Your Handy Guide To Effects of Fish Oil

Effects of Fish Oil

Omega 3 fats, the kind you see in good fish oil, has been shown to reverse heart disease, boost immune function, fight degenerative disease, help increase fertility, improve mental health and promote healthy skin.

A list of benefits from fish oil use, mostly related to their anti-inflammatory activity, includes protection from colon cancer, depression, asthma, menstrual cramps, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Fish oil lowers triglyceride levels and reduces heart disease risk.

But the body does not manufacture omega 3 fatty acids, and has to rely on dietary sources of this critical ingredient. And with dietary sources rarely being adequate to meet the need, often we have to use fish oil supplements.

One way that you can enjoy all the rich benefits of fish oil, without any risks or side effects, is to take fish oil capsules. As more people become aware of the many incredible benefits, fish oil use and sales of supplement capsules has soared.

3 grams a day of fish oil provides 1 gram of DHA and EPA, both of which are essential long-chain omega 3 fatty acids with numerous benefits to your body.

One study published in August 2000 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on post-menopausal women monitored their fish oil use and found that those who ate more of the omega 3 rich oil had 25% less risk of developing heart disease than those taking a placebo.

Omega 3’s role could be absolutely life-saving! In a report in the medical journal, JAMA, 20,000 men were followed for 11 years and found that those who use fish oil one or more times a week had a 50% reduced risk of sudden death from a heart attack – over the following 10 year period!

Here are some tips for safe and effective fish oil use:

* take your capsules with some fruit juice or a cracker to avoid fishy burps
* if you have any medical conditions, check with your doctor before you start
* in case you have side effects, lower the dosage or discontinue it for a while
* be consistent and regular in your fish oil use – daily is good
* choose the best brands with pure fish oil, not the cheapest or most hyped

Several brands use oil from fish caught in the cleanest and coldest waters, preferably those far from commercial shipping lines and industrialized countries where the highest risk of water contamination by wastes exists.

Making the capsules even safer is the practice of molecular distillation, a process that removes any mercury or other heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs and other contaminants.

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