Best Smart Fridges Award Presented At Chennai Event

In a contest held by to vote the best refrigerator in the market today, the winner was awarded at a Chennai event attended by industry leaders and excited consumers of home appliances and electrical products.

The newly launched website claimed to be able to tap into a crowd of thousands of home-makers by following a system that involves inviting their expert opinions about household appliances including smart refrigerators. To prove their hypothesis, Best Smart Fridge Reviews conducted an online poll with a twist… the winning entry would qualify those who voted to participate in a lucky draw to win a brand new smart fridge.

This twist attracted a horde of users to cast their vote for the best smart fridges of their choice. Spreading virally through social networks, the content attracted far more visitors than the site had expected, causing the server to crash for a few hours and had technology teams scrambling to fix the problem.

When the dust had settled, the votes were counted and the best smart fridge brand and model was identified by popular vote. At a quiet event in Chennai, attended by the short listed voters who had picked the winning entry as well as some industry insiders, the award was presented to the winning brand as well as the lucky person who won a free smart fridge from the sponsoring manufacturer.

“The message is clear. We have the ability to solicit feedback from hundreds, if not thousands of users about products and services we use every day,” said Mr.Prashanth Bose, head of marketing and promotions, who co-ordinated the online event.

Consumers who use a smart fridge on a regular basis tend to be passionate about their choice of machine and are more likely to respond to an invitation to share their decisions with others.

You can see which was the winning brand of smart fridges and an in depth review of it – both are now live on the Web at