What is the Ideal Fish Oil Dosage?

If you are confused about the right fish oil dosage, you may be wondering that too little won’t work and too much will harm your health. How do you find out the right quantity so that your supplement impacts you optimally?

The first thing (and the most important one) is that you should consult a doctor before beginning an omega-3 supplementation. Some formulations of fish oil have side effects which may impact other health conditions you have. So be safe and consult a medical practitioner before you even begin taking these supplements.

The minimum fish oil dose provides 400mg DHA and 800mg EPA each day to a healthy person – which counts up to two one gram softgels made from high quality fish oil. Most physicians prescribe a base amount that’s slightly higher than the minimum, which is usually 600 to 800mg DHA and 1200 to 1600mg EPA. This accounts for three to four one gram softgels each day.

This fish oil dosage should help a grown adult to match his daily requirement of omega-3 fatty acids. In case, a larger dose has been prescribed, you must remember to split the intake through the day – preferably during meals.

Apart from that, you should also consider a few other factors to determine what fish oil dosage is best suited for you. These factors include size, age, diet, health conditions and other drugs. Upon visiting a doctor, he would bear all these factors in mind before prescribing a particular dosage of fish oil to you so it is advisable that you refrain from making your own decision and consult your physician first.

If you must however begin supplementation before you can consult a doctor, start with the base amount of three to four one gram softgels each day for a month. If you do not notice any improvement, increase your fish oil dosage by one extra softgel everyday.

If you do not notice any improvement still after a period of two weeks, you may be advised by your doctor to add another softgel to your daily intake. When you achieve the desired results after reaching an optimal dosage, maintain the intake for a fortnight before you reduce it to the previous lower dosage. If there is no decline in your condition, then this is your optimal fish oil dosage. If however, you do think that your condition is worsening again, go back to the higher dosage that was benefiting you.

It is not a good idea to keep increasing your dosage beyond a limit. If your condition worsens at a high dose, try to alternate between a lower dose and the higher one instead of consistently increasing the number of softgels you take. Remember that diet is the most important factor for your health condition. Supplements are only meant to provide you with the nutrients that are lacking in a healthy diet.

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