Motivation To Lose Weight : Where To Find It – And How To Sustain It Long Enough To Enjoy Fat Loss

Fat Loss Motivation

Research shows the motivation to lose weight is what drives successful weight loss. Yet most dieters struggle to find it. Here are 4 simple ways to find it… and keep it!

Lack of motivation to lose weight is responsible for more diet failures than anything else.
You start your weight loss journey, full of enthusiasm and excitement – but quickly run out of interest and inspiration.

  • Things don’t seem to go the way you expected.
  • It isn’t quite as easy to cut down on calories or will yourself to exercise every day.
  • And what’s even worse, the few pounds you struggled to shed come right back whenever you drop your guard!

That’s when you need a strong dose of motivation to lose weight.
You need encouragement, and maybe even some hand-holding from a supportive accountability partner, in order to hang in there and stick with the program.
Don’t let that upset you. You are not alone.

Many others have faced the same challenges with finding motivation to lose weight – just like you.

The hardships of weight loss, fitness or muscle gain are harsh indeed.
Your motivation to lose weight can help tide over these mini-crises along the path, and ensure that you don’t give up on your decision to improve your eating habits and enjoy a fit, slim figure.

1. Fix Your Mind, Then Your Body

Motivation to lose weight quote
Thin folks think thin.
They make staying slim and fit a mindset that they live every day. No wonder they don’t struggle to find motivation to lose weight!
No crash diets or fast diets for them, thank you.
By guarding what they eat and the things they do, thinner people remain that way – while the rest of us struggle with fat loss.
Here’s an example.
When you see a bar of chocolate, you probably imagine how it’ll taste in your mouth. The thinner folks imagine how it’ll look around their waist!

2. Surround Yourself With The Right Company

motivation to lose weight quotes
Unless your friends and family support you in your dietary habits, chances are you’ll fall off the wagon and indulge in excessive eating.
So that’s where to look first, if you’re seeking motivation to lose weight.
You don’t have to obsessively measure all that you eat using a weight loss calculator or worry about too much fat or oil in your food… if you have many others on board watching out for you.
But pick your team wisely and well.
No, it doesn’t mean you should choose only thin friends! But it does mean you must get them engaged and involved in your effort to change habits to lose weight.

  • Fit and active friends will get you off the couch and climbing stairs, going on walks and becoming more physically active.
  • Health conscious friends will limit your visits to fast food joints and get you eating organic and fat burning foods.
  • They’ll also give you much-needed motivation to lose weight.

Motivation to lose weight
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3. Lack Motivation To Lose Weight? Don’t Blame Yourself

Everyone has phases when they get off track and regress to older habits.
That’s not unusual – and as long as you realize what’s happening and get back to healthy living, it’s alright.
Don’t debase yourself or be very harsh on your own self because you abandoned your diet for a week or went overboard with eating one evening. And don’t blame yourself for lacking motivation to lose weight.

The need for perfection is less important than the need for persistence.

Fat loss is a marathon race, not a sprint.
To keep you going, you’ll need a regular dose of motivation to lose weight along with some discipline and will power. It’s the same as with developing any healthy habit.
Practice makes perfect.
And it always takes time.

4. Eat Whatever You Want

motivation weight loss
As far as motivation to lose weight goes, this is the most effective.
Telling you to eat whatever you like, as long as you do it within reason and only when you’re hungry, will ensure compliance with your diet in the long run rather than being forced to only consume tasteless stuff that you hate!
Fat burning foods will help you lose weight.
There are so many types that you’ll certainly find some that you like. Eating more of them will help you with motivation to lose weight and make the process enjoyable.
This might sound like over-simplifying a complex problem.
But whenever you lose the motivation to lose weight, try them yourself. You’ll be delighted at how effective they are in getting you back on track.
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