Cinderella Solution Review : What’s Good, What’s Not?

Our in-depth Cinderella Solution review takes a look at Carly Donovan’s hot new program for fat loss and fitness – and studies the pros and cons that will help you decide to try itor not.

Cinderella Solution - Carly Donovan Weight Loss

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Anybody can put on weight or grow obese. If you aren’t careful of what you eat, and sometimes due to hormone disturbances, you’ll add on extra pounds – and find it tough to get them off.
Women aren’t only more aware of weight gain than men, there’s evidence to suggest they are even at higher risk from extra weight.
Most fat loss programs aren’t effective. So the first thing any Cinderella Solution review should address is answer these questions running through your mind:

  • Is it based on scientific evidence and proof?
  • Has it worked for others?
  • Will it work for me?
  • How hard will it be to follow?

So let’s get started with them.

1. Is Cinderella Solution based on scientific evidence and proof?

Like a breath of fresh air, the Cinderella Solution guides you to healthy eating and also explains the basics of nutrition and how it fuels your body.
It is founded upon the science of nutrition and dietetics, making no wild claims or false promises but being grounded in common sense information that every fitness trainer and diet coach is aware of and recommends.

2. Has it worked for others?

The proof of how effective this approach is at achieving fat loss lies in how many people – apart from Carly Donovan, who created this system – have benefited from following the Cinderella Solution method.
You’ll find personal stories and Cinderella Solution reviews from them on the official website. Take a look.
Keep Me Updated - Cinderella Weight Loss Solution

3. Will it work for you?

Many other weight loss guides require that you carefully watch your calorie intake. The Cinderella Solution does this automatically for you by teaching you to pick and choose the right kind of food to minimize extra, empty calories.
It’s a great way to lose a few inches around your waist, hips, thighs and butt.

4. How hard will it be to follow?

It isn’t at all difficult. Cinderella Solution takes the view that most women are so busy with things that they can’t effectively work with a complicated plan. So let’s make it easy!
By combining an easy going exercise regime with a simple diet plan, you’ll find Cinderella Solution an enjoyable way to lose weight!

So… What Exactly Is Cinderella Solution?

Essentially, this is a 28-day program for fat loss that’s delivered in the form of a series of lessons published in PDF that you can download and start following immediately.
Whether you’re on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, you’ll be able to conveniently view the material everywhere you go.
The Cinderella Solution is designed especially for women. There are two phases:

  • Ignite – to jumpstart your weight loss
  • Launch – to burn off those extra pounds

Each lasts two weeks and includes meal plans and a light workout routine to strengthen your belly, butt and hip muscles.
Cinderella Solution takes a unique approach to eating. It doesn’t prohibit food groups, but instead recommends correct combinations of different kinds of food so that you’ll enjoy the fastest fat burn and weight loss.

What’s The Best Way To Begin With The Cinderella Solution?

Some dieters like to jump right into it and get started. So Cinderella Solution offers a Quick Start guide (17 pages of crisp, concise information) to help you begin even if you don’t know the first thing about nutrition or eating right.
Other dieters prefer to learn everything about the theory of healthy nutrition and weight loss before jumping in. You’ll learn all about ICE dysfunction, insulin hormone imbalance, how your metabolism gets derailed causing weight gain, and what you can do to reverse the process completely.
You can start on Cinderella Solution using whichever approach is best for you.
As long as you stick with the plan, it will work – regardless of whether or not you understand the mechanisms and methods that underlie it.

Why Should You Even Consider Trying Out Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella Solution - Weight Loss for Women age 30
Many a Cinderella Solution review hypes and exaggerates the program’s benefits.
I won’t make any crazy weight loss guarantees or claims. In fact, neither does Carly. She just tells you her inspirational fat loss story.
Even if you’ve firmly decided NOT to get the Cinderella Solution guide to weight loss and better health, please, please, PLEASE read her story... if nothing else, just to give yourself a dose of motivation to stick with your fight for health and fitness.
If Carly can do it, surely you can, too.
And just think about it… if you can live longer by modifying the way you eat, achieve your weight goals, shed extra, unhealthy fat and improve your fitness and staminawhy wouldn’t you do it?!
The Cinderella Solution offers a simple, direct approach to weight loss, with no risky gimmicks or dangerous fads. It is based on sound nutritional principles, and isn’t a scam or health hazard. You won’t need to spend anything extra on equipment, gym memberships, or special supplements either.

What’s In The Cinderella Solution Program Itself?

There are 4 parts to this 4 week weight loss course:

Part 1: Explaining The Cinderella Solution

This section introduces the program, offering valuable information about which food combinations are tasty as well as healthy. It also mentions weight loss exercises to begin the Ignite and Launch sequences.

Part 2: A Blueprint For Nutrition

In this part, you’ll find daily meal plans as well as a calendar for jotting down what you’re going to eat for the next 2 weeks. Some mouthwatering recipes are combined with details about macro nutrition and planning delicious meals.
Cinderella Fat Loss Solution Flavor Pairing

Part 3: Flavor Pairing Your Meals

Who said healthy can’t also be tasty? In the third part of Cinderella Solution, you’ll learn to prepare tasty meals that are low on calories, in small enough portions to help you tickle your tastebuds while still shedding pounds.

Part 4: Weight Loss Food Combos

This final segment is about finding the right food combinations with perfect ingredients that burn off fat while satisfying your cravings. Armed with this information, you’ll never be stuck again for healthy, tasty recipes to whip up in a jiffy.

What’s Good About Cinderella Solution?

As any Cinderella Solution review will point out, this is a great option for sustained weight loss.

  • It’s specially tailored for women
  • It includes easy workouts that are comfortable and convenient
  • It provides extensive information on nutrition and health/fitness
  • It includes all tools and checklists needed to keep you on track
  • It offers fantastic value for money, considering how affordable the program is
  • It is backed by excellent customer support

What’s Not To Like About Cinderella Solution?

Like any program, course or regimen, there are a few drawbacks to Cinderella Solution as well.

  • It takes commitment and discipline to stick with the plan
  • It will take a few weeks to start seeing results, so don’t give up
  • It’s designed particularly for women, and men may not find it as helpful

Who Would Benefit Most From This Program?

The Cinderella Solution is ideal for women in their 30s and beyond who want to shed an extra 10 pounds or more. But it can be used by women of any age at all.
It’s a great fat loss choice for women who have

  • tried to lose weight before, but without success
  • lost weight but then put it back on again
  • lost interest in counting calories but want to be thin
  • a desire to lose weight fast
  • discipline and commitment to stick with a diet plan

If you’ve grown tired of eating only veggies, but are still hopeful of being able to return to your shapely, slender, fit form, then you owe it to yourself to at least give Cinderella Solution a try.
After all, you’re covered under a super-special…

Cinderella Glass Slipper Guarantee

Try out the program for 60 days, and if you are not 100% completely satisfied with the numbers you see on the scale, and if your health isn’t dramatically restored in record time, Carly promises to give you back every penny… without any questions.

In Summary

This Cinderella Solution review set out to address your major questions about the program – and give you enough information to make a decision about trying it out.
I hope you’re convinced that this is a common sense program based on sound principles of nutrition and exercise, structured with a special focus on women in their 30s and beyond, who want to lose 10 pounds of weight or more.
It could be a good solution to your expanding waistline and of added appeal are the affordable price and excellent coaching offered by an inspiring and energetic coach.

Try it out – risk free. Visit the official website today.

To your happy weight loss journey,
P.S. – And as I said earlier, even if you’ve decided NOT to buy the program, check out this page because you won’t find a more inspirational story than Carly Donovan’s.

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