9 Cookbook Set With Fat Burning Recipes Released

A set of 9 cookbooks loaded with fat burning recipes was launched under the name of “Metabolic Cooking”.

Around the world, cuisines show some similarities like being healthy and containing fat burning ingredients. A set of 9 cookbooks loaded with fat burning recipes was launched under the name of “Metabolic Cooking”.

Karine Losier, who is well known as the “Lean Kitchen Queen’, has pounced on the demand for healthy recipes. Tying it together with her passion for fitness and good cooking, Karine has co-authored “Metabolic Cooking” to help others find great healthy recipes.

Karine is very excited about challenging many chefs’ preferred techniques for cooking. Metabolic Cooking is all about taking the healthier approach to preparing meals. Whenever recipes speed up fat loss and help muscle growth, it garners popularity with millions of fitness fanatics. Metabolic Cooking is about wellness and how food can make you healthier.

The guides have something fresh to engage and involve health enthusiasts. If you enjoy eating interesting and delicious meals, yet want them to be healthy and fat burning as well, then Metabolic Cooking will be a faithful companion guide for years to come.

The feedback even from experts is enthusiastic. A popular celebrity trainer says, “I think most fitness professionals would agree that nutrition is the key to getting the body you want. Losing fat and gaining muscle certainly have a lot to do with training, but, as they say–abs are made in the kitchen.”

Karine Losier will agree. Weight loss and muscle gain begin in the kitchen. That’s where she reigns supreme. And in Metabolic Cooking, she is inviting readers to join her in cooking healthy, tasty food.

Metabolic Cooking bridges that gap between knowledge and performance. You can learn more about it on the website at 14dayrapidfatloss.org