Fitness Coach Designs Program To Help Even Beginners Build Muscle Fast

A U.S. based fitness coach helps anyone build muscle quickly with an all-natural system that involves exercise, diet and rest. leverages the body’s biological mechanisms of muscle growth and regeneration.

Jason Ferrugia, a U.S. based fitness coach and personal trainer, is helping everyone build muscle quickly, within just a few weeks, with an all-natural system that involves exercise, diet and rest. Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 leverages the body’s biological mechanisms of muscle growth and regeneration.

“Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0” helps hobbyists and professional bodybuilders alike to effectively use a combination of exercise and diet to bulk up muscles in a healthy and natural way. The program helps develop muscles and improve physique, while simultaneously enhancing overall health. It does this all without using toxic or addictive chemicals, hormones or drugs.

Fitness enthusiasts and natural bodybuilders are delighted at the scale and scope of what is possible with the Muscle Gaining Secrets exercise program. In this newly launched course, an experienced and effective physical trainer reveals his exact system to guide anyone towards achieving muscle building success.

“Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0” is a digital guide made up of a course manual, video tutorials and forum-based support systems that explain the specific step-by-step approach to gain muscle. The program is suitable for anybody and can be carried out from home itself, without needing expensive equipment or gym membership.

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Breakthrough Reports Proves That Bodybuilding Diets Help Build Muscle Naturally

Exciting new research in bodybuilding and muscle gain reveals exciting information about the role of workouts and protein-rich diets on natural bodybuilding.

Most serious bodybuilders are aware of the fundamental tenets of eating for muscle gain, including the need for 6 meals a day that are made up of lean protein, avoiding processed foods, drinking plenty of water, planning carbs intake and reducing salt and sugar in their diets.

“But that alone is not enough,” says bodybuilding coach and personal trainer Jason Ferrugia who is the author of a popular muscle building program called Muscle Gaining Secrets at

According to Mr.Ferrugia, a key to natural bodybuilding that avoids the need for pills, injections and supplements is the intelligent planning of a diet that will help you gain muscle quickly and easily. “Learning how to gain muscle without any adverse effects on your body or resorting to artificial aids is a critical step to any bodybuilder’s growth,” says the expert bodybuilder.

And natural bodybuilding isn’t only for men. There are workouts designed specifically for women that are very effective at building muscle and shedding excess fat. The exercise routine is enhanced by a good muscle building diet.

A good bodybuilding and muscle building diet burns away excess fat and helps add muscle. By eating the right kind of food to provide enough calories, it becomes easy to melt away fat and develop muscle. Ideal muscle building foods are egg whites, chicken or turkey, fish, lean red meat and carbs with low glycemic value. Drinking plenty of water also helps, as does whey protein.

While all tips and information about bodybuilding is helpful, the ultimate accomplishment is when you actually put what is learned into action. This is how a bodybuilding diet can actually help with building muscle naturally.

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The Biggest Benefit of Fish Oil Supplement

It is well known that fish oil reduces inflammations and checks digestion but a lot of people do not know that these supplements can also help increase bone density, burn fat and stimulate brain functions. There are several benefits of fish oil supplement. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits that omega-3 fatty acids have to offer.

Improve bone health

This is one of the many benefits of fish oil supplement. Everyone talks about vitamin D, calcium and magnesium when it comes to improving bone density but little is known about the role that omega-3 fatty acids play in improving their condition. Fish oil is known to significantly reduce the symptoms and sings of osteoarthritis. If you have a joint pain of any sort, you can reduce the problem by as much as fifty percent by ingesting a certain dosage of fish oil regularly.

Slow down the process of aging

Fish oil plays a pivotal role in lengthening telomere which is the DNA located at the end of the chromosomes. With age, telomeres start to shorten but consuming fish oil that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help to slow down this process and make you look younger for a longer period. Since fish oil also reduces the risk of heart disorders, cancer and other diseases, it is less likely that you would be victim to any of these conditions at a young age. All you have to do is eat fatty fish only twice a week.

Improve fat burning

Exercise routines have shown to be more effective when the person ingests adequate fish oil supplements. This is another benefit of fish oil supplement. Since DHA found in fish oil sensitizes insulin and EPA offers anti-inflammatory benefits, consuming both in significant amounts can help one burn fat faster.

Improve memory and brain functions

Research studies have shown fish oil supplements to improve cognitive functioning – namely thinking and memory. Omega-3 deficiency can cause one’s brain to age sooner and also lose some important functions like its ability to think and remember but sufficient intake of the same will keep such problems at bay.

Preserve lean muscle

This is another one of the many benefits of fish oil supplement. Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy often witness muscle loss. However adding fish oil to the diet can prevent this from happening. In fact, muscles are important since they are metabolically active even when you are asleep, helping to burn calories and fat round the clock. So consume enough omega-3 fatty acids to make sure they are in good condition.

Little Known Facts About Pharmaceutical Fish Oil

There are different grades of fish oil and pharmaceutical fish oil happens to be the purest of them all. With the highest concentrations of omega-3 fatty acid and essential fatty acids like EPA and DHA, the process by which pharmaceutical grade fish oil is produced offers consumers more purity than most other grades of fish oil. Typically, fish oil capsules that have 1000mg omega-3 as well as 200mg DHA and 300mg EPA with no contaminants are referred to as pharmaceutical fish oil.

Pharmaceutical grade fish oil is more expensive than other fish oils as it is pure and assures that is has undergone strict specifications of production. That apart, it takes almost 100 gallons of health food grade fish oil to produce one gallon of ultra refined fish oil. The Food and Drug Association does not regulate fish oil supplements so you must run some research before buying a quality omega-3 supplement to make sure it is potent and safe. There are many independent research laboratories that certify fish oils so look out for their reviews.

This kind of fish oil is molecularly distilled which ensures that all unhealthy and toxic contaminants have been removed completely. These oils are derived only from specific kinds of fish so that there is no compromise on its omega-3 contents. However some pharmaceutical grade fish oils may have low levels of EPA and DHA so make sure you check the contents of your chosen brand before buying it.

Fish oil supplements do not necessarily have to be molecularly distilled to offer quality and potency. Yet, pharmaceutical fish oil undergoes the stringent process so that consumers ingest sufficient quantities of omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA. Some pharmaceutical grade fish oils can also have low potency so it is important that you check the label of your chosen brand and buy a supplement that most suits your needs.

While pharmaceutical fish oil addresses several health conditions like diabetes, heart disorders and cancer, it is advantageous when consumed in the right doses. Too much of fish oil supplementation can cause your blood to thin and allow you to bleed easily. Different factors like age, size, diet, health condition and the prescription of other drugs are taken into consideration when a doctor recommends a certain fish oil supplement to you. It is thus recommended that you consult a doctor before opting for any omega-3 fatty acid supplements and find out what your dosage is.

Magical Benefits of Ultra Refined Fish Oil

Ultra refined fish oil is one of the best forms of this powerful health supplement, for a variety of reasons. There are many kinds of fish oil available in the market. Fish oil supplements are graded on the basis of production and ingredients. There are primarily three kinds of fish oils available today and they vary in quality.

Cod Liver Oil

Even though cod liver oil has several nutritional advantages, it is not considered to be as good as ultra refined fish oil. For most people who take these supplements, cod liver oil is recommended only when ingested in small amounts. It contains high levels of vitamin A and the fish processed for cod liver oil may not always be free of all contaminants. If consumed in large doses, it can prove to be hazardous to human health. One teaspoon of cod liver oil has 500mg of omega-3 fatty acids but it is also known to have the maximum amount of contaminants as compared to other kinds of fish oils. Contaminants include PCB, DDT and organic mercury.

Health Food Fish Oil

The quality of health food fish oil is a lot closer to that of ultra refined fish oil as it is extracted from only specific kinds of fish – namely salmon. They are mostly available in softgel capsules and do not taste very nice. This type of fish oil is also available in a cholesterol free version. Health food fish oils undergo a purification process that is slightly more stringent than those undergone by cod liver oils. The process known as limited molecular distillation ensures that enough cholesterol is removed from the final product so that it can carry the cholesterol free label.

Fish oil concentrate is also a kind of health food fish oil and it is purified even more. It contains ethyl esters of fish oil with even lesser contaminants. With a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, a one gram softgel capsule of health food fish oil has 300mg of omega-3 and one capsule of fish oil concentrate has 500mg of omega-3.

Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil

This is also known as ultra refined fish oil and provides people with the best quality of omega-3. After undergoing specialized processes, the final product is the most refined version of fish oil that can be produced. Special equipment detect the slightest presence of contaminants and thus pharmaceutical grade fish oil is known to be thousand times purer than health food fish oils. Ultra refined fish oil contains the maximum amount of omega-3 fatty acids with one gram comprising of 600mg omega-3.

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