Why Take Aspirin and Fish Oil Together?

Taking aspirin and fish oil together might be helpful sometimes; however it is also potentially harmful. This is why it important that you first consult with your physician before combining fish oil supplement and aspirin.

Fish oil contains high amounts of omega three fatty acids, a kind of unsaturated fat which the body requires but cannot manufacture by its self. Omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial in protecting against chronic ailments. Apart from alleviating mild pain, aspirin is also prescribed in small doses to people predisposed to stroke or cardiac arrest.

Treating Heart Ailments

Using fish oil with aspirin might improve aspirin’s blood clot prevention effectiveness. Researchers have discovered that omega three fatty acids alone, do not prevent formation of blood clots however when consumed with aspirin, they improve aspirin’s ability to prevent formation of blood clot.

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Eicosanoids Production

Taking fish oil supplements and aspirin together might enhance hormone levels. The body utilizes the omega three fatty acids contained in fish oil to manufacture eicosanoids. Eicosanoids are hormones which play an essential role in practically all important functions of the body. A recent scientific investigation revealed that patients who took a blend of aspirin and fish oil enhanced their eicosanoid amounts better than when they took aspirin alone.

Tips for Taking Aspirin and Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements

Tip #1
Do not take aspirin on an empty stomach because it sometimes upsets the tummy when it is taken without food. If you are a breakfast person, you can take it with breakfast.

Tip #2
Your omega three fish oil supplement should be taken about twelve hours after taking the aspirin. It is okay to take fish oil before or after meals. The twelve hours interval between taking aspirin and fish oil is essential so as to decrease the risk of experiencing side effects.

Tip #3
Arrange to take your fish oil supplement at approximately the same time every day so as to maintain steady quantities in your body. Aspirin should also be taken in a consistent manner.

Tip #4
Go for medical checkup at least every 3 months. This will enable the doctor assess your state of health and find out if it is okay for you to continue taking fish oil together with aspirin.

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Taking aspirin and fish oil together might predispose you to excessive bleeding and can slow clotting of blood. Also, aspirin can cause side effects such as stomach pain, heartburn, and vomiting. Before you take any supplements, always consult with your doctor.