How To Avoid Side Effects of Fish Oil

The side effects of fish oil remain the biggest reason for its limited acceptance by most of the general population. Fish oil has been demonstrated to boost immunity, delay or prevent degenerative conditions, even reverse heart disease, and improve mental health. That discovery has led to a lot of publicity for the benefits of dietary supplementation of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Yet many people shy away from taking a daily dose because of the side effects of fish oil. The supplement can be consumed as liquid (1 to 2 tablespoons daily) but it is widely preferred in the form of capsules. Taken in this form, there are very few side effects and even those can be avoided or minimized with some simple precautions.

Fishy burps: One of the side effects of fish oil is ‘return’ or regurgitation of the oil for some time after ingestion, causing an unpleasant fishy taste in one’s mouth and bad breath. You can prevent this happening by eating a cracker along with the fish oil capsule, or washing it down with a small glass of fruit juice. Also, some forms of pharmaceutical grade fish oil come with lemon or orange flavor which helps reduce this side effect.

Diarrhea and post-prandial discomfort: Rare, but annoying, this can be one reason that forces discontinuing fish oil. By taking your capsules along with meals, and reducing the dose or skipping it for a few days, you can bring this troublesome side effect of fish oil under control while still enjoying the health benefits it confers.

Excessive bleeding: Fish oil has a mild blood thinning effect, which usually does not affect normal people. However, if you are taking any blood thinning medication for related medical conditions, this effect can be aggravated leading to potential problems. Always consult your doctor before adding fish oil capsules to existing medication.

By and large, fish oil is a very safe dietary supplement. There have been no reports of sudden death, life-threatening illness, handicaps or disabilities from taking fish oil supplements.

And through following these simple techniques, you can keep these niggling side effects well under control and continue benefiting from the various health advantages that come from taking your fish oil supplements.

Finally, if you continue having fish oil side effects, try other brands which may completely eliminate these unpleasant events. If you’d like to learn more about the almost side effect free fish oil supplements I personally take daily, please read this short free report – click here.