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Top 7 Fat Burning Foods

Fat burning foods are the types of food that have highly thermogenic effects on your body, causing it to literally scorch the calories off. They help boost the body’s basal metabolic rate which consumes energy and prevents the excess from dietary intake becoming deposited in the form of body fat.

There are many types of fat burning foods. Here are some of the best:


Cinnamon is a natural spice that is obtained from the inner layer of the bark of several species of trees. A daily intake of a teaspoon full every day is recommended by many nutritionists to facilitate the fat burning process.

Cinnamon achieves this by enhancing the entry of blood sugar into the cells where it is then used to produce energy. As the glucose is used up, there is very little excess left to store as fat. This is why cinnamon is considered one of the fat burning foods.

2.Green Tea:

Green tea is said to contain active metabolic ingredients in its chemical composition which aid with burning off fat. The stimulant effect of these ingredients helps raise your heart rate shortly after drinking green tea. The accelerated metabolic rate compels the body to burn and consume calories from your diet much faster.

Green tea also contains chemical catechins. Catechins are chemical compounds that chemists believe to be helpful in burning off belly fat. For highest efficiency, you must drink green tea daily.

3. Yoghurt:

Pasteurization of milk and yogurt has revealed that yogurt contains bacteria known as probiotics that help in the regulation of the amount of fat a person’s body might absorb from the diet. By their effect on lowering fat absorption from the food you eat, yoghurt is regarded to be a fat burning food.

4. Coffee:

The chemical component of coffee (caffeine) helps reduce fat by keeping the body metabolism at high gear. It has also been observed to jump start lipolysis, which is the process of breaking down body fats from their storage areas to be used up in heat and energy generation for bodily activities.

5. Chilli Pepper:

Food prepared with chili peppers contain a chemical known as capsaicin which is known to boost the body’s metabolism. The chili effect that capsaicin causes leads to an elevation of body temperature. In the process, calories are burnt off by the higher metabolic rate, leading to the ultimate effect of reducing fat deposition. This makes chili pepper another effective fat burning food.

6. Fish and Chicken:

Eating a protein rich diet of fish and chicken can help with burning off fat. Doctors have documented that in the process of digestion of food, energy is consumed which is usually drawn from carbohydrates and fats in diet. They explain that the body burns more calories while metabolizing and digesting a high protein diet, breaking down of the fats and carbs that lead to weight loss. A lean protein diet helps keep your body’s metabolism active all day long.

7. Cakes:

Contrary to popular belief, having a protein and carbohydrate rich breakfast followed by a dessert can actually help you lose body fat. Research suggests that eating a doughnut, chocolate chip cookie or a piece of cake can help reduce food craving throughout the day. This indirectly helps reduce unnecessary calorie build up in the body, which is why some nutritionists include it in the category of fat burning foods.

So there you are – 7 of the best fat burning foods. Got any other favorites of your own? Please share your recommendations with our readers.