How To Lose Belly Fat For Men – Male Fat Loss

How to lose belly fat for men?
One would imagine that losing belly fat was purely a feminine pursuit. But no, there are many asking how to lose belly fat for men.
The answer for both genders is essentially the same. Men can lose belly fat by getting the flab off – and keeping it off. And there are only two proven ways to achieve these goals… eating right and working out.
Are you ready to get serious learning how to lose belly fat men? Here are the steps to get you going.
1. Belly Toning Exercises Will Help
There are several exercises that strengthen your belly muscles and keep them firm and toned. The most popular among them are:
a. Squats.
Exercises for those seeking how to lose belly fat fast for men include squats as the mainstay of a routine workout. How to do squats? From the upright position, keep your feet slightly apart and bend at the knees, taking care to keep your back straight and your core tight.
The key is to keep your knees at or behind the level of your toes, so that you don’t lean forward to maintain balance. Go down as low as you can, until your thighs are horizontal and at right angles to your legs. Return back slowly to the starting position and repeat for 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps. This is excellent for how to reduce belly fat for men.
b. Lunges.
Lunges are also useful for how to lose belly fat men. With your feet split apart like scissors, bend your knees angling your back towards the floor. Hold your torso upright, engaging your abdominal muscles as you lunge. Do not lock your knees while you return back to the starting position, and carry dumbbells if you want to increase exercise intensity.
c. Lying Butt Bridge.
A third exercise for how to lose belly fat men is the lying butt bridge. Here’s how to do it.
Lying flat on the floor, raise your pelvis towards the roof to get a 45 degree angle between your thigh and your body. Return back to a flat position and repeat it 5 to 10 times, holding your core muscles tight. This is very effective when it comes to how to lose belly fat for men.
d. Back Kick.
The back kick is also helpful to lose belly fat men. Holding your core muscles taut and balancing on one leg, bend forwards while kicking the other leg up and backwards. Hold your body straight, feeling the tension in your hamstrings. Return slowly to starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg. This routine is excellent when it comes to how to reduce belly fat for men.
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2. Mix It Up With Cardio Workouts
Jogging, running, swimming and other aerobic exercise is a nice supplement to the lower body workouts that help how to lose belly fat for men. The benefit of aerobic exercise is that larger muscle groups are exercised leading to burning off many calories.
Since how to lose belly fat fast for men involves a general and overall loss of surplus fat reserves, this combination of calorie restricted diet and intensive cardio exercises can help get rid of excess fat from anywhere in the body.
3. Eating The Right Food
Some diet modification is mandatory for how to reduce belly fat for men. The changes may seem simple and modest, but their impact can be significant.
a. Avoid sugar and corn syrup.
Just eliminating sugar-rich drinks like soda, energy drinks and fruit juices with added sugar can help lose belly fat quickly. Avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water. At least 2 liters of water daily is recommended. Green tea is a good alternative with anti-oxidants for extra benefit.
b. Restrict carbs.
High carbohydrate diets rich in sugar releases insulin and that redistributes fat around the belly and thighs. Low carb diets avoid this cycle happening. Protein rich chicken and fish, leafy vegetables and cheese are good options.
c. Reduce calorie intake.
Limiting your food intake to 1500 calories a day is a good way to lose belly fat for men. This will lead to a weight loss of around 1 pound every week, with primarily fat deposits being melted off and used up for calories.
In this video you’ll see how to lose belly fat men through a combination of eating the right food and working out the smart way to lose hip and stomach fat.

As you’ve seen, it is neither complex nor difficult for men to lose belly fat by following this simple approach. All it takes is some discipline and persistence to lose belly fat.
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So, How To Lose Belly Fat For Men

Men often wonder how to lose belly fat. From a health standpoint, men with love handles around their tummies are at higher risk for diseases like diabetes and heart conditions than healthier counterparts.
Chubby tummies of childhood and teenage often vanish in adolescence as hormones kick in and young men take more pride in working out and looking good for the girls. But many regress back in middle age and then worry about how to lose belly fat for men.
It isn’t difficult to get rid of those tummy tires. You just need some changes to your lifestyle and you’ll start burning off belly fat fast.
If you don’t get rid of the fat, your other workouts will be less effective – and no one can see that sculpted ab when it’s buried under a layer of blubber. So get on your fat fighting mission with dedication and commitment. Here’s how to lose belly fat men, and enjoy a lean, healthy look once again.

Get Rid of Stress

Stress in your life releases hormones like cortisol. Among its other effects, cortisol dissolves fat from other areas and deposits them on the belly. It also conserves carbs in your diet to store away as fat cells around your tummy and thighs. This means the more stressed you are, the rounder you’ll get around your belly.

Eat Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps lower and counterbalance the spikes of cortisol that go with stress. It also builds up immunity and encourages fat burning by your body. By manufacturing more carnitine in your body, it helps turn fat into fuel preferentially over glucose or proteins.

Do Weight Training

The best way to lose belly fat for men is to train with weights. It increases insulin release and takes up glucose into cells, while gaining muscle through protein metabolism. A structured strength training program can both burn off excess belly fat and build more muscle.

Don’t Shun Fat

Healthy fats are important for your metabolism. Shunning all types of fat is not necessary. Omega 3 fatty acids in salmon, nuts and fish oil help muscle and brain development. Trans fats and saturated fats like butter and margarine are best avoided.

Balance Your Diet

Eating a mix of protein, carbs and fat is the best way to lose belly fat in men and keep it off in the long term. Grass fed beef, wild meats, salmon, fruits, vegetables, chicken breast and turkey are good sources of balanced nutrients and vitamins.

Sleep Well

Getting 8 to 10 hours sleep at night can reduce production of a hormone called ghrelin which causes sugar craving and alters hormone production. This in turn impacts glucose and cortisol levels, causing fat to pile up around your stomach. A good night’s rest can counter this effect and help how to lose belly fat men.

Start With Protein

Breakfast is an important meal you should never skip. Taking a protein rich meal in the morning can set the tone for your entire day and jumpstart your metabolism which helps to burn off more fat.
In addition to these simple lifestyle changes, you can try following a structured step by step plan like the “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan” for better and faster results.

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