Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review

After years of struggling with excessive weight, it is not surprising that you want to get rid of your belly fat and love handles once and for all. You want to look shapely and trim. Or it may be a few extra pounds that’s causing you the distress. This Xtreme Fat Loss Diet review offers some innovative ideas for fat loss.

This short, sweet, and effective guide offers you some out of the box solutions, where you can continue to eat your favorite foods while you lose weight. The diet program detailed in the book has helped many people to lose excess fat in a matter of days. In fact, the author’s biggest claim is that it helps you “lose 25 pounds in 25 days” and more importantly, that you’ll lose body fat and not muscle.

These are big and bold promises.  Does the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet really live up to them?  Let’s see…

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet – What is it?

Joel Marion, a respected and famous personality in the field of fitness and nutrition has created this product. He is a widely regarded fitness expert online and also, works as a fitness model. While developing this program he has drawn on his years of experience in nutrition.

The diet program helps you to lose 25 pounds in 25 days while still being active, healthy and energetic.  If you are thinking it all seems too good to be true, then check out the many positive reviews this product is garnering online and you will realize that the product does work.

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet – Explained

This diet is different from other programs you might have read about or followed. The most important being that you actually lose body fat when you lose weight in this program and not muscle or water weight. Most other programs that promise short-term weight loss actually result in very little (if any) lasting fat loss. Losing body fat is the best form of weight loss as this keeps off weight for the long-term.

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet program is designed to help you maintain your diet by providing some cheat days. On these days you can indulge all your cravings and eat whatever you want. The indulgences on cheat days won’t impact your overall diet or weight loss program.

On all the other days you diet is structured and follows a scripted pattern. It is quite easy to adapt to the system and also the positive feedback provided by your weighing machine is an added incentive. This type of diet helps your body to burn fat faster and without any side-effects.

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet – Verdict From The People

Most people who have tried out this program have decided to get it after reading the positive reviews online. Others have tried it after someone close to them tried it out successfully. Take, for instance, Jay who hails from California.  He says that he was “desperate for a solution to his weight problem” when he chanced on this diet. He is extremely satisfied with what he found.

Another person who successfully lost weight after using this fat loss diet is Diana of UK, and you can read her glowing testimonial on the official website.

Karen decided to try this diet as there was a money-back guarantee if you did not lose weight using this program. She says since each person’s body reacts differently, it is hard to predict if a person will lose weight following a particular program. But the money-back guarantee, and the fact that her friend successfully lost weight, sealed the deal for her. She adds that she got great results and was very happy with the weight loss achieved.

Now, no review or result is representative of how you may benefit from the program.  But knowing that others have enjoyed good results and that there is a refund guarantee available in case you are not completely satisfied are helpful in making a decision to try it out yourself.

How And Where To Buy The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Program

The official website is the one-stop place to receive access to the entire program which includes training manual, diet manual, success journal, workout sheets, supplementation guide and a ready-reference guide for the entire program.

To help you get started a quick start checklist is included along with an audio that runs through the whole Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Program in 90-minutes to get you started. The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet secrets booklet is being offered as a bonus for a limited time.

Priced at an affordable rate for all the materials mentioned above, the program is a good deal. If you are worried that the program might not work for you, then take advantage of the 60-day money back guarantee with no risk to you. You still get access to all the online material and get to use the program instantly after you order.

Is the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Program Ideal For You?

If your goal is to lose fat, then going by the online reviews, there are few other programs which offer better success than this one. It promises quick fat loss (in less than a month) but it also helps you stay healthy and build a leaner and stronger body which gives better results over the long run.

The program reveals secrets to maintain lean muscle mass and reduce body fat which will make you look young and trim. You will also be active and healthy by adopting the new life-style.

The guarantee helps you test the program risk-free and the results are proven by the many testimonies of people who have successfully tried out the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. Taking it on a trial could be a wise choice along your journey to lose fat and build a lean body.

9 Cookbook Set With Fat Burning Recipes Released

A set of 9 cookbooks loaded with fat burning recipes was launched under the name of “Metabolic Cooking”.

Around the world, cuisines show some similarities like being healthy and containing fat burning ingredients. A set of 9 cookbooks loaded with fat burning recipes was launched under the name of “Metabolic Cooking”.

Karine Losier, who is well known as the “Lean Kitchen Queen’, has pounced on the demand for healthy recipes. Tying it together with her passion for fitness and good cooking, Karine has co-authored “Metabolic Cooking” to help others find great healthy recipes.

Karine is very excited about challenging many chefs’ preferred techniques for cooking. Metabolic Cooking is all about taking the healthier approach to preparing meals. Whenever recipes speed up fat loss and help muscle growth, it garners popularity with millions of fitness fanatics. Metabolic Cooking is about wellness and how food can make you healthier.

The guides have something fresh to engage and involve health enthusiasts. If you enjoy eating interesting and delicious meals, yet want them to be healthy and fat burning as well, then Metabolic Cooking will be a faithful companion guide for years to come.

The feedback even from experts is enthusiastic. A popular celebrity trainer says, “I think most fitness professionals would agree that nutrition is the key to getting the body you want. Losing fat and gaining muscle certainly have a lot to do with training, but, as they say–abs are made in the kitchen.”

Karine Losier will agree. Weight loss and muscle gain begin in the kitchen. That’s where she reigns supreme. And in Metabolic Cooking, she is inviting readers to join her in cooking healthy, tasty food.

Metabolic Cooking bridges that gap between knowledge and performance. You can learn more about it on the website at 14dayrapidfatloss.org

Top 7 Fat Burning Foods

Fat burning foods are the types of food that have highly thermogenic effects on your body, causing it to literally scorch the calories off. They help boost the body’s basal metabolic rate which consumes energy and prevents the excess from dietary intake becoming deposited in the form of body fat.

There are many types of fat burning foods. Here are some of the best:


Cinnamon is a natural spice that is obtained from the inner layer of the bark of several species of trees. A daily intake of a teaspoon full every day is recommended by many nutritionists to facilitate the fat burning process.

Cinnamon achieves this by enhancing the entry of blood sugar into the cells where it is then used to produce energy. As the glucose is used up, there is very little excess left to store as fat. This is why cinnamon is considered one of the fat burning foods.

2.Green Tea:

Green tea is said to contain active metabolic ingredients in its chemical composition which aid with burning off fat. The stimulant effect of these ingredients helps raise your heart rate shortly after drinking green tea. The accelerated metabolic rate compels the body to burn and consume calories from your diet much faster.

Green tea also contains chemical catechins. Catechins are chemical compounds that chemists believe to be helpful in burning off belly fat. For highest efficiency, you must drink green tea daily.

3. Yoghurt:

Pasteurization of milk and yogurt has revealed that yogurt contains bacteria known as probiotics that help in the regulation of the amount of fat a person’s body might absorb from the diet. By their effect on lowering fat absorption from the food you eat, yoghurt is regarded to be a fat burning food.

4. Coffee:

The chemical component of coffee (caffeine) helps reduce fat by keeping the body metabolism at high gear. It has also been observed to jump start lipolysis, which is the process of breaking down body fats from their storage areas to be used up in heat and energy generation for bodily activities.

5. Chilli Pepper:

Food prepared with chili peppers contain a chemical known as capsaicin which is known to boost the body’s metabolism. The chili effect that capsaicin causes leads to an elevation of body temperature. In the process, calories are burnt off by the higher metabolic rate, leading to the ultimate effect of reducing fat deposition. This makes chili pepper another effective fat burning food.

6. Fish and Chicken:

Eating a protein rich diet of fish and chicken can help with burning off fat. Doctors have documented that in the process of digestion of food, energy is consumed which is usually drawn from carbohydrates and fats in diet. They explain that the body burns more calories while metabolizing and digesting a high protein diet, breaking down of the fats and carbs that lead to weight loss. A lean protein diet helps keep your body’s metabolism active all day long.

7. Cakes:

Contrary to popular belief, having a protein and carbohydrate rich breakfast followed by a dessert can actually help you lose body fat. Research suggests that eating a doughnut, chocolate chip cookie or a piece of cake can help reduce food craving throughout the day. This indirectly helps reduce unnecessary calorie build up in the body, which is why some nutritionists include it in the category of fat burning foods.

So there you are – 7 of the best fat burning foods. Got any other favorites of your own? Please share your recommendations with our readers.