How To Lose Lower Belly Fat : The Hidden Secrets That Melt Stubborn Belly Fat… Exposed!

Discover how to lose stomach fat fast… A simple, safe, sustainable system that shows you how to lose lower belly fat.

How to lose lower belly fat

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How to lose lower belly fat easily?

Everyone wants a flatter stomach, and the question most of us ask is, “What can I do about this stubborn, pesky roll around my tummy?”

Well, for a start, you must be aware that there’s no magic formula for attaining a flat stomach.

The major precondition of losing lower belly fat is a complete change of lifestyle. And although most of us want to lose belly fat to improve our looks, the main aim is to stay healthy.

So let’s talk about how to lose lower belly fat.

To begin with, all the steps involved in this process can be broadly classified into three groups:

  • kick-start metabolism
  • exercise for fat-loss
  • diet to lose belly fat

Kick-Start Your Metabolism

The first step on your journey on how to lose lower belly fat is to look at all the possible ways to boost your metabolism and burn off more fat.

Luckily enough, there are several ways to do it.

Eat Breakfast

1200 Calorie Diet - Thursday
For long, people have been misled by a common misconception… that you should starve yourself in order to lose weight.

But that’s not in any way true, especially when it comes to breakfast.

As a matter of fact, a recent study clearly showed that taking breakfast an hour after you’ve woken up helps to keep your insulin level steady and helps your body to lower the level of LDL cholesterol.

All you have to do to keep your metabolism at par is to develop the habit of eating your breakfast at a specified time every day.

Ensure that your breakfast menu contains a lot of proteins as well as high fiber foods, with minimal amounts of sugary foods or carbohydrate.

Stay Hydrated

Drink Water
Several studies have supported water as one of the most effective ways of enhancing metabolism.

Apart from that, water also helps the body to flush out toxins in order to improve your overall health.

It’s advisable to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily, and a glass of water every time you wake up in the morning.

Exercise To Lose Lower Belly Fat

All effective tips on how to lose lower belly fat, must in one way or another mention exercise.

And in this case, we insist on one thing above all else…

Do the Right Exercise

Exercise - how to lose fat
Some of the exercises people insist on are worthless.

First of all, understand that for effective results you must learn how to work-out in short bursts. For instance, run as fast as you can for a minute, and then slow down and start walking. Repeat this every 10 minutes for at least an hour.

Alternatively, you could set up a stationary bike or a treadmill for interval training, and that will definitely help you with losing belly fat.

Skip Crunches

Crunches may be necessary in building strong abdominal muscle, but are not recommended when it comes to how to lose belly fat.

As a matter of fact, crunches may make your stomach appear bigger once you start developing bigger abs. To involve your core muscles, try doing the

  • bridge,
  • squats or
  • stretching sideways by the waist.

Diet To Lose Lower Belly Fat

The last yet very important step on how to lose lower belly fat is to get familiar with the right types of food to include in your diet… as well as the what foods you should avoid at all cost!

To begin with, unless you limit the amount of calories you eat, you’ll never lose belly fat.

And the best way to do this is to try and keep a calorie journal. This journal will help you to calculate the amount of food you consume in a day, and there are several online calorie calculators that can help you estimate the right amount of calories in each type of food.

It’s advisable that you restrict your intake to about 2000 calories a day.

Finally, you should try to substitute your diet with foods that are actually rich in soluble fiber. Good examples of such foods include oats, apples, cherries, as well as split pea soup.
In addition, try replacing saturated fats with good fats like nuts, avocados, soybeans, chocolate and seeds.

Some conventional food products like margarine, cookies and crackers are popularly known for containing high amounts of trans-fats and hydrogenated oils. These add abdominal fat and should be strictly restricted from your diet if you want to lose lower belly fat.

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So, How To Lose Lower Belly Fat?

how to lose belly fat
You want to trim your tummy and know how to lose lower belly fat.

But first, let’s take a real close look at why you should be worried about lower belly fat at all.

For many men and women, the quest for how to lose lower belly fat is driven by cosmetic reasons.

A tire around your tummy looks unsightly, even ugly. Flat, six-pack abs are sexy and attractive. Wanting to swap one for the other is only natural.

But that isn’t the big problem.

You ought to worry about more than how to get rid of lower belly fat because of its deadly effect on your health. Most of the dangerous stuff goes on beneath the surface, unseen.

What Is The Real Danger of Lower Belly Fat?

Everyone has stomach fat… even when they have flat abs.
Men, on average, have 43.2 pounds of fat. Most of it is deep inside the tummy, forming a layer over the various organs inside your abdomen.

This belly fat serves many functions. It cushions the viscera and acts as an energy source during periods of stress and starvation.

But deep belly fat can become dangerous when it increases beyond normal limits. That’s why you should learn how to get rid of belly fat.

Overeating and obesity causes more visceral fat to accumulate.

This fat is metabolically active. It releases proteins called lipokines which are harmful and cause inflammation. It leads to high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, breast cancer and colon cancer.

To actually measure how much visceral fat is in your body, you need a CT scan or MRI.

But a quick shortcut to estimate your deep belly fat content is to measure your girth with a tape around your waist, at the top of your hip bones (level of your belly button).

The healthy normal limit is 35 inches in women and 40 inches in men.

Broadly speaking, a pear shape (bigger hips and thighs) is better than apple shape (wider waistline).

The same factor (inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle) that causes fat deposition around your waist also leads to visceral fat layering. The key for how to lose lower belly fat is to become more active.

How To Lose Lower Belly Fat – And Do It Fast?

You must understand the metabolic changes that control how to lose lower belly fat before you can do it effectively.

Whenever there is a spike in your blood cortisol levels, it will add more fat to your belly. Stress causes cortisol levels to rise. A bad diet worsens the situation.

In combination, these lead to deposits of fat around your waist as well as an increased deposition of visceral fat.

So how to lose lower belly fat?

The most effective system involves 4 main steps:

  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Sleep
  • Stress Management

1. Exercise

Increase physical activity. It is the best way to lose stomach fat fast.

Research has proven that 178 minutes of moderate cardio exercise every week prevents visceral fat deposition.

As a general goal, you should

  • Aim for a target of 10,000 steps daily.
  • Take the stairs instead of an elevator.
  • Walk rather than drive a car.
  • Use a standing desk, or treadmill desk, if your work is sedentary.

To be most effective, exercise must

  • be vigorous,
  • last at least 30 minutes, and
  • be done 5 days a week.

Walking - and how to lose stomach fat
Walking is an excellent choice. While walking, your heart rate should be faster, and you should be breathing harder.

Jogging is better still at losing belly fat, for those who are fit enough for it. Vigorous workouts on exercise bikes or ellipticals is also effective.

Interval training is good to lose belly fat, with short bursts of exercise boosting your metabolism and burning off calories for upto 16 hours longer.

Try and engage multiple muscle groups in your workout sessions. Cardio fitness is also important and mixing in cardio workouts is smart when it comes to how to lose belly fat.

Resistance training to build muscle mass also is also helpful with how to lose lower belly fat.
Lift weights - how to lose fat
Lift weights a few times every week. Crunches are not as important as core muscle training exercises like the bridge, plank, or squats.

Formal exercise sessions or visits to the gym are not always required. You can achieve similar results through regular household activities like:

  • Raking leaves
  • Walking
  • Gardening
  • Playing with kids (games like soccer or basketball)
  • Dancing

If you have not been very active for a while, make sure that you check with your doctor on how to lose belly fat before starting any kind of fitness or exercise program.

How To Lose Stomach Fat With Better Diet

When people ask about losing belly fat, they hope to learn of a magical diet to miraculously melt away fat deposits around their waists.

Well, sorry to disappoint you.

There’s no magic diet for losing lower belly fat.

However, it is true that belly fat is the first to melt off with any kind of effective diet.

Watch your calories

A 3500 calorie deficit will lose 1 pound of fat. Start your diet with 2200 calories (men) or 2000 calories (women).

Maintain a food diary and record all that you eat in a day. Use weight loss calculator to compute your overall calorie intake per day.

Don’t skip meals

Eat your breakfast daily. Include more protein in breakfast, because it will take longer to process and leave you feeling full through the morning.

Eat frequently (every 3 hours) but consume smaller meals or snacks.

Fiber is important

1200 Calorie Diet - Meal Plan
When it comes to losing stomach fat, a good goal to shoot for is 10 grams of soluble fiber per day.

This can come from

  • 2 small apples,
  • a cup of green peas,
  • half cup pinto beans,
  • high fiber bread,
  • oats, or
  • cherries.

Gradually increase the amount of fiber in diet until you notice belly fat dropping off.

Sugar is your enemy

Eat foods with a low glycemic index to avoid glucose highs.
Load up on protein, vegetables (like kale, lettuce, broccoli, beans, lentils, and chickpeas), and whole grains.

Avoid processed grains.

Whole grain, 5 servings of fruit/vegetables, 3 servings of low-fat dairy and 2 servings of low-fat fish, meat or poultry can melt away belly fat.

Read food labels

Avoid high-fructose corn syrup foods. Include cinnamon in your coffee or oatmeal. It slows stomach emptying and you feel fuller for more time.

Eat more good fat

Upto 25% of your daily calories should come from MUFA (mono-unsaturated fatty acids) like

  • vegetable oil,
  • rapeseed oil,
  • olives,
  • avocados,
  • nuts and
  • olive oil.

Omega 3 fatty acid sources like salmon, avocado and walnuts are also good choices for how to lose belly fat.

You can snack on pine nuts half an hour before meals to avoid overeating.

  • Avoid foods with trans fats like margarine, cookies, crackers and food cooked with hydrogenated oil.
  • Dark chocolate (low in sugar) packed with zinc is good for melting belly fat.
  • Limit yourself to one or two drinks a day. Alcohol is digested into sugar, which is converted by your body into fat.
  • Avoid late night snacks before going to bed. Munch on an apple or other fruit, if you must.

Drink plenty of water

On the issue of how to lose belly fat, dehydration can be deadly to your weight loss plans.

You need at least 8 glasses (64 oz) of water every day to meet your body’s metabolic needs.

Avoid sugary drinks like soda and carbonated beverages.

Two cups of green tea, rich in catechins, will help burn off visceral fat.

Ensure your intake of trace elements

1200 Calorie Diet Plan For Week
Calcium requirements can be met through dairy products like 6 ounces of low-fat Greek yoghurt daily.

Here is a short list of abs diet superfoods:

  • Oatmeal
  • Almonds and nuts
  • Protein powder
  • Olive oil
  • Berries
  • Eggs
  • Beans and legumes
  • Lean meat and fish
  • Whole grain
  • Peanut butter
  • Green vegetables
  • Dairy
  • Avocado
  • Green tea
  • Parmigiano cheese
  • Cannellini beans

How To Burn Belly Fat – In Your Sleep

Do you want to learn how to lose stomach fat in your sleep… amazing as it may sound?

The importance of getting enough sleep is usually under-estimated by people trying to lose weight. It sounds strange to answer the question, “How to burn belly fat?” by saying “Sleep well” – but it’s actually very good advice.

Sleep helps your body

  • rest and recover from the stress of a day’s work,
  • restores metabolic processes to normal and
  • ensures normal cortisol level fluctuation.

All of this works with other efforts – diet, exercise and stress control – to lose stomach fat.

So don’t work late every day. You need 6 to 7 hours of restful sleep every night to function at peak efficiency. That’s also how to lose stomach fat easily and more effectively.

Fewer than 5 hours of sleep, or more than 8 hours, will be counter-productive and paradoxically increases visceral fat.

In addition, biorhythm disturbances can cause eating disorders and sugar craving. So when someone asks you how to lose belly fat, urge them to grab some zzzz’s.

Keep distracting and stressful things away from the bedroom. Mobile phones, TV and computers can interfere with restful sleep.

How To Lose Stomach Fat With Better Stress Management

Everyone faces stress. That itself isn’t the problem.

Handling stress levels well is more important when it comes to learning how to lose stomach fat.

Set aside time to relax, such as taking 15 minutes on a lunch break when you’ll just close your eyes, breathe deeply, and temporarily forget about the stresses of your day.

Some excellent ways to reduce stress and teach your body how to lose lower belly fat are:

  • Relax with friends and family.
  • Meditate regularly.
  • Breathe slowly.
  • Become aware of your breathing and consciously slow it down, hold for few seconds and exhale slowly.
  • Seek counselling for anger management and other emotional stress.
  • Blow off steam through exercise.

Take Vitamin C supplements that can help balance cortisol spikes. Kale, kiwi fruit and orange are good sources of dietary vitamin C that will help you lose stomach fat.

How To Lose Stomach Fat – Forever

how to lose belly fat
Keep track of your efforts to lose stomach fat fast.

It’s very important to stay motivated and stick with your program for long enough to see results.

Take important measurements like your weight, waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio at regular intervals.

This will show if what you’re doing is working or not.

How to measure your waist to hip ratio?

  • Wrap a tape measure around the thinnest part of your waist and record the measurement.
  • Repeat this with the widest part of your hips.
  • Divide the first by second number to arrive at your waist to hip ratio.

For women, this should be 0.8 or below. For men, it should be 0.9 or below.

Measure your waist to hip ratio frequently as you implement changes to get rid of belly fat.

Also record your weight, taking care to weigh yourself at same time daily. Most people prefer to do it the first thing in the morning, before breakfast.

To Get Rid of Belly Fat, Stay Motivated

How to lose lower belly fat
Nothing worth achieving ever happens instantly – or easily… and that’s true even when you aim to get rid of belly fat. As you try to lose lower belly fat, you may not see quick results.

Be persistent

The changes will happen as long as you stick with a regular program. How to lose belly fat? S-l-o-w-l-y.

Team up with a partner for accountability

Join groups of weight watchers for mutual feedback and encouragement as you get rid of belly fat.

The support of peers can keep you on track, even when you are tempted to throw up your hands and give up.

Focus on the dangers of belly fat

Keep the bigger picture in mind. You are working on a plan to get rid of belly fat because you’re interested in having a better looking figure – but also because of the deadly dangers of excessive visceral fat.

Because you have a serious reason to stick with the program, you will be motivated to keep going.

Join a belly fat loss program

Being a part of a structured fat loss program with regular, step-by-step guidance, can make it easier to get rid of belly fat.

You will have a sequence to follow and an expert coach or mentor available to address concerns, answer questions and help you overcome any hurdles when it comes to how to lose belly fat.

One of the best programs is Shaun Hadsall’s “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan” – you can learn more about it here.

Bottom-line – How to Lose Lower Belly Fat

Here’s how to lose lower belly fat – quickly and permanently…

1. Eat a Balanced calorie-controlled diet
2. Exercise an hour every day
3. Minimize stress levels
4. Get enough sleep

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How To Lose Stomach Fat – And No, It’s Not A Walk In The Park

So you’d like to lose those rolls of fat around your middle. Get rid of those pesky love handles forever.

You’re willing to put in effort, take some pain and discomfort, to get back your trim waistline.

But the truth is – losing lower belly fat isn’t quite so easy.

It’s important, for more than just appearance’s sake.

Belly fat is a marker of a more serious problem – deeper visceral fat around your internal belly organs, which releases chemicals that can cause diseases like heart problems, cancer and diabetes.

And a strict diet alone doesn’t always work to get rid of belly fat.

Here are some reasons why you may find it hard to lose belly fat.

1. Age is a factor

As your body ages, your rate of metabolism drops.

Since your tissues consume less energy to perform activities, fat in the food you eat tends to accumulate in stores around your waist, thighs and butt.

In women, menopause worsens this situation because of hormonal variations that throw wrench into the internal workings of your cells.

This leads to more belly fat accumulation thanks to a relative increase in testosterone compared to estrogen and progesterone.

2. Working out – in the wrong way

how to lose belly fat
Some exercises help build stamina and improve overall health.

Cardio exercise is excellent for these purposes. But it isn’t very effective at ridding your body of belly fat.

A combination of weights/resistance training and aerobic exercise as well as specific routines for tightening abdominal muscles is the ideal combination for losing belly fat.

(For more detailed workouts designed to lose inner thigh fat and lower belly fat, check out the “14 Day Fat Loss Plan“.

3. Eating processed foods

Refined foods are rich in sugar or corn syrup, which leads to a general inflammation response. This in turn enhances storage of body fat around the hips and thighs.

Antioxidant-rich foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grain are protective against this inflammation and can help with losing belly fat.

4. Consuming wrong fats

Fats rich in monounsaturated fatty acids are healthy and will not cause belly fat deposition.

But saturated and trans fats are bad for your body. This is the kind found in meat and dairy products and lead to weight gain.

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5. Not working out enough

To melt belly fat, your workouts must be fast paced and hectic, even if brief.

Low intensity exercise is not quite as effective. Effective workouts for losing belly fat involve hard and fast activity for short bursts of time.

Repeating these routines many times in a day can speed up the fat loss process.

6. Insomnia

Sleep and rest are good for lowering blood levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that is responsible for surplus dietary fat to be deposited around the belly.

By altering fat metabolism, a lack of adequate sleep can make you fat and unfit. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep at night can help you lose belly fat.

7. Being stressed

Financial, work-related or domestic stress can wreak havoc on your body.

When you function under high-stress conditions, you tend to eat more, prefer unhealthy ‘comfort’ foods, and alter your internal hormone levels in a manner that increases fat deposits around your middle.

Cortisol plays an important role in this.

8. Lack of motivation

Losing belly fat is hard work. And you must be committed to doing what it takes for as long as it takes.

For many, losing weight is just an idle dream.

They are not serious about working out or changing their dietary habits permanently. As a result, they may drop a few pounds but quickly add them back on.

Being motivated and inspired to stick with any regimen for fat loss vastly increases your chance of succeeding at it.

9. You have the wrong genes

Some people are genetically predisposed to putting on weight around their middle than on their hips and thighs. If you are one of them, getting rid of belly fat can be harder work, though not impossible.

Knowing the reasons behind why it’s so hard to lose belly fat is helpful in avoiding those which can be modified and accepting the factors that are out of your control.

Regardless of anything else, a healthy diet and regular exercise workout routine can help shed extra pounds and help with losing belly fat in almost everyone who sticks with it.

While losing lower belly fat is easy when you follow these tips, there are other things that make up a healthy figure.

It’s a good idea to follow an integrated fat loss program that will also guide you about how to eat healthy, develop more muscle and lose weight in a manner that is sustained over the long term.

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Handy Tips On How To Lose Lower Belly Fat

How to lose lower belly fat?

Your lower belly is one of the body parts that pose immense challenges when you are trying to lose weight.

This vexing region is the bane of anyone who has struggled to lose weight. You’ve toned up and done everything right, but cannot seem to shift that stubborn lower belly fat.

That little belly bulge stands between you and a flat stomach, and it can be tricky.

The good news is that it is fixable.

Here are a few handy tips on how to lose lower belly fat.

1. Do Cardiovascular Exercises

Running - how to lose fat
Cardiovascular workouts speed up and enhance your body’s ability to burn fat by revving up the metabolism.

A study conducted by Duke University found that people who engage in moderate cardio for 178 minutes per week hardly gained visceral fat over a period of 8 months.

Participants who engaged in higher intensity cardio workouts, such as jogging, for a similar amount of time experienced better results than the moderate participants.
As surplus fat comes off your body, it will also melt away from the belly area since body fat is like one large continuous organ spread out all over your body.

Walking is one of the highly effective methods for people who are wondering how to lose lower belly fat, since it puts all your muscles to work.

As you walk, ensure that you swing your arms and contract the mid-section. To make walking highly effective you must maintain a brisk pace and sustain it for about 30 minutes to achieve the aerobic effect.

2. Eat Healthy Food

1200 Calorie Diet Plan
As the popular saying goes, abs are built in the kitchen.
You may train hard and long to build muscular abs, but as long as you are eating junk food all day long, you can’t get rid of your belly fat.

So how to lose lower belly fat? You have to make lifestyle adjustments including the decision to eat healthy food.

Stop eating processed foods and seek out unprocessed raw stuff that’s healthier and more nutritious.

You need carbohydrates for energy. But do not fall into the common trap that many dieters do by eating more carbs than you need.

Extra carbs in the body are stored as fat, which is how you end up with belly fat.

Eating foods that have high protein content is an effective twist on how to lose lower belly fat.

Basically proteins produce thermic effects unlike other foods. As a result the body will burn more energy and process more proteins than it does when processing fat and carbohydrates.

3. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

If you drink alcohol daily, you might as well forget about losing lower belly fat.

Apart from what you eat, what you drink is critical to losing lower belly bulge.

Beer drinkers often have a belly shape characterized by fat and man boobs, which becomes more prominent as they grow older.

Apart from this, alcohol tends to stress your liver which has to work harder to get rid of toxins, reducing your body’s ability to build muscles.

4. Don’t Try To Focus On Your Belly Alone

People who are new to how to lose lower belly fat often get misled into believing that they can burn fat in the specific area they want… by engaging in a particular activity or exercise.

What they do not know is that when you lose fat, your body decides where it wants to lose it from… and in which order.
Unfortunately, the lower belly happens to be one of the last areas from which most people lose fat.

So there you have it.

If you intend to lose belly fat, you have to make lifestyle adjustments including nutrition and exercise to achieve overall fat loss.

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Experts Call This The Best Way To Lose Lower Belly Fat

What is the best way to lose belly fat?

Ask ten people and they’ll give you different answers.

But when you interview experts on fat loss, something interesting emerges. They all agree that there’s probably one “best way to lose belly fat” – and that’s a set of exercises.

But what really is the best way to burn belly fat?

Everyone loves the idea of having flat abs. Some people, desperate to shave off a few pounds of belly fat, are willing to do anything to achieve the body they have always desired.

They will willingly starve themselves, buy expensive supplements, and perform any exercises to lose belly fat, or try the latest fad diet that promises flat abs in just a matter of weeks.

Luckily, there is hope for them as belly fat is metabolically active and easy to lose – if you know the best way to lose belly fat.

While working out to get rid of belly fat can be helpful, proper nutrition also is an essential requirement. This means you’ve got to follow a low calorie diet. Otherwise belly fat might take quite some time to lose.

Let’s talk about the best way to lose lower belly fat – simple exercises you can do every day to burn off stubborn belly fat.

Before you do any of these, please talk with your medical advisor or coach to make sure you are fit and healthy to do them. Risking injury or serious complications is not worth losing those extra pounds. 


Bicycle exercise
The bicycle exercise has been widely regarded as one of the best ways to lose belly fat and is known to be very effective in shedding a few pounds fast. It works well because it targets the rectus and the oblique muscles of the abdominal wall.

To perform this fastest way to burn belly fat exercise properly, get into a supine position with fingers interlocking at the back of your head.

Now bring your knees to your chest, while at the same time lifting your shoulders off the ground.

With your head slightly raised off the ground and your hands supporting your head, slowly bring your left elbow to touch your right knee while keeping your left leg straight and slightly off the ground.

Switch sides and keep pedalling until you have completed 3 sets of 12 repetitions each. It’s the best way to lose belly fat.

Side Plank

Side Plank
The next exercise in our small collection that make up the best way to lose stomach fat is the side plank. Lie straight on your right side with your elbow beneath the shoulders, keeping the legs stacked.

Place your left hand on the right your left hip. Now lift your hips off the ground until where you are only supported on your forearms and feet. In this position, your body should be diagonal to the floor.

Hold for about 30 seconds before you lower yourself to the starting position. Repeat 10 times, then switch sides and do the same.

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Ball Crunch

Ball Crunch exercise
Of all the exercises considered the best way to lose belly fat, the ball crunch is one of the most effective. You need an exercise ball for this.

Lie on the ball with your lower back fully supported. Put your hand behind your head. Contract your abs, pulling the bottom of your ribcage towards your hips to lift your torso off the ball.

As you curl up, keep the ball stable, and then lower your back down to stretch your abs. Do 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

Vertical Leg Crunch

Vertical Leg Crunch
The vertical leg crunch is also among exercises making up the best way to lose belly fat. It’s among the most popular exercises to burn stomach fat.

It is similar to the leg crunch except the legs are straight up, with the knees crossed and hands placed beneath the head for support.

While at this position, contract your abs to lift your shoulders off the ground, keeping the legs in a fixed position to crunch.

Do 3 sets with 12 repetitions.

These exercises to lose lower belly fat can be very effective if done correctly and consistently.

While working on the best way to lose stomach fat, if you followed the instructions strictly, you should feel some pain in your abs within the first few days. Typically the pain will go away after a few more days.

The best way to lose belly fat comes from workouts done on a schedule and under the recommendation and guidance of an expert.

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How To Reduce Belly Fat – A Lady’s Guide

How to lose lower belly fat, women?

It’s easy – when you know the secret!

Apart from bones and muscle, our body has a significant percentage of fat.

Even those who are lean with flat abs have fat. It is part of your body’s composition and performs important functions.
But when the percentage of fat exceeds safe limits, it can lead to health problems. The excess fat sits around your belly and waist.

Let’s talk about how to lose lower belly fat for women through diet and exercise.

Belly Fat Is Your Enemy!

how to lose weight in a week
Fat produces nasty substances that affect your health.

Fat is deposited around the different organs of your body.

This deeper fat deposit called visceral fat is a problem even for otherwise thin people.

It causes health complications like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and certain types of cancer.

To know how much visceral fat you have, take a tape and measure your girth around the belly button. A woman should measure less than 35 inches around the waist and for a man the acceptable limit is 40 inches.

Higher abdominal fat is an indication of more visceral fat.

Those who are strict with their diet but don’t bother with exercise might still have visceral fat, and this increases their risk of several lifestyle related diseases and also cancer.

How To Lose Lower Belly Fat For Women

How to reduce belly fat for women? You can do this by watching your diet, activity, sleep and stress levels.


Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Less sleep disturbs your biorhythms and this in turn makes you tired and hungry.

You tend to eat more food. You also crave sugary and fried stuff. Lack of sleep triggers chemicals that make your body desire sugar and fatty food.

Adequate sleep, on the other hand, is the best way to lose belly fat for women.

According to a study on how to lose belly fat for women, those who sleep for 7-8 hours a night gained less visceral fat than those who slept for just 5-6 hours a night.

So plan to get your 7 hours of sleep every night.


Exercise is the best way to lose lower belly fat for women.

Instead of doing intensive exercise at a fixed time daily, try to spread out your activity all through the day. Be active by doing different things like climbing stairs, managing household tasks and walking to places.

Many folks work out in the morning or evening, and the rest of their day is spent sitting at their desks or lying on the couch. Plan an active lifestyle with a mix of various exercises to keep the fat burning all through the day.

Remember, when it comes to how to reduce belly fat, exercise is very important.

Climb stairs - how to lose fat
Even walking counts as an exercise as long as you walk fast enough to sweat, you breathe harder and your heart rate goes up. Jogging increases the intensity of exercise and you need to do it for only half the time of your daily walk.

Other things to do include some yard work, such as raking leaves, digging up the soil and getting an old style lawn mower to cut grass in the front yard.

There are many physical activities that you can do around the house that will get your heart pumping and burn off visceral fat.

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Another of the best ways to lose belly fat is to control what you eat.

Choose proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables to meet your dietary needs. A balanced and well-rounded meal stops hunger pangs and any intense cravings for high-sugar snacks and other unhealthy stuff in between meals.

Eating more of these fat burning foods is how to lose lower belly fat in women and men alike.

Include good fats like those found in avocado, olive oil and walnuts. Salmon and tuna are also great sources of good fat.

Sugar is your worst enemy when it comes to the fight against belly fat. Try to go off sugar for a week. Afterwards, you will notice that you crave sweets less.

The problem with eating sugar laden goodies is that it sets off triggers in your brain, which in turn craves more sweet stuff. When you avoid it completely, you’ll reset the threshold.

Include high-fiber food stuffs in your diet to help cut down on snacking.


Stress is a silent killer. Several diseases get triggered by high-stress levels in people.

Also, if you are suffering from health problems like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other problems stress can worsen and even kill you.

So get your stress under control. It’s the best way to lose lower belly fat.

Practice calm by adopting meditation and slowing down your pace.

Exercise also helps in tackling stress. Take up some form of activity that you love and you will find that stress goes down over time.

Now that you’re aware of how to reduce lower belly fat, it’s up to you to implement this knowledge and devise your own working system that will burn the fat off your belly – and then keep it away!

While you can follow these tips, there are several other things that make up a healthy figure other than just the amount of fat on specific parts of your body.

That’s why it is always a good idea to follow an integrated fat loss program that will also guide you about how to eat right, develop more muscle and lose weight in a manner that is sustained over the long term.

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