Crash Diets : Are They Good For Rapid Fat Loss… Or Just Dangerous Fads?

Crash diets are great; crash diets are deadly; crash diets are worthless. Opinions span this spectrum. But what’s the truth? Are they really good for rapid fat loss?

Crash diets

What are good crash diets worth when it comes to rapid fat loss?

Well, effective crash diets should help you shed fat while eating real food – and without having to work out for hours every day.

Discover the truth about secret warp speed crash diets that will get you a dream body – fast!

“I need to lose weight quickly!”

It’s an anguished cry for help that rings loudly across geography and ages, becoming a universal demand of the overweight and obese. Crash diets are your ready solution.

Let’s face it. Being fat sucks!

Carrying around extra fat is bad for your body. It’s not just that your physical appearance leads to self-image problems that affect all aspects of your life. There’s also the added health disadvantage of being above ideal body weight.
Together, they are significant.

But Is Quick Fat Loss Even Possible?

You’ve probably heard the regular advice of all crash diets – to cut calories, exercise for an hour or two every day, and punish your body in several other ways if you want to lose weight.

You might have even tried a few crash diets – and failed.
It’s frustrating.

It’s also unnecessary. Because there’s a scientific approach to fast fat loss diets that simply works for everyone.

How can you make crash diets work?

By getting your body ‘fat adapted’.

You should do this first, and only then control calorie intake.

That way, you can ensure that your body breaks down stored fat to meet energy needs.

When you follow crash diets consistently, the results will often be impressive.

Who Should Go On Crash Diets?

Sustained and gradual fat loss is desirable for most people.

But maybe you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait for results. If so, try fast fat loss diets – but only if you meet some conditions.

1. Are you significantly overweight?

Crash diets can help you quickly shed extra pounds… but only if you already have them.

Obese and badly overweight dieters will definitely benefit from this protocol. Others may not.

2. Is your kidney and liver function normal?

If you don’t know the answer, get a medical opinion before you go on crash diets.

When you try to lose weight fast, dangerous toxins could build up in your body unless they are excreted efficiently.

3. Can you follow instructions?

Rapid fat loss requires discipline. Many diet programs and protocols are carefully tailored to be safe and effective.

But unless you carry out the steps strictly and faithfully, you could derail your metabolism and even face health hazards.

4. Are you a man?

I know this will sound unfair, but women find it harder to lose fat rapidly.

It’s not your fault. Blame your hormones, if you must. And short or small-frame ladies are at a greater disadvantage.

No, rapid fat loss through crash diets isn’t impossible if you’re a woman – it’s just a little harder.

If you meet all these criteria, then try crash diets.

Plan Your Rapid Fat Loss Diet

Mediterranean diet - No limits
So you’ve decided to try and lose weight fast, and set yourself an ambitious goal of shedding 5 lbs in a week.

How do you go about it?

Step 1: Begin a regular diet

Too often, those who desire rapid fat loss are yo-yo dieters who flit from one plan to another. Or stick with crash diets only for a few days before giving up.

That doesn’t work well.

The fault is usually with the diet you choose. If you have to give up almost everything you enjoy and like to eat, it’s hard to stick with the plan for long.

When you switch to crash diets that are more realistic and let you eat a combination of nutrient-rich fats, some protein and plenty of vegetables, you’ll find it easier to continue.

So the first step for rapid weight loss is to go on a good diet for a week or two, so that you

  • can be regular and develop discipline
  • will build up reserves of nutrients
  • restore your hormonal balance

This period of crash diets can also be a chance to have a medical evaluation including tests of liver and kidney function, and blood levels of Vitamin D and cholesterol.

Step 2: Start your crash diets

The intense dieting phase comes next. During this time, you’ll strictly follow a program of your choice.

A good option is Shaun Hadsall’s “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan” since it combines healthy eating with disciplined workouts.

Another option is a cyclical ketogenic crash diet which can help you lose fat quickly without too many metabolic problems that are a part of very low calorie diets.

Cyclical ketogenic crash diets are ones with a ketogenic phase of 6 days followed by a day of re-feeding with high carbohydrate intake.

In addition to carefully controlling the kind of food you eat, any warp speed fat loss diet plan will involve other concepts like regular exercise, adequate sleep, and an abundant intake of water.

Step 3: Take Supplements

The danger with most crash diets is that they ignore your dietary requirements of minerals, trace elements, vitamins and other accessory nutrients.

These are essential for good health and effective fat metabolism. So taking supplements is an important part of crash diets in your rapid fat loss plan.

  • Vitamin D3 – an adult requires 100 IU per kilogram of body weight, and your dosage will also depend upon blood levels when you begin your diet
  • Magnesium and Potassium – these are essential minerals which can be deficient in a quick weight loss diet plan and require supplementation
  • Fish oil – rich in omega 3 fatty acids, a capsule of krill oil daily is helpful
  • Vitamin C – standard daily requirements of 1 to 2 grams three times daily must be met through supplements
  • Aminoacids – certain diets will require an extra intake of branch chain aminoacids which are essential for fat metabolism and digestion

Other specific add-on supplements might be necessary with fat burning diets, depending upon the type of rapid fat loss program you follow.

Crash Diets : What Should You Expect?

1200 Calorie Diet - Sunday
During the early part of any new crash diets, there will be many changes that you’ll need to make. Your body may take a while before it adapts to these modifications.

In the meantime, you may feel very hungry from time to time. Eat extra meals until your body gets used to the new situation.

Headaches due to toxin build up in your body can be a nuisance.

But quickly, as your metabolism gets accustomed to a lower calorie intake and blood sugar levels, you’ll start feeling good. Your energy levels will improve and you’ll no longer miss the foods you once craved so badly.

And the best news comes when you stand on your weighing scales a week or two after beginning your crash diets… and watch the pounds melt off!

In the first week itself, you may be pleasantly surprised to find yourself weighing 3 to 5 pounds less.

This early rapid fat loss won’t continue for much longer, though.

You’ll hit a plateau which lasts a few days or weeks. Then the weight loss will resume again, but in fits and bursts. That’s why you shouldn’t get obsessed with weighing yourself daily while on crash diets and expect to see regular changes.

At any time during a rapid fat loss diet program, if you feel unwell, weak or sick, please stop the program and seek medical help.

Set Reasonable Rapid Fat Loss Targets

weight loss calculators
If you want to lose weight quickly, don’t have unrealistic expectations.

Here are some tips for going on crash diets.

1. Losing a pound or two every week is ideal and practical. Anyone serious about it can shed 3 pounds a week with a rapid fat loss diet. But it will take a lot of discipline and strenuous workouts.

2. The more extra fat you’re carrying around, the easier it will be to lose it – but as you grow leaner, it gets harder to burn off more. That’s why crash diets are very effective shortly after you start with them.

3. Rapid fat loss is more about developing a different lifestyle than just dropping a few pounds only to gain them back again.

Develop good eating and exercise habits. Change your behavior more permanently. This will help you more in the long run than any fast fat loss diets.

4. For the best results with weight loss you should follow a professionally structured program like ’14 Day Rapid Fat Loss’ which is comprehensive and covers the various elements of crash diets and a successful fat loss plan.

Your Crash Diets Playbook

If you’re in a position where you need rapid fat loss diets to drop weight quickly, you should definitely consider a structured fat loss plan.

It will be your best chance to lose weight rapidly without any health risks or hard work. Such programs cover all the important elements of crash diets for warp speed fat loss – and more.

Quick fat loss isn’t a vain hope or fond dream.

And rapid fat loss crash diets aren’t fads or hype.

Thousands like you have enjoyed the benefits of quickly getting rid of extra fat by following a program. The important thing is to make sure that you don’t take any risks with your health and wellbeing just to achieve rapid fat loss.

Your journey to a healthier and fitter body should be pleasant and comfortable. Keep that in mind as you evaluate different crash diets and make your choice.

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