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New Resource For Electric Toothbrush Reviews Launched is a new website that was established by an expert content marketer in response to an increasing demand for reviews of the best electric toothbrush models available in the market today.

Among the wide range of product categories available at the online retail giant, one of the most popular is the group of oral hygeine products including electric toothbrushes. High end models are priced at a few hundred dollars.

But even though some consumers consider them costly devices, electric toothbrush sales have remained brisk among a growing population of health conscious users. These buyers of electric toothbrushes and oral hygeine products see an advantage in having clean teeth and healthy gums and are happy to invest in ways to maintain them.

E-commerce stores thrive on getting their customers to review purchases in a manner that the information provided will be of help in guiding other buyers in making a decision. But even a cursory glance at the electric toothbrush section will reveal the sad reality that many glowing reviews seem to lack credibility. While internal rating systems are in place to avoid a user gaming the process, the precautions are still rudimentary.

Robert Duncan, a vocal evangelist for fair online reviews, has remarked recently that such fake reviews have become a problem only because “there’s a market opportunity here”. This naturally means that a website that publishes unbiased and reliable reviews of electric toothbrush models can deliver actual value to thousands of prospective buyers who are considering getting one of these dental care devices.

Randolp Gardner is a web-based content marketer and entrepreneur who came up with the idea behind the “Best Electric Toothbrush Reviews Guide”. This review blog is designed to let visitors easily compare various models and brands of electric toothbrushes and choose the one best suited to their unique needs.

The interesting point is the scale and scope of this online resource’s projected growth. The existing review website only has ten reviews published, but future plans are ambitious and extensive. And in time, the reviews may span other related areas of oral hygiene as well. A detailed explanation about which type of consumer will benefit most from this review website is available on the website at

An initial collection of ten electric toothbrush reviews is now live on the website, and many more are due to be published shortly. As an online community develops around these reviews, social feedback ratings will be added to the published reviews, thereby bringing greater transparency and fair play to the platform.

New Website Reviews Best Shower Heads

A new website called makes it fast and easy for home owners to select the best shower head.

A new website called has made life easier for home owners to find and choose the best shower head that matches their bathroom design needs. Shower heads are essential components of a modern bathroom, and they come in a diverse variety of brands, models and designs. It is often hard to choose the best shower head because of so many options.

Housing contractors, interior decorators and home owners alike are thrilled at being able to get the best shower head – at affordable prices. Of the many bathroom accessories that are available to adorn the modern luxury toilet, shower heads take the top slot. Shower heads come in different shapes, sizes and models, including ceiling and wall mounted showers, programmable and adjustable shower heads, in many shaped blocks, all intended to deliver a refreshing and relaxing experience.

By picking the best shower head, one can enjoy the same sensation as being drenched in the rain – but in comfortable warm water rather than a freezing downpour. One can also have the body stung by cold jets of water that rinse away dirt and grime while rejuvenating the skin.

The top manufacturers of best shower head models like Moen, Kohler, Speakman, Waterpik and Delta offer a choice of many models and designs of bathroom accessories like shower heads, faucets and shower arms. has carefully selected the best ones for review and provides enough information for householders to find the right choices for their needs. The site also features links to online retailers for convenient ordering right from the site.

“Our goal is to present unbiased reviews to help home owners decide,” says Bowker Ramesh, a building contractor who planned the site because of the need for a resource to guide his clients to find great value at reasonable cost.

For details about the best shower head models and brands, visit the website at

Entrepreneur Builds Innovative Website – To Share Electric Toothbrush Reviews was established by an entrepreneur in response to the growing demand for reviews of the best electric toothbrush models and brands available in the market today.

One of the popular product categories on, the online retailing giant, is dental hygiene and teeth care products including electric toothbrush and teeth whitening kits. Though costly and priced at a few hundred dollars, electric toothbrush sales are brisk and steady.

Online stores typically encourage their customers to leave reviews of their purchases. A cursory glance at the electric toothbrush section of most online stores reveals a flood of glowing testimonials and feedback. The only problem is that, despite a rating system, a new visitor to the site does not know how to differentiate between true and fake reviews.

“There’s a market opportunity here”, says Mark Tussot, who champions fair reviews online. “If anyone can come up with a venture which vets reviews and allows customers and prospective buyers to find out whether or not a glowing review is fair and genuine, it will be a runaway hit!”

Eli Lanor, a serial entrepreneur who has been working online for almost 10 years, had the brainwave that culminated in establishing this website called “Best Electric Toothbrush Reviews”. It is designed to feature fair and comprehensive reviews of the popular models of these dental cleaning devices.

What should be interesting for consumers is the scale and scope of the proposed growth. While the current website only features a few models, the future prospects are very exciting and encouraging. A detailed explanation of who will find this program helpful and useful is on the electric toothbrush review website at

The first review is now live on the website, and many more are due to be published shortly. An online community will grow up around these reviews, adding feedback and ratings to the published reviews which bring an element of transparency and fair play to everything that’s said and written on the platform.

Effective Cure For Leaky Gut Syndrome Revealed

Sufferers from leaky gut syndrome have much to cheer about. Karen Brimeyer has released a new program called the “Leaky Gut Cure” with many effective ideas to control symptoms and relieve suffering from leaky gut syndrome while enjoining a healthy lifestyle.

More than two million people around the world suffer from a condition called leaky gut syndrome. This is an uncommon group of intestinal symptoms that cover stomach ache, bowel disturbances, cramps and food sensitivities. People with leaky gut syndrome are tired of following one fad diet after another. It is for this group of people that Brimeyer’s program will come as a blessing.

According to one of the reviewers, “It is obvious that the writer has tried out several of the methods herself before recommending them to others.” Many more reviewers have voiced the same opinion about Leaky Gut Cure.

Leaky Gut Cure, a program developed by a holistic nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner, involves 4 steps and is proven to heal leaky gut syndrome with every single one of her own clients.

Karen Brimeyer says, “Your gut health is the critical element in your overall health and well being.” Leaky Gut Cure comes loaded with powerful information for sufferers with undetected gastrointestinal disorders that resemble the syndrome.

Included in the report are shocking revelations like the 3 health foods that many people consume daily, but which can worsen leaky gut syndrome. The program is inexpensive and can help victims of leaky gut without expensive investigations or costly hospital visits. More information about the program is available from

9 Cookbook Set With Fat Burning Recipes Released

A set of 9 cookbooks loaded with fat burning recipes was launched under the name of “Metabolic Cooking”.

Around the world, cuisines show some similarities like being healthy and containing fat burning ingredients. A set of 9 cookbooks loaded with fat burning recipes was launched under the name of “Metabolic Cooking”.

Karine Losier, who is well known as the “Lean Kitchen Queen’, has pounced on the demand for healthy recipes. Tying it together with her passion for fitness and good cooking, Karine has co-authored “Metabolic Cooking” to help others find great healthy recipes.

Karine is very excited about challenging many chefs’ preferred techniques for cooking. Metabolic Cooking is all about taking the healthier approach to preparing meals. Whenever recipes speed up fat loss and help muscle growth, it garners popularity with millions of fitness fanatics. Metabolic Cooking is about wellness and how food can make you healthier.

The guides have something fresh to engage and involve health enthusiasts. If you enjoy eating interesting and delicious meals, yet want them to be healthy and fat burning as well, then Metabolic Cooking will be a faithful companion guide for years to come.

The feedback even from experts is enthusiastic. A popular celebrity trainer says, “I think most fitness professionals would agree that nutrition is the key to getting the body you want. Losing fat and gaining muscle certainly have a lot to do with training, but, as they say–abs are made in the kitchen.”

Karine Losier will agree. Weight loss and muscle gain begin in the kitchen. That’s where she reigns supreme. And in Metabolic Cooking, she is inviting readers to join her in cooking healthy, tasty food.

Metabolic Cooking bridges that gap between knowledge and performance. You can learn more about it on the website at