small fish oil capsule size, fewer side effects, good preservation without rancidity setting in and competitive prices are other features to look for in your choice of the best fish oil capsules.

There are many benefits to getting an adequate daily supply of omega 3 fatty acids. Meeting your daily requirements of omega 3 is indeed crucial to optimum physical and mental health. Take care to make a good choice and enjoy all the rich benefits of omega 3 fatty acids.

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