SOLID Princess Square Engagement Ring

I love this ring!

Ami wanted a beautiful engagement ring – and hoped it would look like a diamond ring. The 14k White Gold SOLID Princess Square Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Set – Size 5 was a great choice… plus it fit her budget.

It’s a brilliant AAA grade cubic zirconia engagement ring set in magnificent 14 karat gold. A dazzling finish gives it an eye-catching appearance. Everyone who looks at it will be impressed by the stunning design and high polish.

The 5.5 millimeter wide band fits in the slot nicely. A 1.25 carat center stone of zirconia, held in a prong setting, stands out from the 14k gold band. The gold engagement ring weighs barely 4.5 grams and comes in various sizes.

It’s a great choice for anyone on a budget. The few who’ll notice that it isn’t a real diamond are the ones who work with jewelry. Everyone else will just stare in amazement!

No wonder happy owner Nikki says this:

“Just got it today! The engagement ring fits perfectly. Not too tight and not too loose. And the CZ diamonds sparkle just like a real one. I love how in the it shines with every movement.”

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