New Bodybuilding Portal Helps Easily Locate Workouts, Courses & Coaches For Six Pack Abs

Informative articles, program reviews and detailed workout routines make this a dream resource for every bodybuilder.

Since the launch of a long standing problem faced by millions of bodybuilding and fitness fans has been eliminated by a new online resource that provides answers to their most pressing questions.

In the face of tall claims and little proof, it has been difficult to evaluate body building courses and programs against each other to find out how to get a six pack fast.

“Our service was created to make it quick and easy to find the best bodybuilding programs,” says Misha Donaldson, who is the moving force behind the health and fitness portal. “When you visit the website you will find detailed reviews of some of the most popular body building and weight gaining programs.”

The business has one clearly defined goal – to help fitness fans find the most effective guides and coaches without wasting time or effort.

Created in partnership with his long-time workout colleague Myntra Miller, the site has attracted an avid audience of fitness oriented youngsters in the few months of its existence. Many visitors are drawn in by the unbiased reviews of exercise programs. “We’ve made it simpler for anyone to find reliable reviews of muscle building courses. Our readers know we’re not pitching or hustling to make a few extra bucks,” she says.

There are many portals and authority resources about body building, but they are too vast, complex or hard to navigate around. It is also hard to tell if the reviews published on those popular sites are genuine and unbiased. Even the comments on some sites are over the top. Some programs which are completely unsuitable for a beginner are positioned and promoted as being “great for everyone to gain muscle”.

“The result was deep disappointment and lasting suspicion,” said Walter Egan, whom we surveyed about and learned much about the murky side of online reviewing in the body building niche. When Walter got started, he bought a couple of programs for a few hundred dollars, only to discover later on that they required specialized equipment or a gym membership to be able to benefit from.

Body Building Reviews is simpler and more effective. A visitor can browse the programs listed to find all relevant information before making a purchase. It’s just as important to the owners that they do not buy what is unsuitable for their needs.

Using a service like Body Building Reviews as a guide, one can stay ahead of new developments in the body building field. That’s the key to the popularity of this growing website. You can learn more and see some of the reviews at