Omron Fat Loss Monitor

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor helps you get accurate fat loss measurements in less than 10 seconds!

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By calculating and keep track of your body mass index and body fat percentage, you’ll have a good idea of your overall fitness level.

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor is a great way to get an indication of your overall health and fitness. Most fitness and fat loss programs focus on monitoring your body fat composition.

With the hand held Omron fat loss monitor you can quickly and conveniently analyze your body fat level, right from home.

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How It Works

The measurement of body fat percentage with this monitor is easy. Pop the data into your Omron monitor, grab the electrodes on your device, and press ‘Start’.

In just 7 seconds flat, you’ll get a readout of your results, which is based on calculating your body mass index (BMI) using bioelectric impedance technology.

You can measure body fat percentage in different ways like:

* caliper measurements
* hydrostatic testing
* bioelectrical impedance

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor works on the bioelectrical impedance principle. Electrodes on two handgrips measure the electrical resistance between electrodes and use it along with your age, gender and body weight to compute your fat percentage.

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor operates in two modes, one of them better suited for athletes, and the other for non-athletes. The device itself comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty against damage or malfunction. Two AAA batteries are included.

Why Monitor Body Fat?

More than even total body weight, your body fat percentage is a better indicator of good health and fitness.

And if you’re trying to lose weight, then tracking your BMI and fat percentage will tell you if you’re actually trimming fat or if your weight loss is due to other things (like losing body water content or muscle mass).

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How Accurate Is A Fat Loss Monitor?

The device provides reasonably accurate readings of body fat percentage and most users of the Omron Fat Loss Monitor are happy with it, even though it underestimates fat percentage calculations when compared to using calipers.

Not only is it easy to use, you also have the option to store data from 9 different people in the device’s memory. This makes the Omron Fat Loss Monitor an easy way to benchmark your BMI and monitor it over the period of your exercise or diet program. It then becomes an index of progress towards your fat loss goals.

Limitations and Restrictions

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor isn’t a very sophisticated instrument that can give you very detailed or precise recordings.

There is a small margin of error (2% to 4% according to the manufacturer) that won’t matter for most people who use it to monitor fat loss over time. In fact, for the convenience and ease offered by the Omron analyzer, most happy users don’t seem to mind the small margin of error.

Those who might notice a bigger variation in body fat percentage are:

  • bodybuilders and pro athletes
  • growing children
  • pregnant ladies
  • elderly users
  • people on dialysis
  • post-menopausal women
  • those with osteoporosis

As with any device measuring impedance, being hydrated improves the quality of your results. Also, comparisons should be drawn on measurements made at the same time of the day and under similar conditions.

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor cannot be used safely if you have a pacemaker or other implanted devices.

Learn more about the Omron Fat Loss Monitor here


  • It’s easy to use and quick
  • It’s convenient and small sized (weights just 13 ounces)


  • The accuracy isn’t perfect, with both over- and under-estimates of body fat as compared to other methods like calipers and the hydrostatic technique.

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