Website For Best Smart TV Reviews Launched is a new website that features reviews of the best smart TVs that was launched on August 29th, 2017. The aim is to publish reliable and trusted reviews of smart TVs to help the buying public make informed decisions.

Smart TVs are a major investment because of the high price. Getting feedback from others who bought one can help increase buyer confidence and avoid remorse later on. The demand for such a service is widespread because the reviews published on e-retailer websites are often cooked up or fake.

“We considered several options before hitting on this idea for our website project” says Eli Lanor, who is releasing a slew of services that cover several market niches and help build informed consumers. “We’re hoping it would be a runaway hit because of the built up demand for such a service.”

In the popular category of many online stores, hi-fi home theaters and smart TVs are hot sellers despite their price. Stores request customers to post reviews and testimonials. Many have rating systems to ensure fairness and transparency. takes a unique twist in having experts endorse or refute reviews based on their own assessment of a particular machine or device. The added touch of authenticity and expertise will help uninformed visitors to leave the site better equipped to make buying decisions.

Many more plans lie ahead for the growth of the website. Already there is a detailed review of the best smart TV brands available on the market which you can find at