New Low Carb Diet Report Reveals Shocking Research Findings

A new scientific report on low carb diets explains exactly how they help burn off fat and casts light on recent research findings in the field to explain the advantages of a lower carbohydrate intake to reduce weight.

The controversy over whether it is better to reduce fat or carbs in diet to reduce weight more effectively has lasted for decades. One camp or the other comes up with research data that supports their argument. Meanwhile, dieters around the world struggle to shed those pesky pounds, starving themselves and exercising hard.

“There is plenty of research going on in this exciting field,” says Myntra Miller, a nutritionist and personal trainer who has studied the subject extensively. In an exhaustive special report published on Myntra has summarized current knowledge about low carb diets.

Titled “Is A Low Carb Diet Always Necessary To Reduce Weight?”, the author digs deep into data published in scientific journals including the New England Journal of Medicine and Scientific Report of the latest Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.

While low carb diets help reduce weight, low fat diets are also effective in achieving weight loss targets. So which approach is better?

In a shocking conclusion, Myntra says: “The data suggests that the only diet that really matters is the one you can stick with.”

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