Misleading Myths About Rapid Fat Loss

Rapid Fat Loss Myths

What To Eat, What To Avoid,
And How To Burn Fat Easily

“Eat this.”
“No, don’t. Eat that instead.”
“Oh, that’s so old hat. This diet is the latest.”
When it comes to diets for rapid fat loss, the claims fly fast and thick. It’s enough to make your head spin if you’re looking for tips and guidance on weight loss.
For years, even decades, talking heads have been spouting their favorite fail-safe fat loss tips and advice about how to lose weight. “Eat less fat and you’ll lose weight,” they said. That sounded sensible. As did the sage recommendations to stick with one of many fat loss workouts and exercise programs.
And so you starved yourself of your favorites – ice-cream and cake, pizza and pie, chocolate and cheese.
But look at what they’re saying now.
Eating fatty foods does NOT make you fat. But eating too many carbohydrates does!
What’s a poor ole ‘not-so-overweight-but-wanna-lose-fat’ someone like you – and me – to make of all the hoopla? All we want is fat loss programs that work. Are there any truly effective ways to lose weight?
That’s the question I set out to answer – and it led me to some fascinating research, interviews and data. After nearly 16 hours of study and analysis, I was led to some startling, even shocking conclusions.
It’s all in this report. What to eat. What to avoid like the plague. And how to burn fat – easily. But first, let’s shatter a long-standing myth about low-fat diets.

Rapid Fat Loss Myths


To Lose Weight, Eat More Fat!

Myth? NO!
Truth is often stranger than fiction. And in the endless fairytale folklore of fat loss literature, this is one more example.
In a paradigm-shifting study published in November 2014 in the journal ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’, doctors at Tulane University assigned 148 volunteers to eat either a low-carbohydrate (<40g/day) or a low-fat diet.
Surprisingly, they discovered that people in the low-carb group lost an average of 7.7 pounds more than the others – who ate LESS fat!
That’s right. Crazy as it seems, eating too many carbohydrates is what makes us fat. And cutting down on carbs can help us lose weight.
This doesn’t sound silly once you understand the science behind it.

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How Do Carbs Make Us Fat?

Adapting a high-carb, low-fat diet makes us hungrier. At the same time, it slows down our metabolism so that we burn off fewer calories. In a waistline-expanding double whammy, we eat more and use less.
The insulin released in response to our high carb intake now directs those extra calories to be stored for future use… in the form of fat around our middle!
That is why volunteers who lowered their carbohydrate consumption to 28% of total calories achieved almost three times more weight loss than others in the low-fat diet group, whose carb calories added up to 40-45 percent of the total. Overall calorie consumption was equal in both groups.

So, Should You Cut Down On Carbs?

Yes. The data supporting it is quite convincing.
Weight loss does not always need a low fat intake. By restricting carbs to under 30% of total calories, even a fat-rich diet that includes healthy saturated fat can help lose weight. Cutting down on carbohydrates alone can help burn off 150 extra calories in a day!
Other studies recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association even suggest that swapping to a low-carb eating pattern may lower the risk of stroke and heart attacks by a third.
In the mid-1990s, Dr.Willett from the Harvard School of Public Health showed that eliminating saturated fats from diets did not reduce heart attack risk. Newer data indicates that a low carb alternative might.
Only now are scientists beginning to understand better the complex relationship between carbs and heart disease. And here’s what they’re saying…

  • Stop being scared of fat.
  • Go easy on refined carbs.
  • Include healthy fat in your diet.
  • And no, the occasional burger probably won’t kill you!

That’s heartening news, for sure. But is there a way to tailor what you eat for rapid fat loss? Are there foods to help you burn fat quickly and safely? Indeed, there is.

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The 10 Best Foods for Rapid Weight Loss


Rapid Fat Loss Myths
Look at what the low-carb group ate in the Tulane experiment.Breakfast was eggs with high-protein bread and an oil spread or butter. For lunch and dinner, the dieters ate vegetable salads and protein (fish, chicken or some red meat). Generous portions of olive, canola and vegetable oil was permitted.
That’s not exactly ‘low fat’, isn’t it?
Still, they lost weight. And there’s a way to choose what you eat to achieve the same results… faster!
Studies on rapid fat loss show that certain foods can speed up your metabolism and accelerate weight loss. Nutritional genetics identifies how foods that burn fat act on your “fat genes”, switching them off to quickly shed extra pounds.
And that’s great, because when it comes to losing weight, everyone’s in a hurry! Who wants to plod along like a turtle, losing a pound or two every month? Nobody. Time’s a wasting. Summer’s just around the corner, and you want a trim tummy… yesterday!
Is that impossible? Not at all… if you choose these fat burning foods.
1. Green Tea
Drink 4 cups of green tea and exercise for half an hour daily, and you could drop six pounds within two months, like volunteers in an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study. Catechins speed up your metabolism, aiding rapid weight loss.
2. Egg Whites
Egg whites are a great to build muscle and shed fat. The high cholesterol content in yolks is a drawback, so eat whites only to avoid the downside of saturated fats.
3. Grapefruit
Scientists have long wondered at the fat burning effect of its phytochemicals. Eating half a grapefruit with meals raises your body’s ability to burn fat, Drinking grapefruit juice works just as well.
4. Hot Peppers
Hot peppers like jalapenos, chipotles and habaneros are excellent fat burning foods. Raw or cooked, powdered or dried, they contain capsaicin which warms up your body and helps melt off extra calories. Spice up your soups, sauces and meats with as much as you want!
5. Lean Meats
Proteins are highly thermogenic. A third of the calories you get are used up in digestion. Organic lean meats are best, since hormones and antibiotics in regular livestock interfere with weight loss. All-natural or grass-fed lean meats are also good options.
6. Legumes
A study from Spain found that people lost more weight on a 4-week calorie-restricted diet when served lentils, peas, beans or chickpeas four times a week. Legumes also lower bad cholesterol and supplement daily iron needs.
7. Oats
Rich in fiber, a breakfast of oats gives your metabolism a boost and reduces mid-morning snack cravings. And your cholesterol levels will drop, too.
8. Spices
They speed up metabolic rates, enliven your meals, and make them tastier. Mustard seeds are great for entrees. Ginger assists with digestion. Ginseng provides an energy wallop. Black pepper burns more calories. And turmeric breaks down dietary fat. It’s all good!
9. Quinoa
By swapping high-calorie food like potatoes and rice for the low-glycemic quinoa, you’ll enjoy weight loss along with vitamin supplementation.
10. Almond
A quarter cup of almonds before a workout beats a carbohydrate-rich snack, and brings down weight in just two weeks. In a study, those who continued for 6 months saw a 62% drop in weight and BMI. That’s nuts!
Are these the only fat burning foods for losing weight?
Of course not. In our free special report, you’ll learn about “16 More Fat Burning Foods” – pick it up from here… click now.
16 More Fat Burning Foods


By including these metabolism accelerators in your diet, you’ll quickly and reliably lose weight. But a few unhealthy food choices can neutralize their effect – and even reverse them.
So let’s talk about…



11 Terrible Food Choices If You’re Serious About Losing Weight


Rapid Fat Loss Myths

Many dieters are unaware of the danger of these foods. You won’t be one of them. Here are the 11 top items to avoid along your fat loss journey:
1. Chips. Calorie-rich and loaded with saturated fat, they are deadly because as the ad says “No one can eat just one!”
2. Margarine. The high trans-fat content raises blood cholesterol, worsening heart attack risk.
3. White Bread. Avoid it always. Opt for whole grain bread instead. Why? Little nutritional value, but a lot of sugar.
4. Artificial Sweeteners. They are supposed to have fewer calories – but actually make you hungry… so you end up eating more!
5. Sauces. It isn’t widely known that fructose-rich corn syrup adds 4 grams of sugar to a tablespoonful of ketchup!
6. Packaged Cookies. Even tiny single-serve packets contain enough sugar to exceed your carb quota if you’re careless.
7. Microwave Popcorn. Air-popped popcorn doesn’t contain as much salt, fat and calories as this popular snack.
8. Soda. Like any drink with sugar, an occasional soda won’t harm you – but make it a daily habit, and you’re in trouble!
9. Packaged Cereal. Check the label. Anything with over 8 grams per serving is bad. Many cereals have more sugar than a bar of chocolate!
10. High Energy Drinks. Loaded with sugar. What’s better? Plain water (with a squeeze of lime or orange) or iced green tea.
11. Breakfast Bars. Granola sounds healthy, but is actually full of oil and sugar. Choose fruit and nuts instead. Or make your own bars at home.

Now you know what to eat – and what to avoid – to lose weight. But sometimes, your weight loss efforts may hit a speedbump and slow down – or come to a complete halt. How to deal with that?

16 More Fat Burning Foods



Even If You Are Stuck On A Fat Loss Plateau!


Rapid Fat Loss Myths
You workout, eat right, do your cardio exercises… but you just can’t seem to lose weight any more. Nothing seems to work. It’s frustrating!
We’ve all been there before. Here are a few suggestions to kickstart your metabolism once again…
1. Cut 500 Calories
For a week, record all that you eat in a food journal. Add up your total calories. Then bring it down by 500 calories/day.
2. Add Proteins
Protein maintains muscle mass, keeps you satiated (so you won’t crave snacks), and burns more calories than carbs or fat. Eat 1 gram per pound bodyweight in the form of eggs, lean meat, yoghurt and protein powder.
3. Do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Add a day of HIIT workouts to your routine. 30 seconds each of a sequence involving push presses, pushups, squats and rows, broken up by 30 second rests, is very effective at burning fat.
4. Eat Healthy Fat
Make sure you get 30% or more of your caloric needs from healthy fats like butter, coconut oil, nuts and avocado.
5. Try Compound Exercises
Lower belly fat results from a drop in testosterone. Heavy total-body lifts that need intense effort will boost hormones and burn off stomach fat.
6. Drink Water
Even mild dehydration can interfere with weight loss. Sip water continuously from a bottle. You should drink at least a liter daily.
7. Restrict Carbs
Without carbs, you cannot workout or build muscle. But limit your carbs to the days of heavy workouts so they are used for muscle growth, not stored as fat.
8. Fast Intermittently
Complete fasting combined with exercise boosts insulin sensitivity, which utilizes extra calories to build muscle.
9. Take Fish Oil Supplements
Fat oxidation is better with fish oil supplementation, melting away fat while gaining muscle mass. Six grams daily of fish oil ensures the best effects.
10. Get Enough Sleep
Eight hours of rest at night speeds up fat oxidation and builds muscle. Sleep loss lowers growth hormone levels and increases stress.
Intermittent Fasting and Stubborn Body Fat – by Martin Berkhan for Lean Gains
The Super-fast Fat Loss Workout – by Ray Klerck for Men’s Health UK
25 Ways to Lose Weight Fast—And Burn Fat Even Faster – by Hallie Levine for Red Book Mag
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So there you have it. A formula for rapid weight loss that is effective, rooted in science, and based on natural fat burning foods.
Ignore the myths. Keep up with new developments in nutrition, physical training and food science. And enjoy the thrill of watching those pesky rolls of fat melt away and vanish – fast!
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