Misleading Myths About Rapid Fat Loss

Rapid Fat Loss Myths

What To Eat, What To Avoid,
And How To Burn Fat Easily

“Eat this.”
“No, don’t. Eat that instead.”
“Oh, that’s so old hat. This diet is the latest.”
When it comes to diets for rapid fat loss, the claims fly fast and thick. It’s enough to make your head spin if you’re looking for tips and guidance on weight loss.
For years, even decades, talking heads have been spouting their favorite fail-safe fat loss tips and advice about how to lose weight. “Eat less fat and you’ll lose weight,” they said. That sounded sensible. As did the sage recommendations to stick with one of many fat loss workouts and exercise programs.
And so you starved yourself of your favorites – ice-cream and cake, pizza and pie, chocolate and cheese.
But look at what they’re saying now. Continue reading “Misleading Myths About Rapid Fat Loss”