The Dangers of Salmon Fish Oil

Best Fish Oil Capsules

Salmon fish oil is popular as a health supplement, and for good reason.

Salmon have a dash of romance about them!

The fish swims upstream to lay eggs, and feeds on rare algae, storing omega 3 fatty acids from them which confer a slew of health benefits upon humans who feast on them. And yet, that’s only true of wild salmon… not the salmon fish oil that most of us are fond of.

And that form can be dangerous.

Fish oil omega 3 fatty acids help to reverse heart disease, boost immune function, fight degenerative disease, help increase fertility, improve mental health and prevent prostate cancer.

Here’s Why Farmed Fish Can Be Dangerous

What makes fish oil rich sources of long-chain omega 3 fatty acids?

No salmon, or any fish for that matter, manufactures omega 3. Wild salmon get them by eating particular algae that make these important nutrients. The omega 3 is then concentrated and stored in the salmon’s body fat.

Farmed fish, however, are different. Each underwater cage houses up to 50,000 fish. The water is contaminated by their accumulated wastes. Only by administering drugs, hormones and antibiotics can they even be kept alive!

And so, farmed fish have much higher levels of toxic chemicals and pollutants than wild fish.

Norwegian fish oil

Wild salmon is pink-orange. This comes from their eating krill. Farmed salmon, however, are a dull gray in color. To make them more attractive to consumers, a chemical called astaxanthin is added for color!

Farmed fish frequently contain toxins and pollutants that can potentially harm your central nervous system, your immune system, and cause cancers or birth defects. A two-year long study conducted at Cornell by leading experts on industrial pollution, and published in the journal ‘Science’, found very high levels of PCBs, dioxins and banned insecticides like toxaphene in farmed fish – and this could be harmful to consumers!

And then there’s mercury!

Sadly, many of today’s fish are contaminated with methyl mercury, a relic of industrial waste disposal practices in the past. Mercury is harmful to many organ systems and tissues, as well as being likely to harm developing fetuses when ingested by pregnant women. Humans are exposed to methyl mercury primarily by eating fish.

So what’s safe? An option that allows you to enjoy the benefits of salmon fish oil, without the risks, is to take fish oil capsules. 3 grams a day of salmon fish oil supplements provide 1000 milligrams of long chain omega-3s.

The best brands use fish caught in the cleanest and coldest waters far from industrialized areas. By molecular distilling, this fish oil is made even safer, by removing any trace of mercury, dioxins, and other contaminants.

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Why Small Fish Oil Capsules Are More Popular

When you think about fish oil capsules, what springs to mind are those large, smelly, oil filled gelatin globes that stick in your throat and are a nightmare to swallow, right?

You know that fish oil is good for your health. You are aware that it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that reverse heart disease, boost immune function, fight degenerative disease, help increase fertility, improve mental health and promote healthy skin.

But regardless of all these undoubted benefits, including protection from colon cancer, depression, asthma, menstrual cramps, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, one problem continues to be a barrier in more widespread use of fish oil… the size of the capsules!

Most commercially available brands of fish oil are offered in the form of big capsules. They are harder to consume and turn many potential users away from taking these helpful health supplements on a regular basis.

It becomes an even more serious problem when a larger dose is required, in the treatment of conditions like high triglycerides and lipoproteins. In those circumstances, is sometimes necessary to take six, or even as many as twenty pills every day. This can become troublesome unless you have small fish oil capsules.

Also, some people with digestive problems might face post-prandial (after meal) discomfort which can be minimized with small fish oil capsules. Manufacturers who present their product in such appealing packaging will not surprisingly corner this market.

Another group that will benefit from small fish oil formulations is children. Omega 3 fatty acids are helpful in improving memory and boosting intellectual performance. Many parents, eager to give their offspring this competitive advantage, want them to take their supplements regularly. Small fish oil capsules make this a pleasant and easy.

If you’d like to learn more about the Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil that many health conscious people take daily, please visit this site.

In addition to being available in convenient small fish oil capsules, this brand is made from fish caught in the cleanest and coldest waters, far from commercial shipping lines where the highest risk of water contamination from industrial waste is likely to happen.

This is made even safer by molecular distillation, a process that removes any mercury or other heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs and other contaminants.

Before choosing the right brand of fish oil for your specific needs, be sure to check out our fish oil buyer’s guide – it’s here: click now.